Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

FLF- St Patrick

Today First Line Friday is honouring St Patrick’s day . Our first lines are based on Ireland, and by sheer good chance one of the books I had requested from the library finally found its way to me this week, and is set in Dublin by an Irish writer.

And the first line reads “The tide is coming in; familiar sights and sounds seem strange to me. ”

You really need the next line to understand a bit more- ” My seven-year-old legs wobble,feet sinking into the sand, seaweed between my toes”.

I feel sure I am in for a most enjoyable read, of a book that came recommended to me via this blog. Have you read it?

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Silent Sunday

Bud blown over and rescued from the garden, and so the first in bloom.

First Line Friday

This is the last book written by the author of the Wallander. It apparently picks up on the life of a doctor Fredik Welin who appeared in the book Italian Shoes. It’s a stand alone novel, so hopefully it won’t cause me any problems not having read the first book. I choose it for my European reading challenge- this is from Sweden.

The first line is – “My house burned down on an autumn night almost a year ago”.

Taking part in this meme has made me think about opening lines. They have to grab you so you want the next line. In this one line the scene is set. There was a fire, a home was lost but as it was a year ago the owner survived.

I want to read on. Would you want to read on do you think?

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Yarn Along!

This is so not my usual type of novel- Steampunk and WW1, but I am getting into it. I nearly gave up a while ago, but realised I did want to see how the plot unfurls, so I am still reading. Has to be back in the library on Friday as someone has requested the BOOK I  AM READING. How dare they!

I also have a FINISH! The crochet blanket Moroccan Dreams based on the Portuguese Tile blanket from the UK magazine Woman’s Weekly is done, finnito, all ends sewn in.

Super colour combo, a lovely vintage feel. Rather chuffed with this one.

Linking as ever to Small Things for Yarn Along- link here

Yarn Along {March}

Textile Tuesday

This photo challenge is based on all things Textile and is organised by Wild Daffodil – link here

So I thought combine the challenge with some sewing of textiles.

One of my Gonna Does for this year involves trying to make a quilt for my oldest grandson H . He asked me to make him an Oxford United one. He had no idea what a big ask this was. No pattern, no instructions, just muggins here trying her best.

January I produced a tracing of the Ox which the club uses for its symbol. February I paniced. I determined that today I would move on a bit…..


Attach tracing and some bondaweb to fabric. Cut out neatly and attach to main fabric. Iron. Wonder why nothing is happening. Remember then that need to remove backing paper from bondwweb to get it to stick down when applying iron.


Remember how to do zigzag stitch on scary new sewing machine- yes I know it’s 7 years old but it still scares me every time. Wonder how on earth have stitched the sewing foot instead of fabric. Realise have wrong foot on machine. Change foot and stitch.

Figure out how to add facial markings.

Straight stitch for horns. Realise first version of eyes a mess. Unpick and hand embroider.  Realise a sensible person that knew what they were doing would have added facial features before appliqueing onto main fabric.

Anyway quite pleased with today’s effort.

Need a lie down and a cup of tea now!

Next step add batting and backing fabric- a breeze………………….




St David’s Day

The 1st of March is St David’s Day, the patron Saint of Wales. Far back in my maternal family I have Welsh ancestors. My Mum and my brother returned to live there, both dying less than fifty miles away from where a branch of the family started.  Mum was a teacher and she always aimed to have daffodils (the national flower of Wales) ready to share on this day with her puplis. As it happens daffodils are one of my very favourite flowers, so I am writing this post to share out some daffodil love and to wish you all a Happy St David’s Day.

I only have some tete a tete daffodils in bloom at the moment -Yorkshire is a little behind Wales as far as flowers go, – this picture was taken in late March 2016, bulbs planted in the lawn by me.

This lovely display is on my way into town, also taken late March 2016.

This picture taken in April 2016 at Newburgh Priory where we had gone to a Spring Plant fair.

April 2017, home grown daffodils as part of my Easter display.

March 2018, shop bought ones- there seems to be snow on the ground outside.

Wild ones in Farndale last year.

And to conclude- Rhayader, Wales, because I couldn’t write this post without a picture from Wales could I? I wonder what is your favourite flower?

Happy St David’s Day.

Gonna do 2020-February

I wrote a list – 20 things I am gonna do in 2020- and now it’s time to check in with my progress this month.

1- Read my way across Europe- I managed two books this month- Edith Eger from Hungary and Tove Jansson from Finland. Both are strongly autobiographical and whilst I loved Edith Eger’s book The Choice I was less keen on Jansson’s Sculptor’s Daughter.

10- The Stitchbook project- this month we tried image transfers using photocopies, bondaweb, pva glue or sticky backed plastic. Not my favourite month, but I stuck to it and produced two pages. This project has now reached it’s half way mark. March is visible darning month and I am looking forward to it.

11- Complete an UFO- I finished my scrappy vintage box, and really enjoyed making it. More boxes will follow I am sure.

I continue to work on the crochet blanket and may have a finish of another UFO in March.

Some progress on other gonna dos-

15- A five mile walk- well if only the weather would stop raining I have found a lovely new to me walk which fits the bill nicely. Meantime I just have done some short strolls.

19- I have written a few more family memories down. So a little progress.

The one that I have totally failed to make progress on is the quilt for my grandson. It’s his birthday in March and I would really like to give it to him then. I shall designate Tuesday next week as quilt making day.

I think I could have done better this month, with only one thing ticked off. Some progress on other things I’d like to do!

Do you feel you accomplished everything you set out to do this month, or do you just go with the flow?

Hope you enjoy our extra day this month, March tomorrow.



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