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Photo Challenge- Remember

castle museum July 21 2015 029

I love these embroidered postcards sent by soldiers to their loved ones in the First World War. We must remember.

Challenge inspired by Blue Daisy Here

Yarn Along!

I started to make this new jacket for Little Miss F at a nice leisurely pace. It has recently occurred to me that if I was a bit less leisurely I could get it finished in time for when I next see her in December and present it as a Christmas gift. The pins are flying. Now on the second sleeve.

16.11.15 002

The novel I totally recommend. Dorset Quaker girl goes to America and hides runaway slaves. With chapter titles such as Quilt and Applique, what’s not to like. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along

Photo Challenge- Grey

Dorset June 2015 015

So what disc did I spin on the Juke Box? Whilst I would and in fact do sing along happily to Lazy Sunday Afternoon and Daydream Believer , it was The House of the Rising Sun I choose!! My friend Rachel and I would sing it at the tops of our voices on the way to the bus after school. TEENAGERS!! Anyone else make an exhibition of themselves by singing on the way to the bus?

Linking with Blue daisy who devised this photo challenge.

Pebbles at Chesil Beach, Dorset.

It was so lovely last Tuesday we just had to go to the seaside. Whitby to be precise.

Whitby Nov 2015 002

I love the Harbour, the sea, boats and  red roofs.

Whitby Nov 2015 008

And the views of the Abbey up on the hill.

Whitby Nov 2015 009

It was sunny but also windy and the Seagulls had to walk sideways to go where they wanted. I know not funny, but it was!

I couldn’t resist this and had to take a picture.

Whitby Nov 2015 004

I am taking part in the Stitching Santa organised by Sheila at Sewchet and are having great time shopping and stitching for my lovely recipient. To be revealed after Christmas.










Today I had a lovely surprise. The postman came and he delivered the angel I won in a Giveaway from Rainbow Junkie

So pretty

16.11.15 001

Busy time of year for us all! The sun was shining again today so I had a happy morning in the garden planting the last of the daffodils I bought ages ago. The runner beans have finally finished, we shall eat the stragglers tonight for supper.

Now for some Christmas stitching, some Christmas Knitting and some Christmas crochet!!




Sew Along- November

I am really enjoying stitching my needle case, there is no deadline as it’s for me, just the pleasure of needle and thread.

Whitby Nov 2015 001

Please take a look at the others who are sharing their work in this Sew Along.

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Coat-hangers and Ghouls

Whilst I love the fabric covered coat-hangers I made earlier I wondered if I could give them a less girly feel for my step grand-daughter who is in the Goth phase of teenagehood now. So using the Waking Dead fabric I covered some coat-hangers and finished them off with a little black flower.

14.11.15 002

I liked it so much I made three in the end.

14.11.15 001

The last one has no embellishment at I am going to hang the little black bag I made around it, in which will be some jewelry, her main present.

Now I am left with two pieces of the fabric, one measures 80cmx8cm and the other is 50cmx30cm. Any ideas anyone?


Photo Challenge- Spin

castle museum July 21 2015 031

Don’t you just love this Juke Box, picture taken at the Castle Museum in York. I just had to spin a disc but which one did I choose? How well do you know me ? Love it if you took a guess!!

Was it

A, Lazy Sunday Afternoon by The Small Faces

B, Daydream Believer by The Monkees

C, House of the Rising Sun by The Animals

Answer in next weeks photo challenge.

Linking with Blue Daisy for this challenge

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