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Going Wild in Greece!

Ttwo days after I sign up for the 30 day wild challenge, Mr E finds a holiday in Greece. Nothing for it but to take the challenge with me to Greece. We had a lovely time and Going Wild was wonderful. I even have some half decent photos and will only inflict one rubbish one on you.

Butterflies. Ever tried to photo a butterfly that just doesn’t land on a thing? There were lots of butterflies where we were. A whole host of brown ones. Here is the absolute best picture I could take.

I promise you that if you look very very carefully with a very high-powered magnifying glass there on the bend of the path are a whole flock of butterflies. I don’t suppose that the collective noun is really flock, perhaps someone can help out here. Elsewhere there white ones, blue ones, black and white ones and the most gorgeous yellow and orange ones and I got not one picture.

No matter it gets better from here on in.

Tahdah! Lizzard.

Swallow’s nest. There were lots and lots of swallows, just like at home. I swear it is a bumper swallow year.

A wonderful walk to a waterfall.

Less bad than the butterflies but not brilliant,  there really is a dragonfly there.

And some lovely wild flowers to finish with this time. The best is to come in the next post from our sojourn in Greece.

Now to tackle the wilderness that is our garden at home.

Comments on: "Going Wild in Greece!" (28)

  1. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing
Greece has a beautiful mainland with stunning mountains, rivers, gorges etc that one can enjoy by hiking/trekking.

    A hiking guide for Greece with many information and tips can be found here:


  2. Parga is one of my favourite holiday places in Greece. Have you been to Skiathos? Pretty similar in feel. We love there too.

  3. A last minute trip to Greece? How perfect! I last went to mainland Greece twenty years ago when No.1 Son had just started school and remember loving it. We, too, have plenty of swallows – three nests on our house alone! Had to laugh at the photo of butterflies – although they definitely were there when I zoomed in, lol!

    • So glad you could see the butterflies, can’t tell you how cross I got beacuse I just couldn’t take a decent photo of them. We love Greece , a lot!

  4. Looks like you had fun going wild. I have never managed to photograph butterflies unless they were still on a flower or something. Very good to get them really tiny. Not tried that!

  5. For those of us in the US, the idea of going to Greece is a big deal–you’re SO much closer, it’s manageable. I am very envious and look forward to those photos, although I loved these, too!

  6. Looks lovely. Was it very hot when you were there?

  7. I can imagine! I notiiced that all the awnings were well spattered.

  8. How lovely to take your wild side to Greece. Where did you go? I think you must have all our swallows, they seem fewer here this year.

    • It’s called Parga, on the maiinland near the island of Corfu. There were lots of swallows there, and we have more here this year!

      • I’ve seen it on the map, but never been. We did have a lot of swallows when we stayed in not so far away Kefalonia. There were some nesting inside the roof of the hotel restaurant and on more than one occasion there was quiet a kerfuffle when they pooped on the table below. Very entertaining, unless you were the people sitting on that table 🙂

  9. Wonderful! Where in Greece did you go? I have only ever been once and that was a girls holiday in Kos, many moons ago. I would love to look for butterflies in Greece , thats for sure. Looking forward to your next post. 🙂

    • We were on the mainland in Parga where we had been before and knew that we liked it. The butterflies were a real surprise, last time we were there in September and I think there weren’t the butterflies then, so maybe going earlier this tme we were lucky.

  10. Greece! Oh my, how wonderful for you!! I love the lizard with his blue tinged face, so unusual, and I did see the dragonfly.😊 I’ll trust you on the butterflies, they are so hard to capture with a camera!

  11. I can’t see the butterflies at all, despite biggifying – I have to get me a high powered telescope! Or new eyes. I love the wild flowers and think it totally wonderful that you got swept off to Greece! ❤

  12. Or a never stop still to be photographed of butterflies!

  13. Great stuff! What no injuries? Not even a mozzy bite?
    I looked up the collective noun for Butterflies and got ‘swarm’ which is definitely NOT right – flock sounds better, but how about a Flutter, or a Cloud, or a Flit – or even a Dance of Butterflies.
    I see the dragonfly! And the lizard is magnificent, I like her blue nose.
    Looking forward to seeing more!

    • I like a dance of butterflies. Injuries were a minimum this week! Just some stubbed toes on the butterfly walk. Apparently when walking over rough terrain it is not enough to think Stop and take a picture, you should actually wait till you have come to a halt, else the last step= stubbed toes!

  14. I think the collective noun for butterflies is swarm, which is an angry, buzzy sort of word, and needs to be changed! I zoomed in on your butterfly photo, and bingo, there they were!

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