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Silent Sunday

Today’s walk, sunshine and wind and louring skies.


Out and About.

I had a rather good walk last weekend. I did it backwards. Amazing how different it all looks when you come across a familiar landscape from another angle.

Bit of felling going on here for a fire break I reckon.

Sunlight catching the conifers. So many different greens when I stopped to look properly.

I will never tire of looking at the sky through tree branches. Something rather majestic  I think. The feeling of ” bigger than me”.

And finally a view over the valley to the moors beyond the forest, and if you kept going you would reach the sea at Whitby.

The sun is shining again today, where shall I go?


Buttercup Walk

It’s buttercup time at last and the sun is shining. Yesterday I went one of my favourite walks. Two minutes from home I am here

8.6.16 006

Sometimes this field and the bushes are white all over. At the bottom of the hill and into Wells Walk. When I started this blog there was a massive dispute between new land owner and the whole of Pickering. For once it was People 1 Landowner zilch! The public right of way was agreed.

8.6.16 007

And so into the buttercup field.

8.6.16 008

The tree on the right is one of my very favourite trees. Back in 2013 I took 12 photos of that tree, one a month to see the changes from season to season.

8.6.16 010

More buttercups

8.6.16 011

More more buttercups

8.6.16 013

Leaving the field and going down the track.

8.6.16 019

Till you get to this gate, but

8.6.16 021

Then back through the woods, over the road and back up the hill home. But not before I spot this fellow sat on a gate post. He’s new- I just love the unexpected, don’t you.

8.6.16 022

Hope you enjoyed my buttercup walk and have a chance to get out and about yourself in the sunshine.

Wildlife walk in Scarborough.

I had some shopping to do in Scarborough. Afterwards as the day was sunny, I bought a picnic and headed out of town to Oliver’s Mount. 

Named after Oliver Cromwell who reputedly had  guns there during the civil war, it is now known for its motor cycle races and the impressive War Memorial.

Pickering castle 035

The views over the bay are amazing. I can’t believe I never before got out of my car to look.

Pickering castle 033

Bit hazy. The castle is on the headland. Anyway after lunch I headed down the mount intending to go round by the mere and onto the supermarket. I happened to notice people walking at the mere,  so parked the car and set off. It was lovely. How come I never did this before? So many ducks, geese, swans and  moorhens . I don’t think I’d even registered how many different sorts of geese there actually are. If anyone knows their names I’d love to know. With no apologies for the number of pictures that follow, here we go. PS this is just a small selection, everywhere I looked was just gorgeous. The only thing I didn’t take a picture of was a class of 8-9 year olds , with teachers, dressed up as pirates!

Pickering castle 039


Pickering castle 044


Pickering castle 046

Different geese. The one on the left was very aggressive, I beat a hasty retreat.

Pickering castle 050

Geese communing with nature.

Pickering castle 054

The mere. .

Pickering castle 055

Bless Them!

Pickering castle 056

Treasure island?

Pickering castle 064

Mum, Dad and babes!

Pickering castle 067

Who needs Manet?

Pickering castle 071

There is a small green boat moored to that island.

Pickering castle 074

Light reflections.

Pickering castle 075

Flowering currant

Pickering castle 076

Celandine’s, I think

Pickering castle 077

Love this one, but got a wet knee kneeling too close to the edge.

Pickering castle 085


Pickering castle 086

Seagull, not missing out!

My favouirte picture I am saving for my 15 for 2015- April update.

It was such a lovely unexpected stroll. Love to hear of any unexpected strolls you have taken recently.


Ellerburn to Dalby Forest.

Hurrah, with a bit of detective work and help from the East Yorkshire History Society who recorded all the inscriptions in St Hilda’s Ellerburn church and made a map so even this muppet could find what she was looking for, I  found the grave of my Great Great Great Grandmother who lived to the ripe old age of 92.

14.3.15 004

Jane Stephenson, I think you must have been some lady.

And hurrah for Mr E who got into the church, only a big shove was needed to open the door.

14.3.15 006

plain and simple inside

14.3.15 007

whoops I left my red gloves in shot. Now it wasn’t so damp this visit because there had just been a funeral. And I will tell a little story about this, names changed.

We drove to Ellerburn this time because we wanted to walk to Dalby Forest and didn’t know how far it would be. It’s nearly a narrow single file road, so we had to wait 15 minutes whilst the cortege and all the mourners passed us . We explored the churchyard first and then the inside of the church. We must have been there a further half hour before we left to start our walk. Imagine our surprise when a car pulls up outside the church ( remember this is a hamlet of one farm and three cottages) and a chap jumps out. “Where have they taken Fred too?” he demanded.

How do you loose a hearse? We made some useful suggestions but had no idea really. Hope he found Fred.

Anyway onto the walk, back passed the fish farm, there was a car there this time so the dog wasn’t on guard duty.

14.3.15 009

The beck is just as pretty as you continue along the valley. And I saw the first wild primroses  of this year, you may have to click on the picture to get it big enough to see.

14.3.15 010

Go past this farm

14.3.15 013

and you reach Dalby Forest. We think this strange thing is part of some water drainage thingy whatsit. Love to know if anyone has a clue.

14.3.15 011

And does anyone know what this is?

14.3.15 012

We had to turn back before we reached Dalby village, but we were now into familiar territory. The walk through Dalby Forest from Dalby being one of Dad’s favourite dog walks. Now all we have to do is rev up enough energy to do Thornton Dale to Dalby right through. We have done it once more or less, but that was 34 years ago when Mr T was in a push chair and I was in my 20’s!

Please feel free to leave a link to any walk related post you have written.



Autumn walk

At this time of year, if the sun shines even just a little  in England,you head out doors to make the most of it.  Last week I headed out in search of Autumn colours.

blackberries.Oct 14 001

Past the bullocks in the river field.

blackberries.Oct 14 003

Along the track which runs by the railway. I love this old truck.

blackberries.Oct 14 009

And into the woods known locally as the Quarry Bottoms! For the obvious reason that it is the bottom of an old quarry, and was a favourite walk of us children when I was growing up.

blackberries.Oct 14 014

You can see where the stone was cut from the rocks.

blackberries.Oct 14 022

Wonder what this is doing here?

blackberries.Oct 14 024

the last of the blackberries which we had in a pudding called Pear and Blackberry steamed pudding. Went a funny pink colour and was rather moist! Recipe from Morrisons supermarket magazine this month.

blackberries.Oct 14 026

Just love the carpet of leaves at this time of year.

blackberries.Oct 14 010

Blown against a mossy tree trunk.

blackberries.Oct 14 028

And so home, but not before I had collected a lovely selection of autumn leaves, which I dried in newspaper at home.

I left them in a pile on the paper in the lounge all weekend,  and so wise to my ways is Mr E that  not ONCE did he  ask what they were doing there!

15.10.14 005

Hope you  all enjoying some sunshine this weekend. And the leaves are there for a reason….

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