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Knit and Natter Friday.

Good Morning everyone. If this is your first visit or your umpteenth you are most welcome, and please join in with the natter in the comments. The Natter is the best bit.

Do you follow the Olympics, they are not my bag at all, but congratulations to all medalists, including the UKs one and only!

Thank you everyone for your really helpful comments yesterday. I have decided to make four motifs and then crochet them together, but first I will make one and weigh it and check there is enough yarn, thus avoiding yarn chicken.

So I went yarn shopping at the weekend and bought some yarn .

I am going to make the pattern with the mock pcokets, in navy. I shall go to town with the buttons. I think it meets the request from my son for Baby J!

Nice simple pattern which gives a lovely texture. I am enjoying making this, despite the colour.

So what is everyone up to at the weekend? Today I am off to the family history group, and if memory serves me correctly the snowdrops in the village we go too are rather spectacular. Hope that Mr E will be up for an outing in the next couple of weeks to see some snowdrops.

I heard on the news today that cleaning sprays are bad for you! Hurrah, does that mean no more cleaning? No?

Next questions, should I order the Eastern Jewels blanket kit which seems to be back in stock? Do I need another project?And should I enroll on a willow weaving day workshop? Decisions, decisions.

Are you thinking about new projects, maybe something for Easter? What are your plans for the weekend?

Love to hear from you.

Be Happy,




Scrap Happy February

I had a lot and I mean a lot of leftover chunky yarn from the Attic 24 crochet bag. This much..

Now one good thing about volunteering in the library is I get to spot lots of books, including crochet books , so this one came home with me.

I rather liked the look of the crochet cushion on the book cover. It is made using Aran on a 4.5mm hook, so I reckoned a 5mm and chunky yarn would be just fine.

Well it is and it isn’t. The result is very bulky and I don’t think will make a very nice cushion. I am thinking maybe a blanket with the motif I have made at the centre.

The yellow in the top right of the picture is to square the circle. Hoping it is going to work.

The instructions are quite good, but I would have liked more pictures of where I am supposed to be going with the hook. The second round confused me for a long time as did this squaring the corner bit. I think a lot of my problem is inexperience, followed by over thinking and maybe miss reading.

I am very tempted now to do lots of granny rounds but not certain how far the yarn will go. Or maybe I should do two smaller motifs to go either side, and then some granny rounds, the practise would be good. Thoughts anyone please?

Joining with Kate for ScrapHappy, do check out the others scrap happiness!

Susan Pinner the author of the book blogs here at Suz Place

Out and About.

I had a rather good walk last weekend. I did it backwards. Amazing how different it all looks when you come across a familiar landscape from another angle.

Bit of felling going on here for a fire break I reckon.

Sunlight catching the conifers. So many different greens when I stopped to look properly.

I will never tire of looking at the sky through tree branches. Something rather majestic  I think. The feeling of ” bigger than me”.

And finally a view over the valley to the moors beyond the forest, and if you kept going you would reach the sea at Whitby.

The sun is shining again today, where shall I go?


Knit and Natter Friday!

Thank you everyone for leaving such kind thoughts and good wishes for us. Pleased to say Mr E home, safe and sound after his operation yesterday. Not certain how successful it was , time will tell. Yesterday was exhausting for both of us as his op was delayed until around 5.30pm. By which time I had been wandering round York for a very long time. I had explored the city walls, been to two places of interest, devoured some very nice sandwiches and a slice of carrot cake, drunk two pots of Earl Grey tea, bought a birthday present for Master T,  two outfits for Baby J because who can resist Winnie the Pooh, and some knickers for myself. Thrilled to see that M&S call their knicker department the knicker department! After all that excitement I read half a book in the ward day room before finally Mr E appearing on a trolley to be put into bed 2A for the night. Home sometime after 9pm , feeling shattered.

So as you can imagine there was not much yarny activity this week.

The crochet bag now has a strap. It should have all been blue, but who wants one the same as everyone elses, so mine is blue, cream and green.

I started another square for the sampler cushion.

This was meant to be an easy project I could do at the Repair Cafe. Fortunately  I realised it was going to require concentration and needed to be done in hush at home.

Mr J has just put in a request for a navy cardigan for Baby J and not one of my usual messy colours. He was talking about this would you believe?

Not even navy and gold or navy and white , just navy! I’ll show him! Not certain how. So yippee yarn shopping tomorrow!

Hope you have all had a good week, and have some super plans for the weekend. I shall be playing nurses!

Be Happy,


Yarn Along!

So glad Yarn Along is back.

I am really enjoying The 19th Wife. I will do a review at the end of the month. Having finished the dragon I am now knitting some small squares to make a cushion. I am trying different patterns so it a kind of a sampler cushion, and using cotton yarn which is not my favourite but maybe I will get used to it.

To see what others are knitting and reading have a look at Small Things.

Big day tomorrow with Mr E’s Op, hopefully I will have good news for my next Knit and Natter. Take care,xx


Wild Daffodil has a monthly photo meet up. Today’s word is Warm. Now Warm is quite hard to depict. It’s not

Hot and it  is certainly not

this. So how about this?

Does that look warm? Hope so!

It’s all about the Dragon!

So her she is in all her final glory. Pattern is by King Cole number 9051. Yarn is King Cole Tinsel and Stylecraft DK Colour Grape.

Her final length is 25 inches and wing span tip to tip is 26 inches.

And as for her name, well she quite likes the sound of Belinda , what do you reckon? I expect Little Miss F being a Princess with attitude will have quite her own views on the matter of names.

She isn’t waiting for a Prince to rescue her!

Linking with Ginny for Ginx Woolly Linz party. Do have a look over there.

Now I believe I have an Attic 24 weekend bag to finish crocheting.

PS Does anyone watch Death in Paradise, I can’t help feeling that the dragon’s face looks just like Harry the lizard.



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