Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Scrap Happy Day- July

A couple of years ago I had an idea. It takes a long time for my ideas to bear fruit! It all started with the words down a selvedge on some green spotty fabric.

I’ll show you, one picture in pictures!

there’s the words!

how to attach shells- crochet a net of course. But if a net catches shells it also catches plastic and seaweed.

The middle looked a bit bare, add crabs and a sandcastle

And all from a few words on a scrap of fabric and lots of scraps from other projects ( including the little girl who is a card topper, the other girl she came with did grace a card, probably ten years ago). Do pop over to Kate to see some more scrap happiness. Today celebrating a fifth scrap happy birthday.


It’s scrap happy day tomorrow and I have a fabric something to share, so I thought that today I would share the junk journal I continued to make during June as part of my Go Wild activities.

I fell in love with the whole idea of junk journalling thanks to Yarn and Pencil and Willowbound Journals.

JD from Willowbound Journals helped me on my way when I won a giveaway on her blog.

Such lovely happy mail! Thanks JD.

You may recall that at one point I got in a right old muddle trying to learn how to make a junk journal and wanting to write it at the same time. I eventually calmed down considerably and decided to do things my way. Junk Journals take a long time to make and many makers buy in new materials for their work. I very much wanted to use stuff I had leftover from other projects, which is how I ended up calling what I was making -a scrap happy journal.

I am pleased to say I just about managed to stay on top of the making and using the journal right through June.

That was the last page I shared in the June scrap happy post. Sometime during the second part of June I hit upon the idea of printing off the poem The Glory of the Garden by Rudyard Kipling. I then cut out the individual verses and placed them in various locations in the journal. Lots of people have added   inspirational words to their journals, which are really great but I don’t think I am an inspirational word type of person. Poetry is more me.

I rather liked this picture I cut from a magazine and I have attached one of the envelopes JD gave me. Inside is a butterfly cigarette card backed onto yellow paper and one of the verses.

I think this was probably when I started to think about garden poems. I like the little wooden butterfly and bit of lace I added in the corner.

the nearest I get to a collage, with paint and stamping. The book mark tucked in keeps falling out so I have now employed a paperclip to keep it in situ.

Envelopes feature quite a bit in junk journals, inside is a bird sketching book from the issue of Daphne’s Diary.

I just had to include the puffin cruise and the sea-bird guide we were all given.

And finally I printed off the whole poem to end June with.

Am I done with junk journals? NO. But I now want to take my time and learn how to make a journal, select the items I want to include and take it slowly, because the one I want to make  will include the little bits and bobs my Dad just couldn’t part with.

I shall also continue with this scrap happy journal, but again taking my time.

Thanks for reading, and I can’t wait to write my Fabric Scrap Happy post tomorrow.

Any hints and tips on journal making, greatly appreciated. And I wonder what crafts others have tried , bought materials for which are now stuck unused in boxes somewhere. Has anyone found alternative uses for those crafty scraps?

Knit and Natter Friday

Thank goodness it has cooled down- sorry to have been such a grouch last week. Part of the problem was knowing I was going to be spending a very very very very long time in a hot car, over a hot weekend, on hot motorways. It was very HOT. But very worthwhile because on Sunday

Baby J was christened, here with his Godfather Mr B.

Back with Dad (Mr J) and Mum (Mrs M). Finally when this happened

All my grumps vanished (at least till Monday when I had to drive back again in a hot car on a hot day on hot motorways.)

It was a lovely service. The vicar heard that Baby J’s favourite song was the Wheels on the Bus so she arranged for the choir to sing it just for him. Apparently they thought it a great idea and sang with gusto.

Tomorrow I want to write about my scrap happy journal I kept during the June month of Go Wild. I have realised that I never showed you the little bit of cross stitch that also happened as part of my crafty June activities for Go Wild.

I love taking part in the Go Wild month. Making sure I spend at least 15 minutes each day outside and trying to do something positive for nature. I think the most useful things I have done are keeping the birds and hedgehogs well supplied with water, and letting parts of the garden just do what they will, can’t believe the odd plants that attract birds when you let them just go to seed. I can do untidy gardening all day long. I planted some wildflowers but the only things I think that have come up are poppies. I like poppies thank goodness. It’s a great excuse not to do weeding too!

I tried several new walks, I went on the puffin cruise, visited a bird hide and waterfowl lake. Saw too many dead things- the deer and the mole. Happily I went a walk on Wednesday and saw a live deer. I was also thrilled to see a lizard. I can’t believe that I did not know that we had lizards in the UK. I looked it up in my trusty book, and it was a common lizard. Common? Well not that common.

Not certain about next year, it can get a bit much to think oh I must do this or that today. However, I did draw up a very long list of ideas of things to do- some were never going to happen- there just isn’t any heather out yet, and you can’t watch whales till September. So I shall keep plugging away at the list right through the year.

But what about Knitting. Well quite. What about knitting? Least said.

Crochet then? I spent a very long time yesterday waiting for a phone call about our boiler which failed a carbon monoxide test during its annual service first thing in the morning. It’s under warranty so the manufacturers will fix it, and I had to wait for their call. Five hours.So I used the time to crochet. I have now completed the second tile on my tiles blanket. Hopefully I will do some more this coming week, enough to make it worth my while to show you some progress.

Plans for the weekend? Today I am going to Whitby for a quilt exhibition. Tomorrow I shall be waiting for the boiler man to come and fix the boiler. Thank goodness we have an electric shower.

Love to know your plans for the weekend. How did you cope in the hot weather? I have been watching Wimbledon a little. Didn’t the English football team do well to reach the semi finals? Croatia were the better team and deserved their place in the finals.

Right, time to get going for that exhibition. I must not buy fabric, I must not buy fabric, must not buy fabric, not buy fabric, not

buy fabric


Be Happy, stay cool,



The hot weather does for me, it really does, energy leeches away, and I sleep such a lot. The simplest of things are hard and my brain just doesn’t function well. Ok when you are holiday, and the only thing you have to decide is where and what to eat for dinner, but at home carrying on is hard.

I like the warmth but I don’t like feeling like this. Slow , slow, stop…..

I have been stitching, and hopefully I will have something to share on Scrap Happy Day.

I have been sticking bits of paper into the Scrap Happy Nature journal, then I shall put that to bed for a while and gather my thoughts on that project. A post is nearly at the draft stage at the moment.

I have even done some knitting. The dress I was making for the fairy is the wrong colour. So I shall knit a another dress, and different wings as they too are the wrong colour. Then I shall knit another fairy that goes with the wrong dress. Am I making any sense? Ultimately there will be two fairies. And the moral of this tale is don’t colour match with the curtains drawn to keep out the sun.

I spent yesterday drawing sand castles. There was a good reason for this, promise, but my drawing skills are nearly as bad as my singing and language skills. Both of which are dire.

The crochet blanket is sulking in a corner, feeling forlorn and neglected.

I am reading instead, on my third book this month already. And I don’t know what got into me on Wednesday, I requested four books from the library, which will probably all come at once.

I am not myself.

I remember that long hot summer of 1976. I worked in an office, minus air conditioning. If you are ever near Dorking it was that very large office building near the station going towards Leatherhead, all glass and flat roofs. The roof was green to camouflage it and the corridors and offices were all partitioned so the office could be requisitioned as a hospital should the balloon go up , partitions removed and wards created.

I digress from my digression it was so hot in the office, we did no work, we just waited to be released at going home time.

Like that again this year.

The NHS is 70 years old now, we really don’t appreciate what a wonderful service it is. Yesterday the BBC breakfast news came from the hospital Mr E is receiving treatment in. We are very lucky to live in a country with such a service, free at the point of contact, when you think about it, and I do.

Football is going well too.

As I have nothing to to show you knitting wise, I thought it would be nice to let you see a couple of sheep pictures, taken last week. They look exactly how I feel.

The first one I took was on top of a disused railway embankment. I call it

Sheep Seeking Shade.

And the second.

Is called Send for Shearers

Quite the most untidy haircut I have seen in a while. She prompted me to go and get my hair cut anyway.

So how do you all manage in the heat? Do you wilt, or does it fill you with vim and vigour?

Anyone got any wonderful plans for the weekend. We have a bit of a “do”.

Hopefully the weather will cool down a bit next week, and I will be back to my normal self. If not you will find me on the sofa with a book and a glass of elderflower squash!

Stay cool,




The prompt for Wild Daffodil’s photo challenge was Sculpture. Here are the sculptures I encountered in June.

Captain Cook in Whitby

I wasn’t sure if the lower jawbone of a whale at Whitby strictly speaking is a sculpture, but what else would you call it? And it is very iconic. See those bones in the arch with Whitby Abbey on the cliff across the bay, where else could you be?

Sheep at Fountains Abbey.

Chickens also at Fountains Abbey.

Statue at Studley Royal ( Fountains Abbey).

My favourite was also at Fountains Abbey.

Bees. Aren’t they fab?


Linking with Kate for this months photo scavenger hunt


This stunning plant was for sale at Fountains Abbey.

Begins with G- and if there is one G I like it is ( Ok so I really like Gin, but that’s not it) Gates

Field Gates

Kissing Gate

My favourite- completely overgrown and redundant gate

Lilac-Now had I thought about this much sooner I would have taken a picture of our lilac coloured lilac. But I didn’t , so here instead is the wisteria my Dad gave us.

Begins with T ( not tonic) but Timber

Tree felling at Fountains Abbey

and a stack of tree trunks turned into logs- home to lots of insects I hope.

Silver- I opted for silver colour and a galvanised water trough

because I liked it. And so onto my own choice

Rosy clouds .

Hope you enjoyed the hunt.


Knit and Natter Friday

Good Morning, and if you live in the UK, are you enjoying the sunshine? Anyone would think it was Summer. I have been trying to be up and about doing the necessary chores early on, so that afternoons can be spent semi collapsed with whatever project I fancy. Knitting wise this meant re-doing the seals face and loosening off the running stitches around the neck.

He is still enormous but at least he vaguely resembles a seal. After that I got on with the swan. Lot of trouble getting the wings right. The neck had to be stiffened with a “chenille stem”, I had no idea what that was so thought “Blow it , I’ll use a pipe cleaner same as I always would to stiffen a knitted toy part”. Then I had the good idea to look at the front of the book, the part we all skip about materials , techniques etc. Chenille stems it read (also called pipe cleaners). For goodness sake just call them pipe cleaners! Here she is.

I am quite happy with how she turned out and I think the wings look ok. I still have to sew a couple of beads on the face for eyes. Here’s a real swan for comparison.

I don’t think I did too badly.  Picture taken yesterday at Scarborough Mere.

So then I decided to knit one of the fairies

Imagine little heaps of knitting, which is all there is to show  at the moment. I decided which colour I wanted for the wings, but could I find where I had put it ( you need so little yarn I am using leftovers). There was only one thing for it, a jolly good sort out. Oh Dear!. It transpires I have bought yarn for no less than 15 projects. FIFTEEN. And what am I knitting- one that uses leftovers, so is not included in the 15 ( ditto the swan come to think of it).  Anyway I found the missing half ball so all was well.

Just as well Wimbledon starts next week, maybe knit and watch at the same time.

And while I am on the subject of sport wasn’t that 6:1 score just wonderful . We won’t mention last night.

This week has been quite busy with things of one kind and another. We have a quiet weekend ahead, and a not too busy week. What about you, do you slow down at this time of year? Any super exciting plans or projects. I am working on a little bit of sewing too. And the Nature Journal I started for 30 days wild. Some days my head just seems full, but I do keep making lists and crossing things off. It has helped.

I am off to the library shortly for a little bit of training around mental health awareness. I’ll be back around lunch to catch up with you all, so do please natter away without me. The comments are what make this post. Final bit of cuteness coming up, tell me if your instinct was to say aah.

Thanks, Have a Great Weekend,

Be Happy,


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