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Knitting in progress.

Thought I might share my current knitting, rather than wait for the TahDah moment. It’s only the front so far, but I am very pleased with the cables and I only had to frog it once.

The back and sleeves are just stocking stitch so progress might be swift.  Jumper for Master T. I was rather pleased as it is a new King cole party time pattern and it goes up to 30 inches chest, which Master T now needs. Why oh why are there so few patterns for this age group and boys?

I received a knitting yarn catalogue in the post, and there was not one pattern for a boy, and no pictures of boys, other than babies.

Another lovely September day here, maybe I shall go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air.

Love to know what project you are working on today.

Be Happy,



Scrap Happy September- 2019

Back in the Spring I happened upon a new stitching project run by Helen Birmigham of Untangled Threads. I joined the Stitchbook Collective and started work on the starter pack. My first love is embroidery, but it has taken a back seat for the last twelve years as grandchildren arrived and I started knitting, crochet and sewing for them. This blog moslty covers the things I make for them.

A few years ago I started a new blog for embroidery but it too went on the back burner. I have deleted all ( half dozen) posts and started it all over so I can write about my current embroidery journey.

I worked on the Untangled Threads starter pack, and if by any chance you are interested here is the link to my blog A voice through stitch ,  where you can see what I did!

The pack had lots of materials and there fabric scraps left over, so I made myself a little needle book.

Front cover,

Back cover

And the inside. The inside is wadding from my quilt, and the centre is stitched down and then I couched a random piece of wool left over I think from Monkey’s face that was just sat on my table.

I have since started on the Texture pack for the stitchbook collective, and I am loving every stitch and every minutes I spend on it. There may well be scraps leftover but we have already been told to hang onto them for future projects, not to fret though as I have lots of other scraps for future Scrap Happy Projects. Please do pop over to Kate’s for more ScrapHappy posts here



A Beautiful Butterfly.

My sons loved the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. The caterpillar eats an array of highly odd foods for a caterpillar before becoming a chrysalis and then a Beautiful Butterfly.  A few years ago now I bought a quilt panel of the Hungry Caterpillar, and thanks to my quilting lessons I have now finally made a quilt for Toddler J as he progresses to his first size proper bed.

I sourced fabric for the back and some green for the binding.

Blood , sweat and a few bad words were heard, but the corners are mitred and I did manage the join ALL BY MYSELF. I’m just not giving you a close up!

Quilting was kept simple, the two box shapes and the butterfly and caterpillar.

I feel incredibly proud of myself!

September Windows- 2019

This month’s window comes from St Mary’s Church in Fairford.

My Mother’s family hailed from these parts several generations ago. I can imagine that this window may have scared them a little,

The glass is old and somehow escaped the distruction of many windows in the reformation.

Now that window doesn’t look scary , but it is, the devil being in the detail, in the bottom right hand corner.

It’s called a doom window! More information on these windows can be found here

Linking with Wild Daffodil for the photo challenge


Books- August 2019

August, a month for enjoying the long summer days  and good books…

Jojo Moyes- Still Me- the third and final part  of the trilogy which began with Me before you.  A jolly nice read with a suitably happy ending. Bit fanciful and fluffy, but perfect for a wet and rainy week when I was kept indoors.

Neil Spring- The Lost Village- a thriller with ghosts. The lost village is Imber on the Salisbury Plain. It was taken over by the army for training purposes in WW2. The villagers were forced to leave and believed they would return after victory. You can visit the village for a few days in August. It was a good read, ideal for Halloween, should you be that way inclined.

Sally Magnusson- The Sealwoman’s Gift- I really, really liked this book. 1627, 400 people are abducted by Dutch pirates and sold into slavery in Algeria. This real event is told through the experience of Olafur, a priest who is sent back to Denmark to arrange a ransom, and his wife Asta left with her three children. It is heartbreaking in places. I have put this on my top 100 books as it covered an event hitherto unknown to me. Brilliant, that’s all I am saying.

Danny Miller- Kiss me Quick- This book got a mention by Erin Kelly as background reading for her novel The Ties that Bind. Kiss me Quick is also set in Brighton in the early 60’s, the days of Mods and Rockers, and dodgy underground nasty villains. Not for the faint  hearted, but well plotted, and a good thriller.

Lisa Jewel- Watching You- This was good, very good indeed. Joey falls for the charisma of her neighbour, the head of the local school. She becomes somewhat obsessed by him, and almost becomes his stalker. But someone is watching her, and someone is  watching them…. very well plotted, prepare to loose a day, or in my case two consecutive afternoons.

Alys Conran-Dignity- This is a wonderful book. Told through three narrators, Evelyn Roberts who marries and goes to India in the 1930’s, her daughter Magda who we meet at the end of her life living out her days in a big rambling house in the fictitious seaside town of Bay Mouth and her carer Susheela. Evelyn finds the life of a woman in a British colony extremely restrictive and hard. I really enjoyed reading her narration. My Dad was sent to India in WW2 and found the colonials very unwelcoming to the officers who had joined during the war. No croquet and cucumber sandwiches for him. Themes include, the role of women, the treatment of the Indian servants and staff, the life of a British born Indian in the UK, PTSD , love, relationships, money, etc etc. A lot to get one’s teeth into.

Jodi Picoult- Sing you home- There are some authors that I re-shelve week after week during my library shifts, and have never tried myself- Dilys Court and Josephine Cox come to mind. Jodi Picoult was another- I assumed,  wrongly, that she wrote chick lit, not a favourite genre of mine, but as I say I was wrong. I have a dread of running out of books to read over a bank holiday so choose this one just in case. Oh my days, it is good. Same sex relationships, infertility, court room scenes over battles for the frozen embryos, so much detail, so well plotted. Thoroughly engrossed me through the hot weather. A jolly good read. Is it a film? It would make a good one for sure.

And those are the books I read this month. Thanks to everyone who mentioned these to me. Love to know who has read any of these and what they thought. Have you read any good books this month?

Monkey Business!

“Who’s that down there, saying who’s that up there?”

“Who’s that up there saying who’s that down there?”

Any ideas anyone?

Scrap Happy August- 2019

This is Baby J playing with the fabric ball I made him in May last year.

And Baby J loved his ball and played with it a lot, until he took it to a wedding at which his brother and cousin lost it under a stage. So what to do but make another one.

But with different scraps. The Stanley dog was used in my first quilt this year.

And this was in the place mat I made For Baby J.

And does anyone remember where the camels went?

Apparently he hasn’t noticed its not the same ball.

I was inspired by Kate last month to dig out my hexie quilt from the gone into the cupboard pile of projects. As I already felt it was big enough I was now adding a blue border of many hues. Now Kate said taking out the paper shapes made it easier to work with , so I did.

That’s a lot of hexies.

I’ve added blue hexies to one long side and two corners.

So many memories in just this little corner, there’s fragments from a skirt for me, a picture frame, several cushions and wall hangings, three dresses for Little Miss F, a wall hanging for Master T, a mug rig for Ms J,wedding bunting and pieces from my dear MIL. I am determined to finish this one day.

Please visit the other blogs for more Scrap Happiness. Linking with Kate just in case the links below don’t work.


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