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Knit and Natter Friday!

I heard about an interesting project into loneliness this week. It is a survey that can be done online, link here  , to look into the causes, effects and ideas to help prevent and stop people from being lonely. Generally speaking I am perfectly content with my own company, my family , friends, the blogging community and acquaintances. I have lots of activities and hobbies I enjoy , but there have been times when I have been lonely. When we lived away from family and I was new to the area and there were  problems to be sorted, then I felt lonely, even if I was a just a phone call away from someone to talk too. Somehow I muddled through those days. So I felt I had something to contribute to this project. The survey was quite straight forward but did take about half an hour to complete. The more people who participate, the better the research will be.

Another wonderful scheme I heard of this week concerns, occupational therapy, craft work, combat stress and sawdust hearts to be decorated. I had hoped the postman would deliver me one in time for this post, but that was not to be. It is a project to raise funds to help combat stress in veterans AND to commemorate the end of the WW1. The wounded soldiers from WW1 and other wars were encouraged to use crafts to deal with what we know now as post traumatic stress disorder. One of the crafts for soldiers included decorating hearts  with pins and then they would send it to a loved one, wife, Mum, sister, sweetheart. Untangled Threads have made calico sawdust stuffed hearts for every day of WW1, and now they need help to decorate them by the end of July. The hearts will then tour the country before finally being returned to their makers. There will be a brochure to accompany the tour and the makers names will be included. The hearts cost £20 to buy and as I said come as a ready-made heart ready to be decorated in any way you like, and with some pins to start you off.  In memory of my relatives who fought and died in this war I decided to take part.

I had a sudden thought -I have seen one of those. And by golly on the front cover of a craft book from the 1980s I have a picture for you.

If you look on the link people have done all sorts already, wet felting, embroidery, pins and sequins in some quite wonderful designs. Now I am hoping I can rise to this challenge.

Meantime there has been a small amount of knitting here on the navy cardigan, and a lot of crocheting. I managed to get four motifs from the leftover weekend bag and they make a smallish lap blanket. Just need to finish this off now.

Bit late posting today, there are reasons including a much-needed trip to the tip with some ivy and a visit to the swimming pool.

Not much going on this weekend which is just a well with a wind from Siberia on its way to end the winter with. Hot chocolate, a log fire and some knitting I think for me. And what for you? A bit of hygge or out and about?

Be Happy!



Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (51)

  1. Great post – thank you 😍

  2. out and about in the snow for me Cathy and then home for a warming cuppa

  3. We should all look out for those who might feel a little lonely sometimes. Well done helping with this project. And your crochet is just beautiful!

  4. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Looking forward to seeing your heart. Sounds like a great project to be involved with.

  5. Well done you for getting involved in both initiatives. The hearts are incredible. Love the colours in your crochet blanket. Hope that wind is the the end of winter.

    • I hear that snow is predicted for next week, maybe that will be the end of winter. The hearts are amazing. I had an email on Saturday to say mine had been dispatched.

  6. Sewing, sewing, sewing! Finishing up unfinished projects.
    We have very few WWII vets alive. And the young people here remember nothing of the wars. That website is very inspirational! Going to share it with my friends!

    • That is great news. We don’t have many WW2 vets either. So important that we don’t forget.

      • I so agree- we must never forget. Britain has THE best WWI and WWII history and dramas on the wars. My 14 yr old son who wants to join the Air Force is so inspired by the British pilots. I bought him the sheeps wool boomber cap – LOL!! This was before we knew I was 63% British and my son is 60% British! LOL!! (yes my husband’s side of the family has a lot to explain too- just as my precious “scottish” Grandma LOL!) I bought him the hat to remember the history. Now it’s extra fun knowing he actually has a connection!

  7. The heart pincushion project is very appealing! I am excited to see what you end up doing with it. I think hygge is best approach to this weekend–while spring seems to want to get started, it hasn’t really happened yet!

    • It feels spring like today, Saturday, but the forecast is for Siberian snow next week, brrr! I have been to the library today for some books for some heart inspiration.

  8. I love the bright and cheery colors of your lap robe! I hope you have a cozy weekend. We have had a very cool and cloudy winter which is supposed to hang on this weekend — I really want to just sit and read too.

  9. You’ve certainly had a busy week, Cathy! Those hearts look and sound like a wonderful idea and I’ll look forward to seeing yours. Loneliness is something I rarely deal with, except for lack of crafting friends. Americans in general don’t craft, so thank goodness for this blogging community! I am constantly being amazed by the skill levels of others around the world. And learning all the time.

    • I think I am lucky in living in quite a crafty community. Its a small town but we have a yarn shop and a craft shop, and a good selection of books in the library. Probably down to all us retired types!

      • Oh, my! You are fortunate in where you live! There’s so much more emphasis placed on crafts in your country. Here its not taught in schools, no WI and generally yarn shops only in a city and rare even there in hotter regions. Quilting does a bit better as it gets more general press.

  10. I’ve been reading The Sewing Machine this week so not very much crafting apart from a little bit of cross stitch. What your post has reminded me of is the ivy in my garden that we’re still trying to get rid of. I’m sure it grows more every year than we actually get rid of. Once the birds start nesting we’ll have to leave it alone again!

    • There is still a lot of ivy to be got down, but this weekend if possible I need to clean the pond before the frogs wake up, and we all know what happens then!
      I have read a lot this month too, there is something very nice about the fire, the sofa, a blanket and a good book!

  11. I shall take a look at the questionnaire tomorrow. Thanks for that.
    Your lap blanket is so pretty. I love the colours and pattern, and I’ve just realised I have never made a circle to square pattern. Something that needs rectifying methinks but not just now as I seem to be juggling lots of projects. How did that happen!? 😆😆
    It will be a hygge weekend for me. I’d like to finish a jumper and a weaving before Sunday night 🙂
    Wishing you a cosy weekend Cathy 😊 💐

    • It was quite odd turning a circle to a square, as I was doing the crochet I couldn’t see how it was going to work, not helped because I was convinced that there was a mistake in the pattern, so I went with what I thought I could see in the picture rather than what was in the written instructions.
      I know just what you mean about sudddenly having lots of projects going at once. I quite like having two at a time, one I can do when I am tired and one which I need to concentrate on. My priority has to be the cardigan I am making for the babe, as he is growing so fast!
      Hope you have a nice cosy weekend and lots of crafting time.

  12. Another post that has resonated with me, and not just becoming dreading this next week and the cold! I know what you mean about loneliness- I don’t consider myself to be lonely, but as someone who has (and is about to) moved internationally, and is a little ‘shy’, I do find it difficult to make friends in new places. Blogging for whatever reason, is a bit different. And loneliness is actually one of the reasons for starting it in the first place! I was desperately unwell and not able to leave the house, combined with having no craft community, it just happened late one night!
    And your hearts are beautiful and wonderful. My family lost three brothers in what was called the biggest loss for any family in NSW. I’m thinking of ways I can honour them with needle and thread. Have you seen what Helen M Stevens is doing with her hearts? Not the same as this but you may be interested

    • I love the designs of Helen Stevens so I will serach out what she is doing.
      Loneliness can happen to us all I think. My Mum became lonely as her friends all became ill or moved away and she was unwell and unable to leave the house in bad weather, fortunatly she was able to go to day centres and be with people.
      Being in a new area without family is hard till you get to know people. I have found that it is possible to feel lonely even when surrounded by people. A big issue for our times.

  13. Ooh a log fire sounds glorious with this cold snap. I’m off to do some ballroom dancing this weekend which combined with lots of writing means no crafting for me unfortunately.

    • That sounds very exciting. It’s years since I did ballroom dancing, but it is good fun. And some writing too,a physically and mentally stimulating weekend!

  14. I did that survey – gosh it took ages! The limitations of the questions/answers in Surveys always wind me up but on the whole I thought it was a good thing to do. Thanks for the link.

  15. I’m thrilled to know about the Heart project – I’m in!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    I will use my heart to commemorate my Welsh Great Uncle John who died at just 17 in the First World War. Can't thank you enough for telling us about it – I know all my Welsh relatives will be happy to know about it too.
    I will go and have a look at the Loneliness Survey too – I was lonely after divorce many many years ago now – I went travelling on my own and discovered Solitude as the antidote – I've never felt lonely since ….. except somtimes when I'm ill and there's nobody to get the logs in!

    • Yes we could all do with help when we are under the weather!
      Absolutely thrilled you are up for doing a heart. I went to a new group this week and one of the women had got one and was telling us all about it. Then I looked on the website and saw the very good tutorials. And the fact that you get to be part of the project and have an heirloom at the end for your family. And we have a good long time to get them done.

  16. I think the world is full of lonely people – so it is good some research is being done. I experienced great loneliness when I was a child and young adult – it was awful and I hate to recognise it in others now. For many years I have been so content with myself and my life that I no longer suffer, but it took a lot of hard work to move away from that state of being. This weekend I’m on countdown to my bloggers reunion and rushing about getting everything ready for their arrival (Sunday afternoon and Monday morning) and packing for our 10 days away in the High Country….. So excited!! 🙂

    • And I am looking forward to hearing all about your fellow bloggers and where you go and what you do, -stay legal! You certainly won’t be lonely!
      Loneliness seems to be yet another first world problem doesn’t it, in our own little boxes and pretending all is super duper in our lives.
      Have a simply wonderful timexx

  17. I’m going to look into both those projects this weekend. I am never lonely as I like my own company and can always find ways to amuse myself but I realise that having the option to be on your own and having to be on your own, maybe without the facilities, physically, mentally or financially to amuse yourself, is a completely different thing.
    I’ve been out all day and have to go and cook something now but I just wanted to join the natter on the right day 🙂

    • Lovely to hear from you Lynne. I was very late today with the posting, sometimes that just happens, and I had a lot to say as well.
      I heard a bit about the lonliness research on the radio and it seemed such a good idea to do a really large scale piece of research. I was most lonely in my 40s, now I need a lot of time alone!
      Have a lovely dinner, I hear fabric is coming your way this weekend. And of course him outdoors. Have a good weekend.

  18. The lap blanket worked well.
    This weekend I am planning to have a third go at finishing the blackberry jumper – I’m still not happy with the neck and so I’ll be frogging it and trying again. On a more positive note I have made some good progress on the sofa cover, even though the rows are Soooo long. I also have two pieces of exciting news – first I may get literally to “mind the shop” at my local yarn shop for one day in a few weeks time as the owner is going away and the regular customers may be taking care of it for the week; and second I have booked to spend a weekend in September on a crochet retreat… I can’t wait.
    Off to take a look at the hearts now…

    • Oh you will love the yarn shop job, my favourite job ever was the one in the wool and fabric shop, and 99% of the customers are just lovely.
      The crochet retreat looks such good fun. I’d love to go one day..
      Good news on the sofa cover. I bet the rows are very very long, they must need a lot of counting.
      Hopefullly you will find a way to finish your jumper.
      Have a fab weekend.

  19. Those sawdust hearts are a really neat way to remember those who fought in WWI. This weekend is just a little busy, not bad. We had a snow storm Sun/Mon on a three day weekend, so I had several student caught out of state, so have been rescheduling piano lessons all week, will finally finish at 5! This morning I did some sewing and now I think I will try to get Max to go for a walk in the COLD sunshine then sit down with Evelyn for a lengthy workout on the spot that keeps tripping me up when I record. Have a student book recital Sat, and a concerto rehearsal on Sunday after bells, so a lot of musical variety for me this weekend, and hopefully some stitching!

  20. I started the Loneliness survey but it seemed to contain a lot of similar questions that were very hard to answer and didn’t seem to have anything to do with loneliness, so I gave it up pretty soon after starting. Your squares make a pretty lap blanket. The colours look good together.

    • Some of the questions were those awful ones -that you don’t think this or do think that and you are left thinking do I mean yes or no to this. I know the purpose of the questions is to be asking things that are the same as a previous question but the other way round, and I reckon that people, by which I mean me, says no when they mean yes and vice versa. But I persevered because it seemed like a good thing to conduct the research.
      I am pleased with the blanket, the credit for the colours goes to Attic 24 and the leftover yarn. I took everyones advice and weighed it all first. There is a tiny bit left which will go into a twiddlemuff.

  21. oooh the sawdust heart project looks like a great way to step outside of your comfort zone!
    I feel I’ve been wasting time this week , browsing on the internet and bookmarking lots of interesting links for future crafting projects, but not really doing much crafting!

    • And pulling dolls to bits Claire!! I am going outside my comfort zone on this project but the tutorials on the site are very good. I can do this!

  22. I am hoping for a quiet weekend in as the forecast calls for a massive snowstorm today

  23. The sawdust heart project does look interesting. Though I am not terribly good at crafts really. I might look into it. This weekend I have a ghost walk planned ( tonight at Houghton Tower near Preston) and a girls night in tommorrow eve. Enjoy being cosy. 🙂

    • There are some very good video tutorials on the site, I was quite impressed with them. If you can stick a pin into something you can do this for sure. The ghost walk sounds great fun, they do them in York and its one of those things I always meant to do. Girls night out, super, behave yourself, no don’t! But don’t turn up on Police Interceptors.

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