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Scrap Happy- October 2019

Confession time, not everything is scrap in my project and I took inspiration off the internet and have no idea who to credit the idea too. But thank you to them, and if anyone knows please let me know so I can give proper credit.

First take a wire ring and wrap with hessian.( I bought both of these).

Then raid the sewing box for items I know I will never use, are scraps or things I inherited from my Mum, my Mother in law and my Step Mum and are too pretty to keep hidden away.

The tape measure is ancient , and the pincushion I made and used from a magazine ( free gift) , washed ‘cos it got dirty and kept.

Apply artistically.

Add a ribbon – one I’d kept from some packaging.

A sewing memory wreath. The little dog contains needles with the tiniest of holes, I found that in my step Mum’s sewing box, not one has been used. Scissors are blunt. Threads I have duplcates of.

Linking with Kate for Scrap Happy, 


Jumper fit for a Grandson.

I have a finish, and it’s in the post for my Grandson.

Rather pleased with how I managed to match the yarn around the v neck line. Right it’s Polar Bear time now.

That’s the box, I am knitting the right back leg, be a while I think. Love to know what everyone is knitting/ crocheting at the moment.

Book Bingo.

North Yorkshire libraries are running a reading game called Book Bingo.

Complete a row of five books borrowed and read from the library, submit your card by 4 January and you will be entered into a prize draw. It’s open to everyone aged over 12 . Clearly designed to attract more book borrowing and teenage readers, age categories being 12-15, 16-24, 25-54 and 55 and over.

I look on it as a chance to read more books….. all in a good cause.

I also see it as a way of choosing books I wouldn’t normally give a second look at. And That’s where I would love some help from you please.

So any suggestions for the following?

  1. A book made into a film.
  2. A book published over 100 years ago
  3. Sci-fi or fantasy novel- I don’t like this genre, so a nice short well written book, please.
  4. One published in the last three months- that would be after June
  5. A book set in the past
  6. A book written by someone who’s not a writer
  7. A teenage book
  8. A book with a name in the title
  9. A book with a one word title
  10. Book with a face on the cover
  11. Book with a number in the title
  12. A funny book
  13. Book ispired by a true story
  14. A book I’ve never heard of!!
  15. Book with a tree on the cover ( Doh I just returned one!)
  16. Book I can finish in a day ( well that would be most books!)

You’ll note I missed some out, they would be my usual reading matter!

Please help, there is a category called book recommended by others, and I consider that ticked off already as most of the books I read are now recomendations left in the comments of my book posts, or your book posts. Meantime maybe your library is doing book bingo.

Wish me luck, and thanks.


Yarn Along- October 2019

Yarn and books sums me up quite well! Joining with Ginny for another yarn along post,  here

I am now on the second sleeve of the jumper for my grandson Master T. The book I have just started, so I will let you know what I think at the end of the month, but so far it’s shaping up nicely.

There’s been a bit of crochet happening too. I have now completed parts one and two of my Portugese Tiles blanket.

One pile of 9 and one pile of 8 blocks. Stitched together thus

The remainder of the blocks to be used later. Onto part three…

Do pop over to Small Things and see what Ginny and everyone else is making/ reading.


Window Photo Challenge- October 2019

I am fond of stained glass windows. That’s an understatement, I love stained glass. My favourite of all time is not here in Yorkshire, or even England, but in Germany. The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church with stained glass by Gabriel Loire, in Berlin, it just left me feeling completely overawed. The photos I took were pre digital camera days, so I took copies of the postcards I bought for this post. The link has much better pictures.

And as such do not do justice to windows at all. Have you visited this church? If you ever go to Berlin, this church is a must I feel.

We visited about 18/19 years ago , I forget. Anyway at the time I was studying on a City and Guilds Creative Embroidery course. These fabulous windows became the inspiration for some of my samples.


Canvas work- and

crazy patchwork with machine embroidery.

Linking this wonderful window to Wild Daffodil’s photo challenge

Silent Sunday.

Rosedale, North Yorkshire Moors.


Lucky Acorn Giveaway!

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