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Silent Sunday

Portland, Dorset , through the arch and

along the coastal path or

down to the bay or

up to the castle? No that is out of bounds. So back up the hill and off to a museum. More of that another day.



That hat!

So here is the hat!

Making its first appearance back in 2009, and again

in 2019! And gosh what a difference ten years makes. Baby H learned to walk at the wedding in 2009- he left junior school this year! Mr B hadn’t started uni 10 years ago, in 2019 it was his turn to wed.

All these photos were taken by the official wedding photographer and are not my own. We were marshalled by the photographer for family pictures.  No-one marshalls me!

No more wedding hat dilemmas for me.



Gull on a roof!

Not so impressive as the peacock, but it is on a caravan where it made its nest.

and it’s mate stopped by to feed her several times a day, so there will be some baby gulls.


Scrap Happy-July 2019

Linking with Kate for Scrap Happy Day

Made from leftover yarn are a pair of fingerless gloves and a pair of leg warmers

which will go off with the blanket to a homeless charity.


Chicken and mushroom pie made from leftover roast chicken!

Do pop over to Kate’s site to follow the links to some quite wonderful projects made of scraps of this and that.

Silent Sunday

Lyme Regis, July 2019

Peacock on the roof!

When you live in a small market town , gateway to the North York Moors, in a street, near a school and fields, you do not expect to hear a peacock.

But that is indeed a peacock on the neighbours roof! He stayed for an hour and then left. Where he came from and where he went I do not know!

So what do you think of that?

Rhayader, Wales

I thought I would share some photos of the little town we stayed near, and a riverside walk we took.

That’s the clock tower in the centre of Rhayader. In conversation with a local I was asked if I realised it wasn’t a roundabout. Of course I said it’s a crossroads. He replied he wished someone hade told the HGV lorry which tried to turn his enormous lorry round it.

I loved the white houses on this turning.

Down to the river then.

Is that bench not the perfect place to rest a while. Fortunately there were several benches on our side too.

Look at that view.

Can’t beat a rusty gate and  some undergrowth.

Unless it’s foxgloves. I must grow some next year, they are just stunning.

The weather this weekend looks set to be lovely again in the UK, hopefully the sun will shine on us all everywhere, at least for some of the time. Do you have plans for going outside? Guess what- we have another wedding. Getting to be like buses!

Be Happy,



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