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Yarn Along!

Thanks everyone for helping me decide the name of this little lady.


Selina Sheep has arrived.

Meantime I have another finish.


This is a size 26 inch and should fit my grandson straightaway. The colours haven’t photographed well. The yellow and green are more vivid than this picture.


So now using the last of my   yarn from James Brett I am making a jumper for my grand-daughter. The pink probably gave that one away. I have done the front and this is the back. The sleeves are double moss stitch. Not certain how that will look in self striping yarn. We will see.

And the book is my Z author for my read through the alphabet marathon. I like this author but this book is a rather macabre gothic tale with more than a nod to Mary Shelley. Supposedly for young adults! Well that would be me, wouldn’t it?

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along


Do you know the feeling when you go into a room full of complete strangers? Joining the U3A poses no such problems as everyone is so friendly. Any feelings of awkwardness go very quickly. 11-1-17-001

Parking your car however is not so easy. The village hall we  meet in has a large car park which fills up completely. Getting out is pretty awkward.

Please join in the challenge at anytime. Links to your picture can be left at Wild daffodil or here.

Next weeks’ prompt is GATE.

Good luck and Happy Snapping!


I treated myself to one of Bekki’s sheep kits from her Dartmoor Yarn Company  as a Christmas present to myself.

I have spent a couple of afternoons knitting. And now it is time to introduce you to my Dartmoor sheep.


She has been a total delight. The kit contains everything and I mean everything. Pretty knitting needles, yarn, even the yarn for the facial features, real wool for stuffing ( I loved the faint aroma of sheep in the stuffing) and a needle to stitch your creation together. The kit has been a joy to knit.

Bekki invites you to name your sheep. All the time I was knitting her I thought she was  Ellie Ewe. Now she’s finsished it’s quite clear that she is Selina Sheep.


But what do you think? Ellie Ewe or Selina Sheep?

Yarn Along!

Drum Roll please. No really DRUM ROLL. Here it is finally finished, – the white cable cardigan. It may only be a 24″ chest, but believe me it was not easy.


Who would ever have thought that 12 rows of pattern could be so hard to remember. I certainly couldn’t remember them. I had to watch what I was doing row by row and stitch by stitch. I should feel a sense of achievement but all I feel is relief. I set out to improve my knitting skills last year and learn new stuff. Have a challenge. Mmm. Well Sirdar pattern 1477 was certainly all of that. Have a look at the back.


I completed it last night with the addition of 6 buttons which I think I bought last year from a vintage fair. They are sweet little cats I think.


Or maybe bears. I was not certain if they were too pink. But as I am trying not to spend money on new bits and bobs but to use things I already have, I went with them. Actually I think the bit of colour breaks up the white quite nicely.

And I have made great progress on my fun jumper.


I just have the front bands to do , sew up and add buttons. Should get that done tonight or maybe tomorrow. The book is the Y in my read through the alphabet challenge. Couldn’t find an X author in the library but have requested one from another branch. This book is a load of tosh!

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along



I found this card and this one in a local antique shop back in the Summer.


They cost me a £1. Although they look like postcards, same shape and size, there is no postcard on the back. The top one says lace making and the bottom is hand weaving. The writing reads Langdale Linen Industry, Coniston. Approved by Prof Ruskin. The writing to the right says Atkinson’s Series.

A little investigation was called for. Ruskin was part of the Arts and Crafts movement and indeed founded a Langdale Linen Industry in Coniston. More details Here .

So then I did a bit of research about Atkinson series. I have found the name connected to Canadian postcards but nothing for the UK.

Then I looked for images of the Langdale Linen industry and came up with a picture of a postcard depicting the hand weaving.

And that’s as far as I could get. If anyone knows anything at all about my cards I would love to know please.

Meantime if you have a photo for the challenge please leave a link here or at Wild Daffodil

Next week’s prompt is Awkward.

Happy Snapping!

Thursday was one of those glorious winter days. Out was the only option. The seaside the place to be.


But being January it was chilly. So our first port of call was the Rotunda Museum.


This building houses many wonderous things. The Gristhorpe man is a very well-preserved skeleton from the Bronze Age. One of the earliest tree trunk burials in the UK. There are exhibits from Star Carr. Back in the Mesolithic period the Vale of Pickering was one massive lake. Star Carr was a Mesolithic settlement on the shores of the lake. There are also many fossils found from along the cliffs. Totally fascinating. Oh and just my luck, this ceiling!


More information here. Cost was £3 and includes the Art Gallery and admission is for the whole year. I will be back. After that we had a stroll along the beach and coffee. We couldn’t resist taking this picture for our Dr Who grandchildren fans.


Back then up to town for a look around the shops. On route I stumbled across The Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre. This is free and run by enthusiastic volunteers. There was once a thriving ship building industry and more recently a thriving fishing industry ( maybe Brexit will see more fishing vessels in Scarborough again). There is a link to the Titanic and a lot of research material available. AND KNITTING. Ganseys to be precise. What is a Gansey? Well one of these.


A Gansey is knitted in one piece and keeps a chap very warm and dry. But more importantly each town and fishing fleet had its own pattern , so that if a ship was wrecked the fishermen could be identified from their Ganseys as belonging to the wreck.


You can just about see the patterns in my pictures.


More information on Ganseys Here and on the Museum

After that I paid in some cheques and bought a single sheet. I think someone has been eating the single sheets, they all seem to have vanished. Homemade mushroom soup and a Yorkshire ham sandwich rounded off the outing nicely.

PS I won’t be knitting a Gansey. Much as I admire them the concentration required would be too much!





Yarn Along!

I have my first piece of knitting for 2017 completed.


A jumper and matching hat for my grandson. Knitted in a yarn called Party Time by James Brett. It’s chunky and oh so quick to knit up. Very satisfying. The buttons came from my button box.


and there was enough yarn to make a hat which I adapted from another chunky pattern. Think it will be ok. The jumper is on the big size so I am knitting another one in the next size down, different colour, same yarn and pattern. Meantime, I have now reached the second sleeve on that white cable cardigan.


Carrying on with my read through the alphabet I have reached W- Vita Sackville West, All Passion Spent. An 88-year-old finally gets to do what she wants on the death of her husband. And the first of my non fiction reads for the year is a diary written by John Steinbeck as he wrote his masterpiece The Grapes of Wrath. A fascinating insight into the mind of my favourite author.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along



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