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Knit and Natter Friday.

I read this week in the Telegraph that knitting is good for the health, and just as good as yoga for a sense of well-being. Well what a surprise! So from now on please regard knit and natter as a lifestyle health post which is very very good for you. I mean honestly , and really, is this news dear Telegraph?

So without further ado, I finally completed the navy cardigan for Baby J.

The colour is not very good in this picture, the true colour is navy, which fortunately shows up quite nicely when I show you it with the outfit I bought to go with it.

I love the train buttons!

Disaster struck us this week when the snow melted,  a hole appeared in the barge board on the gable end of the roof. Fortunately our friendly neighbourhood roof man could fit us in this week. So there has been much bashing, crashing, coming and going and please to move the car, and yes please a mug of tea, and two sugars for him and one for me…. so it didn’t feel a sensible plan to start the crochet blanket with racket and interruptions occurring every half hour.

On the plus side the death certificates I sent away for pertaining to long deceased ancestors arrived. I love the one for an 81-year-old chap, reason for death…old age. I mean that is really what my old Dad died from age 91, but we had a massive rigmarole of reasons for death. And both ancestors died at home, which is nice really.

I started a new knitting project though. Well for health reasons you know.

Just for a change I thought I would knit a cardigan for Little Miss F. Three different colours and a holey pattern. Brill.

Kate reminded me it was Scrap Happy day yesterday. I didn’t really have anything to post about, till I recalled I had made some lavender bags as I wanted to put one with the outfit for the babe.

The one at the back was leftover fabric from an old embroidered cloth I had bought and cut up for something. The other two just scraps of fabric. All the ribbon came from my ribbon jar which is either leftover ribbon or ribbon I have deconstructed from various cards, gifts, or bits of packaging. It felt good to have the sewing machine out again. It’s been too long.

It was Mothers Day last Sunday in the UK. I have loved seeing all the super flowers , cards and gifts Mums received. I had tulips, such a lucky Mum/Nana.

Such a pretty colour, so Spring like.

When I went to get some money for the roof man yesterday the bank lady said it was going to snow at the weekend. NO IT IS NOT,  I have plans big plans for this weekend. Really really exciting plans and it is so not going to snow.

So how has your week been? Any plans for the weekend? Do you knit for health? It means of course that the yarn stash now counts as medical supplies!

Do tell..

Meantime have a lovely weekend and Be Happy,



Knit and Natter Friday.

So last weekend the garden was full of snow and a pheasant came to visit.

Then on Sunday it rained overnight and the snow was all gone on Monday. So I treated myself to some daffs.

Then yesterday it did this.

More than a little tired of snow now. Spring ,please. It has gone again today and the sun is shining. Is it Spring? How do the frogs know not to wake up yet, last year they arrived in February, I’ve not seen  a leg or heard one croak yet.

I have been tucked up indoors , and doing family history research. I am amazed at how an entire afternoon can vanish and just how excited I get if I find something new. You won’t believe how excited one person can get at the thought of two death certificates on their way and a nice kind man who says he will help me find an unmarked grave in Leeds, he has a map.

I didn’t succumb to my squishy parcel. Instead I have knitted a bit on the navy cardigan which now looks like this.

Just the buttonhole band and the collar to knit, then sew it up, choose buttons. Now there is another ridiculous thing I get excited about – choosing buttons. Then the squishy bag of yarn shall be mine, another thing to get ridiculously excited about.

Which makes me wonder , what things does everyone else get rather over excited about?

Plans for your weekend, any interesting things occurring, or a lovely quiet weekend?

I shall be happy if I can just go outside for a few minutes without freezing the matronly bits!

Have a great weekend whatever you do, please join in the natter in the post, it really is the best bit.

Be Happy,


Photo Challenge-Scale

Scale, such a wonderful word with so many interpretations

Musical Scale- not the best picture , but I didn’t want to disturb them. Taken in York in February.

Scale as in climb (archive picture)

Scale as in size Grand Canyon (archive)

Scale as in fish scale- man fishing (the nearest I could get to a fish picture)

Do check out the links on Wild Daffodil for some more photographs with the prompt Scale.


Knit and Natter Friday!

So yesterday was the first day of Spring according to the met office. Well really!

Not Spring here, look at these poor catkins, do they look like it’s Spring?

And poor Lion.

He’s got snow paws.

It’s been a tough week in more ways than one. And we are not through it yet.

Heigho, that’s life, thank goodness for tea and yarn I say.

I am still knitting the navy blue cardigan for Baby J. More interestingly I have taken delivery of

my sawdust heart

that I mentioned last week and

a big squishy bag of yarn for the Eastern Jewels blanket which I absolutely must not start till the navy blue cardigan is done and dusted.

So are we all planning to stay indoors and craft this weekend? I am!

Before I go I forgot to put in the link for The Ginx Wooly Linx party yesterday, here it is

One more snowy picture – the castle

Stay warm and Be Happy


Ginx Wooly Linx Party- March

My lovely Belinda dragon

to be precise was mentioned in the Ginx Wooly Linz party. She is currently preening herself on the guest bed, still waiting to Little Miss F at Easter. She rather likes the idea of sitting on a bunch of Easter Eggs, but then she is a bit of a silly dragon.

I have finally completed the Attic 24 Spring Weekend Bag to my satisfaction. I have made the strap much longer so it fits comfortably across my matronly upper regions.

Flowers added in Stylecraft DK to cover the d**m joins. In close up

And with the lovely crochet bag I received in my Secret Santa parcel.

Pretty neat together I think. And then there was all the left over yarn from the weekend bag, which actually weighed more than the bag itself. Thank you everyone who suggested weighing the yarn so I could decide what I had enough to make.

I finished  sewing in all the ends last night, so now I can show you what you can make with the yarn for a weekend bag.

A blanket big enough for a lap blanket for cold knees and of course the bag itself.

And the blanket by itself. Motif is from a book by Sue Pinner.

Do please drop in on this months Ginx Wooly Linx Party to see what everyone else has made and maybe to join in your self. So nice to share the lovely things we have made don’t you think?


February Books, 2018.

I have had a lot of reading time this month and read all these ones I had from the library.

David Hanson- Children of the Mill- this book was written to accompany the TV programme The Mill based on the true stories of the children who worked in The Quarry Bank Mill at Styall. The book compares the real stories to the ones that were changed for the purposes of a good drama. It was a fascinating yet easy book to read. I really enjoyed it.

David Ebershoff- The 19th Wife- A story of two 19th wives. Ann Eliza Young trapped in an unhappy polygamous marriage to the Prophet Brigham Young, escapes and helps end the practice of polygamy within the Mormon religion. The second modern 19th wife is accused of the muder of her husband, they are part of a breakaway religion from the Mormons known as the Firsts. Her son sets about finding the truth. This was a jolly good read. Now I read this in quite a short space of time over several afternoons.  There are a lot of characters each telling their bit of two stories, and the two parts are interlinked throughout. So choose a time when you can settle down to just reading. Perfect holiday reading. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I agree with one of the reviews on the back “A big book, in every sense of the word…it does that thing, all good novels do: it entertains us”. Los Angles Times.

Toni Morrison- God Help the Child- how do you prepare a child for life’s slings and arrows? How can an adult overcome emotional abuse experienced as a child? How can children cope with bereavement? How do children survive sexual and physical abuse? What happens to the adults? God Help the Child indeed. Well written, thought provoking, distressing in places. Not for those in want of a fluffy read.

Ian McEwan- The Comfort of Strangers- or adults should think stranger danger too. Set in Venice, probably we are never told, a couple meet a local couple and are befriended. Enough said. There is such a feel of menace in this book, it draws you in and you race to the end. Absolotuely not for the faint hearted.

Kate Hamer- The Girl in the Red Coat- now did someone recommend this to me or did I hear about it on the radio, I don’t know. But by golly it grips you. Every parents nightmare, child disappears at a story telling festival. A very, very good thriller. Oh perfect holiday  reading , you are gripped. I read pretty much non stop to find out what happens. Go on, treat yourself to a good read, you know you want to….

Joanna Trollope-Second Honeymoon- as always a plot in step with our times. Edie is distraught when her youngest child, aged 22 moves out of the family home. She lacks purpose and mourns the empty nest. Russell her husband hopes they will return to the feeling of newly weds. Edie auditons for a part in Ibsen’s Ghost, and much to her surprise is offered a role. One of her co stars,  fresh out of drama school, becomes their lodger. Then her children’s lives fall apart and one by one they all return home. But having six adults under one roof does not equal happiness and a return to how life used to be. In the course of the novel everything is resolved through new jobs, new relationships, babies and greater understanding of what it means to be independent. Not a bad depiction of empty nest syndrome, and how life just goes its messy way on.

And for March I have these from the library

Now in case you think you have never heard of the book called Paul Clifford, I bet anything you have heard the opening line. What do you think it might be… honest you know it. I believe I may not actually get to the end of this one, I gather I will be in for some purple prose.

Any got any books they read this month to recommend?


February Scavenger Photo Hunt

Kate holds a monthly photo hunt, and I thought I might have a go at joining in.


Has to be snowdrops, these in the village of Scagglethorpe and these in York


White railings on the city wall at York


Fred the blackbird with white feathers in the snow!

Begins with J


My son Mr J ( this taken last year)


Daffodils in the garden and a single crocus

which is nearly not a bud.

My own choice

Stained glass window in The Holy Trinity church, Micklegate York.

I hope you liked these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Do visit the other people’s pictures in the link up, won’t you.

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