Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

York City Walls

I played the tourist a bit last week and walked this part of the ork city walls. Why have I waited so long to do this? Starting from Monk Bar.

heading past the Minster off I went, enjoy the stroll.

The light and the colours and views took me by surprise.

Is there anywhere near you that you always meant to go , but haven’t yet. I would love to walk the whole length of the walls in one walk, and there are a hge number of smaller historic sites in York for me still to enjoy. Have bus pass, must travel.

Have a great Sunday, the sun is shining here, I may go for a walk in the Forest.


Knit and Natter Friday.

Good Morning. The Repair Cafe last Saturday was well attended again . Lots more volunteers on hand to help with the repairs and once again a wide variety of broken things saved from land fill. Two sewing machines and a overlocker, several lamps, a picture frame, a copper watering can, a bike, tablets, secateurs, an eider-down in need of a new back, a fabric shopping bag, a couple of radios, but you will note no darning yet for yours truly. Not to fret I did my stint on the welcome table and the teas, and crocheted a few more blanket squares and chatted.

Mr E at work, picture by June Emerson

People are asked to wait while their items are looked at so as to be on hand to see what is done and maybe learn some DIY skills. So they come and sit at the tea-table and munch sausage rolls ( Home-made)  or cake ( also home-made), and if there is a crochet lady sitting there available for a chat, out comes a life story, or something that is on their mind and needs talking through. And so I have come to think it’s not just things that get fixed at the Repair Cafe, sometimes ,maybe a little bit of a person is too.

What an interesting chat we had last week on providing the best that can be afforded materials for children to use and experiment with. In the course of which I was suddenly reminded of a toy piano and a toy typewriter I was given as a child. The piano was hopeless, but I do recall being able to sort of type, I think it had a dial for letters rather than a keyboard. It may explain why I don’t play the piano but I can sort of type! I loved the stories that were mentioned in our natter of toy sewing machines which didn’t sew and how people use real sewing machines with children under supervision and they turn out all sorts.

My best friend Jane, her grandmother taught us both embroidery and she gave us real embroidery floss and linen fabric, and now we both embroider. I  still have the floss she gave us, which we wrapped around bits of card to keep safe. Love to hear your stories of inspirational adults.

Moving on, I was surprised no-one could guess what I was knitting last week, maybe it was the colours which confused? But here it is all finished.

Now who do you think it might be for? And what might this be on the needles?

This one is for a very talented lady who has been a good girl this year. Her knitting is superb, so what could a Secret Santa do, but decide to go for some fun gifts, hoping she likes them. I plan to do some gloves to keep her warm, she does get chilly apparently, the yarn arrived yesterday, so I need to get this done at the weekend, ready for the bigger items I want to make.

Meantime I have bought this coin purse from The Sewing Nook. I think this will appeal to my step grand-daughter Ms J a lot. She is currently saving for driving lessons.  A perfect way to gift a contribution to the fund. I can’t believe that the little three-year old who entered our lives will be 17 next year. It doesn’t seem two minutes since she was Band Master in our sitting room , ordering us all to march whilst playing imaginary trumpets.

It’s the skull that drew me.

Last week Bekki at Dartmoor Yarns posted some crochet hook bags with dachshunds. I had to have one, as I too have been a good girl this year.

Crochet hooks old home.

Crochet hooks new home, I mean it is so cute.

So here is all my knitting and crochet paraphernalia in one picture.

That lovely big project bag which came from the Blenheim Palace craft show many moons ago, the knitting needle bag , a Christmas present a couple of years ago from my son Mr T, and the lovely needle case , a unbirthday present from Claire. I am so Happy.

Bekki bless her cotton socks also included her lovely

Now which should I knit first , this one do you think

Now who might that be for?

Meantime there has been crochet. I don’t how to thank you all so much for the help you have given me with this. Here’s where I am now

Nearly ready to join the next round and start the last one. You were all so right about the grey block, it has gone.

Plan C

Orange with a grey border and mustard and grey?

Now I think I am more or less happy, but should I make the centre grey too or stick with the buttermilk centre?

As it happens I have virtually run out of the grey and I have bought two more but they are a different dye lot to the first, so I might have to re-do this block again anyway. And maybe the orange isn’t right either. Oh decisions, decisions , please help folks….

Yikes is all I can say.

Right this morning’s expedition is to a Family History meeting and a talk about finding WW1 soldiers. Gonna be good. Tomorrow is Scarborough and the theatre.

Sunday will be knitting and sleep! What are your plans for the weekend.

Catch up with you all at lunch time, for the natter, please don’t be shy, join in.

Be Happy,


Three pictures this week, this one from Sinnington Church.

I love the shapes of the letters and spelling.

The next two from Greece.

My favourite I think.  The World is a Fascinating place.


Please leave a link to your Letter inspired pictures in the comments below.

Next weeks prompt is Light.

Happy Snapping!


Knit and Natter Friday

I had a little unexpected time on Sunday and having been given a small craft kit decided to make it. I am being vague on purpose, it was a gift.

As I read the instructions which were very clear I realised the kit was intended for a child. Oh dear. The materials used were the cheapest and nastiest you can imagine. Some parts were supposed to be self adhesive, only the adhesive had missed at least half of one of the biggest bits, and two things which should have been self adhesive simply weren’t and in trying to peel the back off I broke it entirely.

Being an adult I battled through, but had I been a child I would have been put off crafting for life.

It was a reminder of when I worked with pre-school children and studied part-time for a year on pre school education. One tutor instilled in us the notion that you provide the best materials you can. Think of the paper known as scribble paper, which absorbs and spreads paint in a most unattractive way, or those awful nylon paint brushes and those paint blocks which don’t mix well with water whatever and how much you try, and how discouraging they all are.

I remember as a child wanting to plant flowers and being given my garden, a strip of soil beside a porch wall, with barely half an inch lying on concrete.  Mr E whose Dad was a self-sufficient organic gardener back in the 1950’s gave him the bit under the hedge by the compost bin. Neither of us had much success.

How many children have been put off from learning a musical instrument by that first recorder, which really wasn’t of playable quality.

I know children can get through materials at an alarming rate, but there has to be a compromise , as my tutor said, provide the best you can. A timely reminder I thought for the approaching festive giving season. And if a child wants to garden give them a bit with good light and loam.

Were you give “nice ” materials as a child, or the cheapest? I often wonder if that is why I have a tendency to hoard craft materials, just in case there is a time when I can’t afford them.

Enough! It’s Secret Santa time for real now. I am just doing the knitting one this year. I have my recipient. Oh My, is she a talented lady. I have scrutinised and started to follow lots of blogs taking part in the swap this year, I am not ashamed of emulating the gifts made by others. And I have secret plans.. the car is in for its big service and MOT today, York and the shops here I come. Yarn may be purchased.

But what about that crochet blanket. I had hoped to have it done by the end of the month, but I have accepted that this is unrealistic. Physically I can’t crochet more than a block a day, so I accept that and will plod on sedately. Like a galleon or a Duchess.

Here’s where I am now.

See the two blocks on the left, the grey and the orange, these will be the outer edge. Now I am happy with the orange, but am uncertain about the grey.

Please have close look and tell me your honest opinion.

Neither orange or grey or green are my usual colours, I am a blue, purple, turquoise, duck egg green person.

So out of my comfort zone, should I just go for orange, or keep the checkerboard feel and have orange and grey, or do something completely different…. HELP

Meantime matinée jacket is done.

Sirdar pattern 1391, yarn is Sirdar crofter shade 0191

I love the splash of red from the button

So onto some Christmas knitting

Guess what and who it’s for.

I haven’t written a 17 for 2017 October post, just in case you were wondering, simple truth, total failure to make any progress on the old goals. BUT, yesterday I made great headway on the family history front, so more in a couple of weeks time.

Busy today in York. Tomorrow is the Repair Cafe again, wish us luck!

So what are all your plans for the weekend? Hope they have some good things amongst the chores.

If this is your first visit to the knit and natter Fridays, please just leap in with a comment or three, especially today please chat amongst your selves till I am back to catch upwith you all at tea time.

Be Happy,



We met this dog on a walk last week at Castle Howard Arboretum. She prefered our walk to that of her owners!

Dogs hey.

Please leave a link to your Walk photos in the comments below for everyone to enjoy.

Next weeks prompt is Letter. I have some corkers saved for this one.

Happy Snapping!

Westonbirt Arboretum

It was extraordinarly busy when we visited with our son Mr T and his family last week, but the Autumn colours were fantastic.

Collecting leaves, one of childhood’s pleasures

They have a treetop walk which is awe inspiring

and jolly nice pork rolls with stuffing and apple sauce. We had eaten them all up by the time I took a picture. Nice enough to sit outside too.

Super day out.

Hoping the rain stops today, so I can enjoy another day of autumn colours. Have you any outdoors plans for this weekend?

Knit and Natter Friday.

We put the clocks back on Saturday/Sunday. I don’t like drawing the curtains at 5 pm ready for the night, thoughts of the dark days still to come. It was still quite dark at 7 am this morning, so hard to see what is gained by all this clock changing.

We had one of those conversations you have. It occurred to me that unless I had been taught at school that the earth went round the sun I would never have questioned the sun going round the earth. I wouldn’t have worked out that the earth isn’t flat, I am not even sure I would have thought about gravity. I asked Mr E would he, and he is a bit of a scientist, and he reckoned that he wouldn’t. Would you? I no longer feel the same incredulity towards our ancestors. I am no cleverer than they were, and possibly a great deal more ignorant, having none of the acquired wisdom say on plants and medicine.

Enough. Each year I think I will treat myself to a magazine on Christmas crafts. I begin by seeing what I have already and realising in some cases I have not made a single thing from previous issues. It’s the same again this year.

Hmm, more than enough to keep me going between now and the last posting date, and they don’t include projects yet to be decided for my Secret Santa. Can’t wait to see who I am drawn.

I mentioned in my last post I had a birthday. Bit of a big one, let’s just say that my private pension has finally started to cough up. Would you believe that they took off income tax pending having my tax code. Income tax? Chance would be a fine thing!

Anyway I had a lovely family meal, having departed from London to Swindon, with the rest of my family. It was Greek and wonderful.

L-R. Little Miss F, Ms G, Mr B, Master T, Miss J, Mr T, moi,and Mr E. Picture by my lovely DIL Mrs T.


I had help with the candles. Can you guess from whom?

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts on my crochet blanket last week.

That’s how it looks this morning. Loose concentration on those marigold blocks at your peril, the amount of frogging has been unbelievable.

I need one more block design to go round the outside. I was thinking something orangey. What do you think? The yellowy block I was toying with last week has gone.

All designs from the 200 crochet block book.

Meantime there has been progress on the matinée jacket.

On the second sleeve now. I may have a finish next week. I need a finish to begin the Christmas knitting, which once again I suspect I have left too late.

Right, I am off to have my haircut this morning. I found a split end on Tuesday. I haven’t had a split end for years. Time for a trim for sure.

This afternoon I have a friend coming round, which is jolly nice, but it’s valuable knitting time. She doesn’t knit. Would it be rude to knit while she is here? Inclination is that I have to bite the bullet and not knit, but it’s a tough one.

Have a great weekend. Look forward to all the natter. I do love these Friday chats, you help keep me real.

Be Happy,






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