Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Sew, time for an update again. Actually I have been on holiday the last week or so. I never feel comfortable saying I am going, after all it’s a bit of an open invitation to a ne’er-do-well. The mountain of washing awaits, and I am a bit tired. Anyway we had a big nice time which is all that matters. Only mishap was Mr E thinks he got caught by a traffic cop coming home from the airport, oh and the dishwasher we hardly ever use, fused the house whilst we were away. How exactly could that happen? Never mind. What do you think about saying you are going away on your blog? Friendly or a plain daft thing to say? So apologies if you thought I was being a bit remote recently, I had drafted up some posts, and with the help of Mr Technical Wizard himself, I posted them, although it was weird posting pictures of rain drops when I knew the UK had a heat wave. All I can say  is that the heat wave could have lasted a bit longer so I could dry my washing.

Anyway I have two big thank you’s to begin with. Should there be an apostrophe there?  Probably not, but spell check is happy.

First  a big thank you to Robin from Imperial Crochet for nominating me for a Versatile Blogger Award. It’s always lovely when someone does that.Please pop over and visit her blog, she writes a lovely post. I am supposed to tell you 7 things about me that you may not know.

  1. Mr E and I met as students many moons ago, we have been married nearly 43 years, if we don’t squabble too much and last that long.
  2. There is a wedding in the family coming up soon. Oh you knew that?
  3.  And a new baby. You knew that too, let’s try again
  4. I was hopeless at school at anything crafty, needleworky etc. In fact I was asked not to do Art and Needlework O’Level because I talked too much and put the others off.
  5. But somehow I managed to get a City and Guilds Creative Embroidery successfully under my hat. So there!!
  6. I am a glass half full kind of person, I swear the sun will shine at some point in time today.
  7. I loathe and I mean loathe beetroot.

I should now be nominating others for this  award, but since you are all just very versatile and great I nominate everyone, please tell us one thing about you which we may now know, or go the whole 7.

And secondly a big thank you to Wild Daffodil 

for this enormous pile of hearts for some bunting for the wedding. Did I mention a wedding before? Thank you from the bottom of my heart , such a kind and wonderful thing to do.


a pineapple, one of Daffy’s own patterns. How cute is this?

Sew, there hasn’t been much knitting etc going on round here, but I did get some buttons sewn on the baby’s jacket, did I mention a new baby before?

It’s for a boy, can you tell?

Well maybe there was a tiny bit of knitting whilst Mr E spent all day packing. I take an hour, he spends ALL DAY till I get him out the door.

A lot more knitting, crochet and maybe sewing next Friday. Meantime have a great weekend and I look forward to some natter, between washing that is.

Be Happy!


Comments on: "Sew, Knit and Natter Friday." (41)

  1. HeyMommaCasey said:

    I love it!! That pineapple is precious!!

  2. I bet that was.IHicks would not like an electrical fire.

  3. I agree with you. I don’t like to advertise if I’m not here. But you didn’t tell us anything about your holiday. My friend’s washing machine caught fire while she was out and it wasn’t even on, so yes these electrical things can happen, apparently quite easily on their own. I used to regularly get told of for talking in needlework, but they let me take it – probably because I talked in everything else too 🙂

    • I’ll share lots about Greece in the days to come, believe me, you will be tired of it! Awful about these elctrical appliances, as it seems the fire of London was down to a hotpoint fridge freezer amongst other things. The only thing I had catch fire was a microwave, tell a lie an ancient sewing machine too!

      • It is scary. I do have paranoid moments when I worry that something like that will will catch fire on it’s own while Hicks is in on his own in the house. Fortunately most of our bigger appliances like washing machine and tumble drier had isolater switches on their sockets when we arrived here. So i switch them off when i’m not using them. But you can’t turn off the fridge. I’ve only ever had a hairdryer catch fire – mind that was scary as I was holding it when it did.

  4. A very natter-y post–fun to read and follow your musings. All the yarny stuff, yours and Wild Daff’s, looks so good–the blue gingham buttons are just right!

  5. I loved making the hearts Cathy, and just had to pop a pineapple in just for you. The pattern (not one of mine) can be found on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kitsch-pineapple-bunting
    I am having fun with that pattern.
    I don’t like to say when I’m away either.
    I absolutely LOVE beetroot, never with vinegar though.
    Something you don’t know about me ……. well I did teach a whole bunch of Tibetan buddhist monks how to do the Hokey Cokey when i was in Nepal back in 1994.

    • I would love to have seen the monks doing the hokey cokey, the only question is why? I spent last night chaining all the hearts together, I shall do a picture next week, many many thanks.

      • How lovely, to be working on hearts – I so loved preparing for my kids’ weddings.

        So, the Hokey Cokey – I was on a trek up in the mountains which was led by a British woman who had once been a climber, she had married a Sherpa and now they led treks in the Himalaya. Our trek took us to various Buddhist monasteries – at the end of the trek we ended at a monastery where there was a large gathering from lots of other monasteries, there were serious celebrations and rituals, there were fun ones and everyone was very happy and merry. Our group of 12 trekkers were the only Europeans there, amongst about 200 Nepalese and Tibetans. All day we had joined in with their dancing and learnt lots of traditional and ceremonial dances. Then out of the blue, they asked us to show them a typical English dance, none of us could think of a thing – then I suddenly thought of the Hokey Cokey and thought it would be easy to teach so we got everyone in 3 concentric circles, dotted all the Brits around the circles and I was given the task of teaching the song and the dance, as I had thought of it! It was hilarious – we did all this in our trekking boots and kit – very elegant! It ended with a tumble and collision of everyone rolling around in laughter!

  6. Hello there. I’ve been meaning to pop in since Ginny stopped her Yarn Along posts – finally made it this week yeah!
    Oh that awful realisation that you may have been pinged and then the even more awful wait to see if a letter arrives in the post.
    Mrs Craft mentioned my first thought when I glimpsed the cardigan – It’s amazing what a difference the addition of all the ‘extras’ make. The blue buttons are more stylish and becoming and certainly bring a bit of oomph to the garment.
    I’m not sure if it happens now but when my children were at high school for one term in the year boys did ‘sewing’ and the girls did woodwork. I’m the proud owner of a very basic )well used) apron and somewhere in the garage is a wooden cat. Only out there because there’s no room inside lol

    • It’s a wonder he hasn’t been pinged many many times! It did happen once before, we shall wait and see. Thanks for coming by here, just been to visit you, and you have read even more books than me this year! It took 5 ladies to choose the buttons, two shop assistants, me and two other customers. The shop I go to is run by a lady who loves buttons even more than I do.

  7. I have been aware from lack of blogs that people have gone away. You have to be so careful.

  8. I love the little buttons on that cardigan! 😊 I don’t publicise going away either, preferring to share on my return. Like you, I worry about advertising it. Welcome home, hope you had a lovely time and that you don’t have a speeding ticket heading your way.

    • Thnak you for the welcome. I was doing great till I realised that the last post I had drafted was talking about rain in a mini heat wave, some hasty editing took place. I could have not posted it, but hey I had written it!

      • Very prepared, having some posts written. I left my blog to it when I went on holiday and didn’t post for a week. A friend messaged to check I was ok as I normally post every few days. Maybe this year I’ll have some posts ready to go!

  9. Glad you are back, and sorting through the stuff! I haven’t worried about leaving yet because I never advertised my blog anywhere, so only Girl#2 and a few of her pals know about it! If I ever announce it on Facebook, it would be a different story for sure! Something you don’t know about me…Until two weeks ago we had two chickens living in our garage. Contraband fowl they were, because our city fathers think they know more about chickens than Chicago, Detroit, Sioux Falls, etc. who allow them.🙄

  10. I too do not advertise if I am going away. If people miss you (in reality or online) then just enjoy the fact you’ve been missed! I agree with others that your talents aren’t always recognised at school. I used to hate P.E. but as soon as I left school I went to aerobics classes and played squash regularly – guess they just didn’t offer the kind of exercise I enjoyed. Nice to read more about you. One thing you don’t know about me …. if I drink caffeinated coffee I talk too much!

    • I talk too much after a couple of glasses of wine! I hadn’t heard about coffee havingthat effect. I bet if schools did aerobics and pilates girls would enjoy PE lessons more. I wasn’t sporty at school, but I enjoy swimming and walking these days. I think you have to be so careful about one’s privacy, we would all like to be more open but that would be silly as there are some bad uns out there.

  11. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    43 years that is very impressive. I laughed at the fact you were asked not to do art & Needle craft for o-levels – well it just shows that school is not always the place to find what you are good at. My abiding memory of sewing class was being always asked to thread needles. And everyone (even the teacher) always borrowed my scissors because it was the only sharp one. I still have that scissors!

    • The strange thing is that in the needlework classes a lot of information had stuck. I did a dress making class about 20 years ago and I had more skills than many of the others including people who had been on the evening class before. So obviously I could talk and work at the same time. How super that you still have the sharp scissors!

  12. Fresca said:

    That P.S. was supposed to come after this comment, which I don’t think went through. If it did, sorry, please delete duplicate!

    As a sometimes-proofreader, I had to look up the plural of “thank you”. Found this:
    ‘a phrase like “thank you” is pluralized by simply adding the letter “s.” We agree, though, that “thank yous” looks a bit odd. It might look less so if you added a hyphen (“thank-yous”) or capital letters (“Thank Yous”) or perhaps both (“Thank-Yous”).’

    I like it with a hyphen.

    As for going away, I don’t think anyone but trusted readers know my street address, so I don’t worry—(you don’t publicize your street address, do you?)–but yes, best to be safe!!!

    I’ve blogged so much personal stuff over seven years, I don’t know if I could come up with 7 unknown things, but I might try.
    For now I will mention… let’s see… Sewing… Oh.
    An embarrassing memory I don; think I’ve ever told ANYONE:
    I sewed a dress with my auntie in the summer I was thirteen, and when I proudly wore it to school on the first day of the new school year, I told a friend I’d made it, and she just said,
    “Yes. I can see that.”

    Now I wouldn’t care, but at thirteen…
    You can imagine, I never wore it again!

    • Trust a school friend to be so completly honest about your dress. To be honest myself, some shop bought dresses look awful especially where there is no attempt to pattern match the fabric, which is something home sewers work hard to achieve. Thank you for the research on plurals. I shall try hard to remember it for next time. No I don’t publcise my address, but I do occassionaly refer to where I live!

  13. Fresca said:

    P.S. I love the baby sweater with it’s blue buttons!

  14. It’s so lovely to hear that you had a lovely time away. Sorting oneself out after a holiday is always tiresome, especially if you have to deal with household malfunctions too!

  15. I can’t possibly think there is any better use of space in the kitchen (apart from the oven) than a dishwasher!
    If I mention I’m going away I’m usually vague about dates – or at least I think I am.
    What do teachers know? My needlework teacher told me I was gormless and my French teacher bet me actual money I wouldn’t pass my O level – I did but she never coughed up.
    One thing you might not know about me. Hmmm. I cannot – no, no, please don’t make me – watch the scene in Dumbo where they drag him away from his mother, without bawling my eyes out.

    • Oh bless you, Bambi has me in tears! Glad it wasn’t just my teachers who got it wrong, including my French teacher who didn’t spot my abysmal O’ Level fail.

  16. I do the same as you when I am away and that explains the raindrops!! I too am a glass half full sort of person but I love beetroot. I used to hate it but that was because I had only had it in vinegar. Without the vinegar it is lovely: sweet and earthy!

    • It’s the texture I don’t like as well as the taste and the fact that it leaks onto everything else on the plate!

    • claire93 said:

      I totally agree about beetroot ^^
      Had some tonight for dinner, fresh pulled up from veggie patch and cooked so it was still warm when I ate it. Yummy!

  17. Thank you so much for mentioning me! It’s so nice to get to know you better. I completely agree with keeping things private when you’ll be away. All of the photos of your projects are lovely but I’m especially in love with that pineapple. I’ve been looking for a good pattern for one. So thanks for sharing that. 🙂 Best wishes with all of your exciting upcoming events!

    • It is very cute that pineapple, and so nice that you mentioned me for the award. I tend to chatter on so much anyway it’s hard to know what to say that’s new!

  18. claire93 said:

    not that I go away much, but I agree, best not to publicise it on the internet lol.
    Good to hear you’re back safely, and sorry about the dish washer.

    • Shalln’t miss it much, we had virtually decided to get rid of it and use the space better. You don’t need to go away being in such a lovely place.

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