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Bakes like Berry!

After a couple of weeks off baking due to Birthday Cake ( mine) I baked another cake from Mary Berry’s 100 Sweet Treats and Puds. Finally I have the Bakes like Berry to hoot and hallooh about. This one is great, super, gorgeous,and divine, the sponge is as soft and light as can be , in short SCRUMMY!

Guernsey Apple Cake

(why Guernsey,but if all the cake on Guernsey is like this I need to visit)

7″ cake tin- round

8oz SR flour

grated zest of 1 lemon

1 level tsp baking powder

4oz butter

8oz light brown sugar

2 big eggs

6oz eating apples, peeled, cored and chopped

icing sugar to dust after baking

oven 160C/gas 6

Line and butter the cake tin

Mix all the ingredients bar the apples in a bowl. Then fold in the chopped apples.Bake for 1-1 1/2 hours till done

Cool in the tin for 10 minutes then turn out and dust with the icing sugar.

19.11.2014 002

It did dip in the middle but then so does the one in the book

Here’s my piece

19.11.2014 003

Love to hear of any baking plans this weekend



Yarn Along!

19.11.2014 018

Lets start with the heap of books. The Robert Harris I was reading last time was brilliant. I love this author, his historical novels are so well researched and written, and his thrillers are great too. If you like thrillers with a conspiracy element then do try The Fear Index. I could sum it up in three words but that would give the whole book AWAY. Whilst we were away looking after business I read the John Grisham, The Litigators, another one of his good legal dramas.

Now I am reading The Spice Merchants wife, by Charlotte Betts, the blurb on the back compares her to Phillipa Gregory and Joanne Harris, check out my book page and you will know why I was drawn to this book. Sadly too much of the bodice ripper about it for my taste, but an enjoyable  read for all that.

On the underneath of the pile and barely visible is a Library book called Reclaimed Textiles by Kim Thittichai. The introduction contained sentences which really appealed to me. Consider ” How many of you have at least one drawer of products you have never used? Do you even know why you bought them?Many of us feel guilty of storing away things we are never going to use” THAT’S ME! Or material and objects  with ” an infinite number of colour and texture…many in your home right now” Has this Kim been in my house and had a rummage round.

Readers I borrowed the book. Sat down at home Earl Grey in the mug and commenced reading . By Page 10 the list of things called Basis Techniques began. BUT guess what you need all sorts of things I never heard of let alone having lying around my house unused. Consider Jones Tones heat transfer foils, mica flakes,gilding flakes, gel medium, acrylic wax, foil glues, xpandaprint, and I am only on page 13. Not quite what I was hoping for, but pretty to look at. Anyone heard of any of this stuff?

On the needles right now the tunic I am making for Miss F, the front is done. I never did a pattern before when you do the front before the back. What a sheltered life I have!

Meantime anyone going to the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate tomorrow. Hoping I can make it.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along

Cross stitch book mark

I recently joined Marigold’s loft for a book mark exchange. I was teamed with Jessica, and now I have heard that she has received and liked her book mark I will show you the one I made her, and I proudly add ,designed myself!

31.10.14 001

Here is in greater detail is the lower part, writing is in back stitch with a french knot for dot over the i

31.10.14 003

and here and out of focus (sorry) is the upper part

31.10.14 002

Now for something completely different. Have you ever had a yen to learn felting? It is great fun and here are details of a giveaway for a book on how to felt.

Meantime, we were away last week attending a family funeral and other things.. not been a good year for us, in fact it has on the whole, been awful, but I have good feeling in my bones that the circle has turned and we are on the up.

Hope things are all good in your neck of the woods and if not stay positive, life can only get better!

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Turtle Crochet Hat

My grandson T loves the Turtles so I just had to make him this hat.

turtle hat 001

Original pattern by Repeat Crafter me

This pattern is a dressing up hat and uses hot glue and marker pen. T loves hats, he would wear three or more at a time if he could. So it will need washing. I used black embroidery thread, two strands and back stitch for the outline and now it is fully washable.

Hope he likes it!

Yarn Along

5.11.2014 001

I love love love this little cardigan I made for Miss F. I only started it a week ago and its already finished along with two hats. Such a simple and pretty pattern. Made from Sirdar chunky on 5 1/2mm (US9) it just knitted up so quick. There is a lot of shaping to do ,so you row count the whole time ,but no button or neck band. It is fastened with a snap fastener hidden under the flower.

5.11.2014 002

The pattern is Sirdar 1772. You can make a plain one tone cardigan and use a button instead of a flower for a little lad. But if you need a baby jumper for a gift in a hurry this could be the one.

5.11.2014 003

Close up of the flower which is made of a contrast yarn, I used a pink tiny tot yarn left over from a previous offering.I made two hats, the first looked too small so I made the size larger as well just in case.

5.11.2014 004

What about the book I hear the cry. Well I am ashamed to say I abandoned the book I started last week. I didn’t follow the plot and I got muddled on who the characters were. It is rare for me to abandon a book, after all I am the person who waded through The Old Curiosity Shop and Little Dorrit, but this one just bored me, so I gave up.

Robert Harris is a favourite author so I knew I would be ok with this one, The Fear Index. Still at early stages of getting into it, but I know that I will!

Joining with Ginny

InSpired Sunday!

Today’s inspiration comes from St Mary’s church and Holy Apostles Scarborough.

29.10.14 001

Two reasons for me to visit here. My Great Grandparents were married here. Now this was a mystery to me as neither lived in Scarborough at the time. Then I discovered that the church in Pickering where I would have expected them to marry was in a state of disrepair and undergoing renovations when they wed. So  I think it is safe to put two and two together…

The reason everyone else might visit lies in the graveyard , which was just as well as the church was locked. Always annoyed when that happens.

29.10.14 002

Anne Bronte the less known if the Bronte Sisters is buried here. Anne had come to Scarborough after the death of Emily in search of good clean sea air at the Spa resort. Sadly it didn’t work and she died in Scarborough from the same consumption that took Emily.

29.10.14 003

This plague at the foot of the grave reproduces the  writing on the worn grave stone

29.10.14 007

The clock looks huge to me, I wonder how far it can be seen from.

29.10.14 004

The church from Anne Bronte’s resting place.

29.10.14 006

The view of Scarborough castle from the churchyard.

29.10.14 005

Wonderful sea view in this direction

29.10.14 008

And this.

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PS and sshh, I actually prefer Anne’s two books to the rather over the top melodramas of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights!


Stitching Journal- October

October has been mild and a little damp. However, I have enjoyed many an autumn walk, collecting some leaves which I dried and have used as inspiration for this months Stitching Project.

blackberries.Oct 14 010

I love the way these leaves look en masse.  So I began by painting ,using fabric paints ,onto a piece of washed calico. I applied bondaweb. Then I cut out leaf shapes, placed them onto my backing fabric and started to sew. I was after an effect like the photograph above.

31.10.14 010

Now the overall effect is not to my liking yet.

31.10.14 011

Individually I like the leaves

31.10.14 013

but the middle bit lacks definition

31.10.14 014

My thought is that it needs a yellow leaf in the middle.So do I paint up more fabric and make a large leaf like the colours here

31.10.14 012

or do I use this yellow fabric for a leaf?

31.10.14 015

Or do I just leave it alone ( pun not intended!) Do I apply wadding to the back and quilt? Do I just try to define some of the leaf shapes more, add some veins? Really would appreciate all thoughts and comments.

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