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Happy Easter!

I hope you had a Happy Easter, mine was well just wonderful.. lots of family fun..

Easter 2014 028

lovely flowers from the garden

Easter 2014 001

Master H learning to sew with Nana

Easter 2014 002

A day out at the seaside- Whitby

Easter 2014 004

Every baby needs a windmill from her Nana

Easter 2014 009

paddling… for the gulls

Easter 2014 013

pretty beach huts

Easter 2014 019

hunting for Easter eggs in the garden

Easter 2014 021

smiling at Daddy

Easter 2014 022

finding her first Easter egg

Easter 2014 040

and a day out to Nunnington Hall for some Easter Fun

Easter 2014 031

going on an Egg hunt

Easter 2014 033

petting some animals

Easter 2014 035

seeing the old toys

Easter 2014 036

wanting to play

Easter 2014 037

an egg and spoon race

Easter 2014 038

fun with the Daddys

Easter 2014 041

and a peacock at teatime.


Wonderful wonderful weekend… now back to the washing, ironing, dusting, hoovering and the weeds. Love to hear about your Easter.



Yarn Along!

What sort of nitwit reads this in April?

poppy project 9.4.14 024

There is a reason, honest! Meantime I am on the second sleeve of the latest offering for little Miss F. Hopefully be finished in time for next week, when the family arrive for wonderful, glorious, fantastic, family Easter. can’t wait.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along



Do read this amazing post.

Originally posted on knitnrun4sanity:

I have been blogging for just over two years now and I can say without any doubt at all, it has changed my life. It is no secret that when I started off I was determined to hide my true identity from the whole of social media. Plain and simply I was scared. It didn’t help that I had been a very shy teenager and young adult.


Gradually my confidence has grown. I have ‘met’ loads of amazing people that have inspired me, supported me and encouraged me. Most of them I have never met, nor will I, but that does nothing to lesson the part that they play in my life. I am eternally grateful.

During my time blogging I have tried to enable people to join the party with my tips for blogging. I really try to give something back. Gradually, my confidence increased and when I…

View original 293 more words

After the tour of Pickering churches I have moved onto the churches in the market town of Malton. Here is St Michael’s church.

churches 14.1.14 015

This one has a personal connection as all our school services- carol concerts etc- were held here.

churches 14.1.14 016

For some historical information look here

Linking in with Inspired Sunday

Sheriff Hutton.

Who? Not a who but a what,  it’s a village with a castle that I kept hearing about linked to Richard3rd and his wife Anne Neville. The castle was owned by the Neville family and Richard was placed in the Neville household as part of his training as a member of the Royal family. Sheriff Hutton is a village between Malton and York and I couldn’t figure out whether it was owned by English Heritage or the National Trust, nor when it was open to the public. Only one solution , go and see for myself. And there dominating the whole village it is, in a parlous state of ruin, even for an English castle, and in private hands. Not open for the public , fenced off to prevent public access but with a footpath all round it. So here it is, and for more information look here and here

phone 20.3.14 245

phone 20.3.14 251

phone 20.3.14 250

phone 20.3.14 248

phone 20.3.14 246

phone 20.3.14 256

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My first Tote bag!

Making this tote bag has quite simply filled me with admiration for the sewers on the Great British Sewing Bee. How they make anything in the time allowed  is amazing. It takes me three hours just to get my head around a pattern and the instructions…

I fell in love with these fabrics when I stumbled across this website at  African fabrics

So when Mr E asked me what I wanted for Christmas I pointed him in their direction and a BIG HINT that I would like to make a bag.

So I was very happy to receive this

19.1.14 001

unpack it a bit more to reveal

19.1.14 002

some gorgeous glass buttons. The instructions were adequate, but as a bit of a novice I needed a bit of thinking time. You have to wash the fabrics before you begin, which proved to be highly necessary as the indigo fabric was very stiff before washing, but frayed quite a bit in the machine. There was sufficient fabric but not an over generous amount.

By February I was finally underway.

12.2.14 009

And this week I got my TAHDAH moment

30.3.14 004

The bag is reversible and indeed mine would be but that would have meant that the strap was just tied in place through a button hole which didn’t seem very secure to me. So after I had used the pretty buttons on the flap

30.3.14 005

I used one to secure the handle

30.3.14 006

What I hadn’t realized when I started was that the pattern fabric side is also quilted. I have never machine quilted so opted to hand quilt- proved ideal when watching said sewing bee.

Final touch is a matching purse

30.3.14 007

Thoroughly enjoyed making the bag  and would recommend the kit.

Joining with Handmade Harbour to day. Do check out the other lovely makes there.






Taking stock!

I read Patch’s taking stock post and followed her links to Pip’s who was taking stock last month and thought that if I took stock right now I might clear the haze from my brain which is in overload and heading for melt down.

Here goes:-

Making- one knitting project on the go for Little Miss F

Cooking- lots of vegetarian food but today I made a chicken and almond curry and it was delicious

Drinking- I am a tea drinker- Earl Grey in the Spring and Summer, Lapsang  in the Autumn and Winter. And at this  time of year am in the change over from one to another depending on mood and temperature outside.

Reading- have just finished my book and am in a happy stage of indecision as to what to read next. Anything rather than the half completed Power of Attorney documents my brother left me to finish off for our Mum.

Wanting- the fog to lift from my brain

Looking- at the birds in the garden as they select a nest site and suitable building materials.

Playing- happy that I finished the Sudoku in the TV mag today.

Deciding- that I will have to be firm with my Dad and tell him he can’t run a holiday cottage from a hospital bed aged 90! Especially when he had already said he had cancelled all bookings… and now it turns out he may not have.

Wishing- that Mr E was not still working away- only two weeks to go and he will be home

Liking-the sunshine

Wondering-why on earth people fuss so much about a few wrinkles, they are aging anyway!

Loving- my family

Pondering- should I go and make some tea right now

Considering- which sewing project to do next, finish a doll I am making or start a wall hanging. You will all know which has the greater appeal

Watching- the Great British Sewing Bee- still haven’t decided who I think is the front runner

Hoping- for lots of hot sunny days this year

Marveling- at the human desire and will to live

Needing- a hug

Smelling- the hycaynths which have just come into flower in the garden

Wearing- comfy jeans and jumper

Following-Run around ranch who may be taking on the Friday Fences meme. Yippee.

Noticing- these jeans feel a bit on the tight side- OH NO

Knowing- that no man/woman should be an island

Thinking- how much clutter we still have to go through, will it never end

Feeling- a bit over whelmed at the moment

Admiring- the hospital staff who are taking care of my Dad and the Social Worker who is helping us keep Mum safe

Sorting- CLUTTER

Buying- the bare essentials only, but a new pair of shoes would be nice…

Getting- it takes me ages to get a joke, but I did this week and I will tell it to you in May

Bookmarking- I am trying to go through my books too and I am amazed at the number of book marks I own. I bookmark a lot of recipes in recipe books with old postcards and photos. Brill. Last thing I bookmarked blogging wise is this

Disliking- myself quite a bit at the moment- guilt is a hard thing but I can’t be in four places at once!!

Opening- hopefully we will be opening a new chapter in our lives this year

Giggling- a little at myself right now for being a bit of a Moaning Minnie! Now wouldn’t that be a great blog Moaning Minnie? Yeah just Googled it and it is a shop on Etsy!!

Feeling- better, taking stock was a good idea thanks

Snacking- Ginger Nuts…jeans/tight? Connection?

Coveting- nothing,well maybe stretchy jeans, or non fattening ginger nuts

Wishing- I had gone and made that tea

Helping-Next week Mr E and I are painting the front door- I am definitely the help.

Hearing- the radiator as the boiler clicks into life

Enjoying- the times I can get into the garden and weed with my friend Spot the blackbird

Waiting- any minute now, for the kettle to boil for that tea.

phone 20.3.14 232

Feeling a bit  better, taking stock is good from time to time.










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