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20.5.2015 011

Thoroughly enjoyed The Shadow of the Wind. Straight onto Past Caring by Robert Goddard. This was his first book and I have to say by far the best of his that I have read in ages. Well crafted, with a very strong plot which kept me from my Knitting, can there be bigger praise?And pretty similar to the much later written The Shadow of the Wind? Two stories running side by side, a historian investigating a mystery and written memoirs  involving politicians and suffragettes in the early part of the 20th centruy in England. It is a real page turner!

So the knitting, a two colour cardigan for me, just started the second colour last night. I love both coolurs but not certain they go well together. We shall see.

Time to check out what everyone else is yarning along to over at Small Things!

I couldn’t decide which picture I liked best, so here’s two for the photo challenge this week. Taken on our walk round Goathland ( Aidensfield, Heartbeat).

Goathland May 2015 037


Goathland May 2015 038

For more Middle pictures, visit Jamie and a Wild Daffodil and for some  sheep oddities go to Woolwinding

Bridlington Priory.

We recently visited Bridlington, East Yorkshire, and were delighted to find this gem.

Bridlington March15 007

Apparently there are 18 Thompson mice lurking inside. I only found just this one.

Bridlington March15 008

There he goes. The Font was apparently made of Frosterly marble in the 14th Century

Bridlington March15 011

The history of the Priory has been told in tapestry panels made by local people

Bridlington March15 012

I love this window above the altar. Known as the Jesse window depicting the family tree of Jesus.

Bridlington March15 017

The Altar.

Bridlington March15 018

Whilst we were there we were treated to an organ rehearsal. Lovely music, which added so much to our visit.

Bridlington March15 021

Finally the west window, said to be the largest in the North of England.

Bridlington March15 022

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Yarn Along!

12.5.15 001

So I have crochet and knitting on the go at the moment. The crochet is to be a blanket for Mr B and Ms G who moved into a new flat in early Spring, colours are inspired by the decor and by bees!

Knitting is a cardigan for me. I can’t recall the last thing I made for myself so I am going to enjoy every row. The yarn is Alpaca Tweed by Stylecraft. It feels quite soft to use, but it is mostly acrylic (77%) with short bits of Alpaca (20%) woven in. Not as exciting as I hoped for, but never the less a new yarn for me and my 15 for 2015.

I have just finished reading a book called The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer. A very good book , the main character of which has mental ill health. It has justifiably good reviews and having worked in housing support with people with long term mental health illness, I can verify its portrayal of a difficult subject. BUT, it is harrowing in places and I recommend it only to people in a good place themselves.

Currently reading two books, the history of Rosedale, a moorland dale close by, with a history of glass making and mining. And The Shadow of the Wind , by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, a good book but I am struggling to remember who all the characters are!

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Photo Challenge- Love

This weeks photo challenge is Love

Ben and Gemma May 4 2015 008

Bless them!

This post is inspired by 52 weeks of photos at  Blue Daisy

I have been following with interest the progress of the SAL at Sewing Beside the Sea . It has stirred my conscience. For 7 years I have supposedly been cross stitching a birth sampler for Mr H. This is as far I have got

a walk with Claire 006


a walk with Claire 007


a walk with Claire 008

two and a half motifs. This is totally not good. It is totally BAD. Holding head in shame. So I have asked to join in with the SAL , and been accepted which commits me to making some kind of progress each month. As I am half way through May nearly, my mission is to complete this motif so you can at least recognize what it is meant to be .

Please check out the others projects here for, Claire, Lucy, Gun, Alison  at


Kate Elizabeth, Wendy, Carole

Sorry if I missed anyone.


Walking in Aidensfield

Had a lovely walk this weekend around Aidensfield or as it is known to us locals, Goathland. Or if you love Harry Potter books, Hogwarts station!

Goathland May 2015 012

At the station

Goathland May 2015 010

In the waiting room

Goathland May 2015 011

Here come the trains

Goathland May 2015 020

Into Goathland/ Aidensfield, the pub

Goathland May 2015 008

Police car at Scripps garage

Goathland May 2015 033

Heading to the shops

Goathland May 2015 044

Love the sheep.

Goathland May 2015 046

View to the war memorial

Goathland May 2015 045

Train heading to Pickering

Goathland May 2015 003

Goathland May 2015 005

Love to hear if you had a walk this weekend. Please look at Wild Daffodil for more lovely walks, here

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