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Introducing Baby P

No two ways about this, proud Nana pictures coming up, and a big dose of cuteness.

And finally making her modelling debut, pictured by her Dad, we have Baby P wearing a purple Nana knit.


Scrap Happy- August 2021

I needed to go to the town centre this month on various errands, so I took the opportunity to visit the main library and browse the bookshelves that have been in lockdown, namely the cookery and craft ones. I came away with two craft ones. One was on recyling things to make new things, only you seemed to have to buy more new stuff for each project than do any recycling , so that book has departed. I was inspired by the other for a nice scrappy project for this month.

A foxy brooch .

The felt is not quite the right colour but I used what I had. Here he is by himself.

He is rather sweet.

There are some other lovely felt projects I would like to try, and I do have rather a lot of felt scraps to go at. For more scrappy projects please pop over to Kate’s for the full list of current participants.

here https://talltalesfromchiconia.wordpress.com

Catching up, and some WIPs

First of all, thank you everyone who left such kind comments on my last post. They meant a great deal ,and helped enormously. Mr E is pretty much the same as last month and we have been helped not only by family but also by some super people from the local hospice. The house is filling up with all kinds of aids and adaptations to help us. We are in more of a routine now which helps and pace ourselves better, and are trying to be patient with each other.

My skill set continues to expand, this months joys have been a rat who took a yen to my bulbs and the smoke alarm beeping. A battery change could have been ok but who knew in 1992 all houses in the UK have to have a hard wired smoke alarm with battery backup, which of course beeps when it needs changing. Both issues are on going.

I have tried all sorts of thing to keep me in the present, and find that sewing is possibly the best. Crochet needs concentration which is in short supply. Knitting can send me to sleep, I think it’s the needles hypnotising me! Nevertheless I have managed to finish the back of the tank top for Master J.

The colour is tomato ketchup. Apparently.

I try to do a few rows every night, don’t always manage it, but sometimes I do.

The best thing I have found to relax me is cross stitch. You have to keep your mind on the chart, but if you make a mistake it’s easily remedied.

I am doing a book mark kit which has been in the to do pile for quite a while. It’s the perfect project to do whilst Mr E takes a nap.

Bookmark in the making.

I’ve had to take over the garden. I planted some leeks and they apear to be growing, amazing. Mr E had planted some runner beans just before he got really poorly. I was then left in charge and so pleased with myself when I harvested the first of them.

Two dinners in these for me.

I recalled the advice to go for a walk and realised it had been a very long time since I had. So on Mnday I set off to the nearby lake and wood.

This pair of swans have raised 8 signets.
Really beautiful birds.
Ragged Robin?
A bench in the woods gave me time and space for quiet contemplation.
The ripening brambles tell me the season is progressing.

The view from my kitchen and dining room where I am writing this cheers me up.

Magpie alert
And the grass needs cutting- know what I will be doing this weekend.

But finally some really good news. Youngest son Mr B and Mrs G

have had their own project going this year.

I am delighted to finish with the news that we have a new grand daughter Baby P. Can’t wait to see her, and that’s who all the baby clothes and toys that I have been making this year are for. Pictures to follow.

Once again thank you for your very kind comments, they really mean a lot.

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