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Photo Challenge- Zero

9.2.16 005

My sugar thermometer, used regularly for making chutneys, jams and sweets!

Next weeks’ prompt is HOME

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Good Luck and Happy Snapping!

February Garden

My first Garden post of the nine I hope to make this year. My usual input to the garden is weeding , when the mess annoys me too much, pruning when I think about about it, planting bulbs and rescuing plants from garden centres  that look sorry for themselves and have been reduced in price. This year I want to be a bit more active outside.

I would describe myself as a reluctant Gardener, it takes me ages to motivate myself to go out but once there I thoroughly enjoy myself.

We are on clay soil and in a bit of a micro climate up a hill. In the town yet with a green field opposite our house at the back of the school. We often have different weather to that in the town 1/4 mile away, a bit colder, windier and yet often with more sunshine, as the town is down by a river and it gets misty  down there.

After the wet weather this Winter our garden sings to you as you walk on the grass, Squelch, squelch, squelch! The soil is water logged , the paths wet and moss abounds.

We make our own compost from vegetable waste and garden stuff, not weeds.

We have a pond and a large community of frogs come by every March for their annual get together. I feed the birds all winter and we have a lot of nesting birds. The birds and frogs do a great job on the bugs and I don’t use pesticides.

It’s about 1/6th of an acre.

And I think that’s all I need say about the garden. I would like to make a herb garden this year and just spend more time outside and hopefully I will learn something….

Currently there are a few signs that Spring is on its way.

snowdrops Jan 2016 004

These are always the first to appear, I think they are celandines?

snowdrops Jan 2016 006

I have planted a lot of primroses around the gardens, this one is under a hedge.

snowdrops Jan 2016 008

I have planted a lot of snowdrops and thin them out most years and am thrilled that in the 14 years we have been here we have gone from no snowdrops to lots and lots of snowdrops. This is half the clump I dug up from my Dad’s garden. I did indeed plant the other half at the cemetery.

Finally.. Yorkshire rhubarb

snowdrops Jan 2016 009

Coming along nicely this year.

I would absolutely love it if you would leave a comment and help me the Reluctant Gardener to become a Bit More Proficient Gardener.


SAL-7 February

I am stitching the DMC Geranium  Flower Fairy. Progress has been very slow this month with everything else going on, but I have enjoyed every stitch. I find that the 16 count fabric and the frequent colour changes look lovely but needs total concentration, after an hour I am ready for a break and a different craft.

Here’s where I was last time.

17.1.16 009

and here’s where I am now

6.2.16 006

with the geranium just started. All those greens at the base of the flower were rather fiddly.

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16 for 2016- January!

Late,late late, with the January update as it’s the 4 February already. The year started off brilliantly and then went down the pan!!!

I have become even more intimate with the A1, M1,M4,M5,M6, M18, M40 and the M42! Another family crisis which had the potential to be a real tragedy, involving hospitals. Relief- all scary tests and scans came back negative, and now it’s just a question of improving health for one person and keeping a family afloat.

We were away at the weekend and came home to find that YIPPEE, pothole saga has moved to the next stage, and is now Road Repairing  Saga. Have a look at what greeted us on Monday.

snowdrops Jan 2016 014

And the whole road looks like this

snowdrops Jan 2016 019

I won’t mention the car brakes, the chip on the car windscreen, the tumble dryer and the central heating boiler that leaked. Let’s just say that sometimes life can be a trifle difficult.

So what happened with my 16 for 2016?

16 swims-I went swimming four times in January, I started by managing 16 lengths and on the last visit swam 20.

15minutesx 2x 5 days a week walking- I’ll call that a project in progress. Hard to walk when you are in a car etc, but we did manage a stroll round the park where we stayed and these snowdrops brightened our day.

snowdrops Jan 2016 013

14 lbs lost- amazingly 4, since all I did was swim and walk a bit.

13 outings- none

12 cookery posts- I will be honest here I thought I would do one a month,but when I looked at what I wanted to write about realized that it wouldn’t work. Still have plans for 12 but I will have to do some more cooking first!

11 pictures of flowers-none

10 handmade cards- yes , one for Valentine’s Day

9 garden posts- first one due in February

8 stash/kit busting projects- Flower Fairies cross stitch  in progress

7 sewing/embroidery projects- none

6 acts of kindness- none, I didn’t even manage the garden bird count this year. But Innocent smoothie hats are now in the supermarkets.

5 Non Fiction reads.

snowdrops Jan 2016 017

Loving this book

4 Improve knitting and crochet skills, cable jacket underway

3 Bucket list makes. The cheese souffle has been made, but the first one was decapitated getting it out of the oven. DOH!

2 railway journey and 1 bus journey- none yet

0 magazine purchases-None bought in January!

Hope to have more going on in February, and if you would like to leave a link to your 2016 goal progress posts, please feel free to put it in the comments box.




Yarn Along!

snowdrops Jan 2016 015

Progress on the jacket for Master T has been slow, for various reasons. The cable is on the front only but the yoke of the jacket back does have this pattern which involves knitting into the stitch below on the purl side. I have to concentrate whilst I knit!

snowdrops Jan 2016 016

Book is by Robert Harris Dictator, set in ancient Rome telling the story of how Julius Caesar came to power. An enjoyable read if you  like historical well researched novels. But I have to concentrate on who is who!!

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along

Photo Challenge- Stitch!

Saves nine!

snowdrops Jan 2016 003

Love the darning mushroom I inherited from my Gran via my Mum!

Shh I quite like mending!

Next weeks photo prompt is Zero and I haven’t a clue what to take a picture of!

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Cross stitch Valentine card

Stitching Lotus hosts Small Sals. The idea is to share any small but completed projects each month. I have set myself the target to make 10 handmade cards this year, one more than I did last year. I have a fair amount of aida and two boxes full of DMC threads, and any number of cards waiting for a little nugget of cross stitch. So,what better to do than have a bash at some handmade cross stitch cards. This first one was pretty easy as I had a card with a heart shape aperture, so all I had to do was stitch it to fit.

Lockton Jan 16 001

I shall use it for a Valentine card, but it could easily be for anyone you care for…

Stitching Lotus can be found here

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