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Knit and Natter Saturday!

A change is as good as a rest as they say, so here we are for a Saturday natter. The Repair cafe was well attended last week. We couldn’t help but I dropped off the crochet blanket for the raffle. Fifteen people brought along repairs and 19 things were fixed and saved from landfill. Hurrah.

The raffle was drawn on Sunday and the blanket was delivered to the winner. I was emailed this news.

“We’ve just delivered it and she was completely over the moon. I haven’t seen that much pleasure on anyone’s face for a long time. When we left she gave us a bag of Rington’s Butter Toffees to give to you as a thank-you! I will hang on to them until we next meet.”
Now isn’t that just nice and all from leftover yarn.
Don’t appear to have a picture minus ends, but there were no ends, hang on a mo
That’s better, no ends and a border.
Crafting is hereditary, well we knew that. Little Miss F won a first prize for her Easter craft at school.
Her’s is the sheep, the chick is her brothers. ( Photo by her Mum)
And crafting is catching. Thrilled to hear after several crafty type gifts to Ms G from me , she is taking dress making classes.
As for me, a bit of crochet, and a bit of knitting,
The back of the cardigan for Miss F, it seems enormous to me but then she is growing up.
My son and family arrived yesterday . We have some nice outings lined up, if only it stops raining. Not to fret, Little Miss F arrived with a knitting project for me, more on that next week.
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.
Be Happy,

March Photo Challenge

It’s time for  Kate’s Photo Challenge.

This month’s words were simply perfect for me.


That is the

which from the bottom looks like this. Yes I really did walk down to the bottom and back just to take a picture, well I wanted a walk anyway.

That’s snow on the top. Now legend has it that Giant Wade became very cross at his wife and scooped up a big clod of earth to throw at her. This is the hole he left behind. He missed and it landed at Blakey Topping.


I am busy preparing for the arrival of my son and his family so I made a lemon cake. Easter cupcakes to follow.

It tastes better than it looks.

Reading Now

I have bought no less than three wonderful books this month. The 1950’s scrapbook is full of images of life in the 1950s. If you enjoyed the TV programme “Back in time for tea”, you will love this. I took it to my psychology group when we discussed nostalgia last week. Already one of the other people has bought it.

The tree book was in the National Trust sale for £6. The photographs are simply gorgeous and a must if you love trees and National Trust properties.

With everything going on in our lives I have almost ground to a creative standstill. This  Art book gives you 365 different activities. One on each page for a year. I am at such a  standstill I am still on pages one and two, but I love the book.

Black and White

Please…I was in Stratford-upon-Avon, just how is a gal supposed to choose one black and white picture?

A whole row of almshouses next  to the school Shakespeare attended. I was really spoilt for choice on this one.

Starts with an H

The Hole of Horcum would have done but then I spotted the Hathaway tea rooms named after Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare’s wife. But there is only one H in my life. Beloved oldest grandson, Master H

My Own Choice

Wind blasted tree at the Hole of Horcum. I had trouble narrowing this to one from that walk, so I may take you  the whole walk in a future post.

Hope you enjoyed my selection and I wish you have an enjoyable Good Friday. I shall knit and natter tomorrow.



March Books 2018

I don’t seem to have read as much this month. I abandoned the book “Paul Clifford” after three chapters, life is too short even though the was a dark and stormy night in the opening sentence. Anyway here is what I have read. Please let me know if you  have read any of these and what you thought about them .

Colm Toibin- The Story of the Night-Set in Argentina at the time of the Falklands war , with an English mother and Argentinian father, Richard Carey ‘s life moves from the political to the personal. There’s a lot in this book. The beginning is very much about the political situation which led to the Falklands war. There is a section in Spain where Richard goes with a pupil of his, Jorge , and they meet up with some Chilean exiles. Then back in Argentina a love story unfolds for him. It’s almost like the start of one book and then end with another with the link between the characters. On reflection I would have liked the political side to be more evident in the second part of the book. And goodness knows what happened to the Chileans. I read this book quite slowly and steadily and did enjoy it. I don’t want to give away too much, but here is what Tobias Wolff is quoted saying in the blurb on the back- ” The Story of the Night is a love story of the most serious and difficult kind. Toibin has told it with profound artistry and truth”. Please note, this is not a fluffy romantic novel.

Tracy Chevalier- Falling Angels- As England passes from the Victorian to the Edwardian age, life begins to change for women. The story is told by people from two households, and a boy who works with his father in the local cemetery where the families have neighbouring family plots. An enjoyable read but not a great book.

Ruth Rendell- Dark Corners- her last novel for the world. It was ok. I don’t know if her powers were declining or if my taste has changed. Moral of the story, do not supply medicine to others, even if it is legal.

Anne Enright- The Green Road- Set in Ireland, four adult children gather at Christmas when their Mamma announces she is selling the family home. The plot reminded me of the books by Anne Tyler. The writing is good. Most of the novel sets out the back story of the four siblings and their mother. I found none of the characters at all likeable, I really didn’t care what happened to any of them and the ending was just a stop writing. Disappointing really.

Coming up next  for me

I realise of course thet The Kate Chopin was amongst those that lived in the heap by my bed which I sent to the charity shop unread in January. No wonder it sounded familiar. I started it last night and I am actually enjoying it. Muppet that I am. Least these are all library books and I didn’t buy it.

So have you any good reads for this Easter weekend lined up? Do tell.

Ellerburn Nature Reserve.

The Sun shone on Sunday and I almost thought it was Spring. After a stint in the garden and a visit to the tip with the garden clippings I took myself on a walk round the Ellerburn Nature Reserve. Warning, here be bones.

I can’t resist a blue sky through bare branches shot.

Ominous cloud which took itself off, I am pleased to say.

Rather small rabbit which stayed put long enough for a picture.

Strange sort of whirly bird. And then  -bones.

Rabbit, Pheasant?

Any ideas anyone? You were warned. I did think about taking them home, then thought maybe that is not my best idea ever.




Knit and Natter Friday.

Which could also be called this week, spot the difference or what a Wally!

It took quite a long time to come down from the excitement of last weekend. I decided however that the time was right to begin to crochet my Eastern Jewels blanket and off I went . It was a busy week so all I managed was an hour or so over a couple of afternoons.  I was thrilled to check my tension.

Pretty much the six inches. Very proudly I took a picture yesterday morning for this post.

Anyone immediately spot the What a Wally in this?It wasn’t until I started the next round of fans that I thought that’s strange, there is supposed to be 8 fans and I have nine. What have I done. And if you look at this

Which has now got the correct 8 fans and you play Spot the Difference ,carefully count Round One… what a Wally. I did nine trebles in the first version not eight. I can not believe that I did not count a single subsequent round, I am normally obsessive about counting the rounds. So yesterday afternoon my planned gentle session of crochet , became a muttering and mumbling and grumbling and name calling session of which Wally was the mildest. What a Nit Wit. Anyway amazing what you can do in an evening , everything done properly and the right number of fans.

Which turns me to the subject of blocking. I have never blocked a thing in my life, and I want to block this to make sure it all fits together nicely. Now I wondered is it worth buying blocking mats, or is a towel perfectly adequate? Any hints and tips for someone who has not seen the necessity to block before?

I have made no progress on knitting this week, so no picture of the knitting. In case you were wondering about the heart project, you weren’t I know, but I have found some fabric to use to cover it, progress of sorts.

The next Repair Cafe is tomorrow. Mr E is very poorly now and is having another operation after Easter, so we won’t be helping  this month, but I said I would pop in with the blanket I made for the raffle. Two towns in our area have now started to plan a Repair Cafe having heard of ours. Isn’t that the best news?

The news on Mr E is not good, so he is teaching me useful skills such as lawn mowing and ash can emptying, and I am pretending  not to know how to do them… he forgets the months he spent working away from home when I managed perfectly well by myself, with three sons, a dog, a cat and two guinea pigs… don’t want to hurt his feelings.

Easter is on the way and my son Mr T and Mrs T and Master T and Little Miss F are coming for the week. It will be wonderful to see them and I am so glad they are coming.

Meantime of course we put the clocks on this weekend for Summertime. Hah! I hear we may have more snow….NO!

So what are your plans for the weekend? Have you made any mistakes as basic as the one I made with my crochet this week? Please tell me I am not the only nitwit, oh I am? I shall just have to take that. Any hints on blocking will be gratefully received.

Take care and Be Happy! My chin is up.


Snow did not stop Play!

Mother Nature tried her best but snow did not stop the plan for the weekend. First there was a car journey, and then a lovely studio flat.

with its own swan nesting just outside.

Inside was snug and warm.

There was exploring

You stop me and tell me where we were whenever you like.

A schoolroom to visit.

A church to admire

Bet you know where we were now.

Now you know. And snow did not stop the Play.

My wonderful birthday present (yes that was back in the Autumn) from my lovely son Mr B. And it was very good indeed, and there may well be a live screening near you on April 11.

A truly wonderful weekend and just what we needed.



Knit and Natter Friday.

I read this week in the Telegraph that knitting is good for the health, and just as good as yoga for a sense of well-being. Well what a surprise! So from now on please regard knit and natter as a lifestyle health post which is very very good for you. I mean honestly , and really, is this news dear Telegraph?

So without further ado, I finally completed the navy cardigan for Baby J.

The colour is not very good in this picture, the true colour is navy, which fortunately shows up quite nicely when I show you it with the outfit I bought to go with it.

I love the train buttons!

Disaster struck us this week when the snow melted,  a hole appeared in the barge board on the gable end of the roof. Fortunately our friendly neighbourhood roof man could fit us in this week. So there has been much bashing, crashing, coming and going and please to move the car, and yes please a mug of tea, and two sugars for him and one for me…. so it didn’t feel a sensible plan to start the crochet blanket with racket and interruptions occurring every half hour.

On the plus side the death certificates I sent away for pertaining to long deceased ancestors arrived. I love the one for an 81-year-old chap, reason for death…old age. I mean that is really what my old Dad died from age 91, but we had a massive rigmarole of reasons for death. And both ancestors died at home, which is nice really.

I started a new knitting project though. Well for health reasons you know.

Just for a change I thought I would knit a cardigan for Little Miss F. Three different colours and a holey pattern. Brill.

Kate reminded me it was Scrap Happy day yesterday. I didn’t really have anything to post about, till I recalled I had made some lavender bags as I wanted to put one with the outfit for the babe.

The one at the back was leftover fabric from an old embroidered cloth I had bought and cut up for something. The other two just scraps of fabric. All the ribbon came from my ribbon jar which is either leftover ribbon or ribbon I have deconstructed from various cards, gifts, or bits of packaging. It felt good to have the sewing machine out again. It’s been too long.

It was Mothers Day last Sunday in the UK. I have loved seeing all the super flowers , cards and gifts Mums received. I had tulips, such a lucky Mum/Nana.

Such a pretty colour, so Spring like.

When I went to get some money for the roof man yesterday the bank lady said it was going to snow at the weekend. NO IT IS NOT,  I have plans big plans for this weekend. Really really exciting plans and it is so not going to snow.

So how has your week been? Any plans for the weekend? Do you knit for health? It means of course that the yarn stash now counts as medical supplies!

Do tell..

Meantime have a lovely weekend and Be Happy,


Knit and Natter Friday.

So last weekend the garden was full of snow and a pheasant came to visit.

Then on Sunday it rained overnight and the snow was all gone on Monday. So I treated myself to some daffs.

Then yesterday it did this.

More than a little tired of snow now. Spring ,please. It has gone again today and the sun is shining. Is it Spring? How do the frogs know not to wake up yet, last year they arrived in February, I’ve not seen  a leg or heard one croak yet.

I have been tucked up indoors , and doing family history research. I am amazed at how an entire afternoon can vanish and just how excited I get if I find something new. You won’t believe how excited one person can get at the thought of two death certificates on their way and a nice kind man who says he will help me find an unmarked grave in Leeds, he has a map.

I didn’t succumb to my squishy parcel. Instead I have knitted a bit on the navy cardigan which now looks like this.

Just the buttonhole band and the collar to knit, then sew it up, choose buttons. Now there is another ridiculous thing I get excited about – choosing buttons. Then the squishy bag of yarn shall be mine, another thing to get ridiculously excited about.

Which makes me wonder , what things does everyone else get rather over excited about?

Plans for your weekend, any interesting things occurring, or a lovely quiet weekend?

I shall be happy if I can just go outside for a few minutes without freezing the matronly bits!

Have a great weekend whatever you do, please join in the natter in the post, it really is the best bit.

Be Happy,


Photo Challenge-Scale

Scale, such a wonderful word with so many interpretations

Musical Scale- not the best picture , but I didn’t want to disturb them. Taken in York in February.

Scale as in climb (archive picture)

Scale as in size Grand Canyon (archive)

Scale as in fish scale- man fishing (the nearest I could get to a fish picture)

Do check out the links on Wild Daffodil for some more photographs with the prompt Scale.


Knit and Natter Friday!

So yesterday was the first day of Spring according to the met office. Well really!

Not Spring here, look at these poor catkins, do they look like it’s Spring?

And poor Lion.

He’s got snow paws.

It’s been a tough week in more ways than one. And we are not through it yet.

Heigho, that’s life, thank goodness for tea and yarn I say.

I am still knitting the navy blue cardigan for Baby J. More interestingly I have taken delivery of

my sawdust heart

that I mentioned last week and

a big squishy bag of yarn for the Eastern Jewels blanket which I absolutely must not start till the navy blue cardigan is done and dusted.

So are we all planning to stay indoors and craft this weekend? I am!

Before I go I forgot to put in the link for The Ginx Wooly Linx party yesterday, here it is

One more snowy picture – the castle

Stay warm and Be Happy


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