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17 for 2017- August update

Do you realise that 2/3rds of this year has gone? And aren’t we all busy, busy, busy right now, harvesting in the Northern hemisphere and preparing and planting in the Southern.

Just a few of our plums and a cucumber this week.  But what about the 17 for 2017, well you might ask. Let’s see

17 swims-2 more this month, total 13

16 hour long walks-accomplished already, but I have done some great ones this month. Most recently a return visit to Rosedale.

15 books from the bedroom heap read-none this month, total is 13

14, forget 14, there is no more 14

13 cards made-total still at 9

12 village posts- total still 4

11 days out- accomplished this month.

The Thornton Dale Show and the Lavender Farm

10 new things tried- total unchanged at 9

9 Crochet/knitting projects completed- accomplished a while since.

8 other crafts- 1, this month. I fished out my needle felting bits and bobs, and had a good session and broke the needle. Doh. New needles bought, hurrah.

7 sewing projects- accomplished this month with this

and this

and this

and this

and Bertram

Wow that would be 10 now.

6 Non Fiction books read- total unchanged, but I am really enjoying this one

5 Family History questions investigated- still only 2 and I realise now that I came back from the Family History fair with a bag of info and its still exactly where I left it when I came home. I forget what is in there. Shame on me.

4 Good sort outs-done already.

3 Interesting finds- I  have tw0 more today.

Some wonderful stone carvings from Riveaulx Abbey- this is called the Tiger Hunt and

Toadstool season is here, any idea what this one is please?

Oh that makes 3.

2 picnics-

Second picnic on Bank Holiday Monday at Riveaulx Abbey

1 Boat ride-0

0 crafty/yarny, fabricy purchases- well there have been more days this year when I didn’t buy anything than days when I did, so that’s a good thing!

How are you getting on with the goals for this year?



Sew, Knit and Natter Friday!

How is everyone? Apparently it’s the first day of Autumn if you are a weather person. Personally its late Summer as far as I am concerned.

So big question, did I or did I not buy some Cath Kidston fabric. YES I DID. Well you knew I would.

8 fat quarters for £12, which I thought was ok. See the cowboy fabric in the middle. As it happens I had a remnant of that already ,bought from somewhere or other some time ago, and looking for a project. Well it found one, I have it all cut out and ready to go, but then found myself feeling sad because I had used it. I mean just how ridiculous is that? I think I mentioned before that I have a propensity for being ridiculous. So that is why when I choose which CK fabric to buy, this was the bundle. IT HAD MY NAME ON IT!

Meantime I have been busy with some owl fabric.

Which is now a pouch for baby wipes. Owl buttons and ribbons from my stash. I mean you can’t have too many owls in one project , can you? Can You? Have I gone OTT on owls? Feel quite pleased with this, never having made a pouch before.

Knitting wise, I am making great progress with the baby blue cardigan.

A back and two fronts resting on the cowboy project. I still don’t have a picture of Little Miss F in her skirt, maybe it doesn’t fit, but I do have two of my little darlings to show you , and the children are quite nice too..

On holiday in Devon, picture by my DIL Mrs T!

And just to round off, here’s the Sunset over the hill at the front of our house, I wonder can you see the sheep?

Just about spot one under the tree to the right by the telegraph pole above the hedge. I do make you work..

And just because this is so cute

Little Miss F’s idea of heaven, Mum and a unicorn, don’t believe me, look at her little face.

Pictures by her other Nana, taken at a garden centre at Lacock.

Hope you have a great weekend full of the things you love doing.

Be Happy!

Cross Stiched Puffin

I love a small cross stitch project. Here’s my puffin, started whilst I was doing 30 days wild, when it rained.

and finished at the weekend.

Chart from a magazine dated 1993! Do you think I might just have some hoarding tendencies?


100 Authors and Books

Or Not! First the authors, I have had so many recommendations from various sources that I have a list of 93 authors on my keep a look out for list  in the library. I would love to make it up to a nice round 100. Please look at the page called 100 Authors , and let me know if there is someone who should really be there.

Don’t you just love a list of 100 books to see how many you may have read. Way back in 2004 I set about creating my own list of a 100  books I really rated. Talk about a work in progress, I am only on 43. If you would like to see how I am doing, then I have created another page called 100 books. Love to know what you think.

Hopng for some cracking good reads coming my way and yours.

Thanks, and happy reading!


I was taking a photo of this cobweb last Wednesday after the rain as you do, remembering all the while that this hedge has quite sharpest thorns I have ever come across. You can see the little blighters right there underneath the cobweb!

Please leave a link to your Sharp pictures in the comments.

Next week’s topic is FOUND.

Happy Snapping!

August Books!

 I volunteer at the local library one morning a week. It means I get to see books that are available by all my favourite authors whilst I do the shelving. This month in one morning I found five books. I borrowed the lot! Here’s what I have been reading in August, in the order I read them.

Susan Hill- The Pure in Heart- After a bit of a wobbly first chapter this turned into a jolly good detective story featuring DCI Simon Serrailler. The familiar themes from Susan Hill came through even in a different genre, love, life grief, relationships. An entertaining read.

Winifred Holtby- The Crowded Street- an interesting read which I think would be a good choice for a book club to read. Life for middle class women before, during and after the First World War, the birth of feminism. If the author sounds familiar she wrote South Riding and was friends with Vera Brittain ( who is the inspiration for one of the characters). Vera Brittain is Shirley Williams mother and wrote Testament of Youth. One of my favourite books this year.

Joanne Harris- Gentlemen & Players- the middle book of a trilogy, but the third one I read. Fortunately the books work well as stand alone novels. The plots are all revealed in a similar way and in this third book I saw the big twist by page 96 of 507 pages. To begin with I thought this would spoil my enjoyment. However there was a different enjoyment to be had, first was I right and secondly and more interesting to see how the characters were being duped, and hence how the readers were being sent off in the wrong discription.The story is set in St Oswald’s School for boys and has two narrators, one who focuses on events of 15 years ago and one on the here and now. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Ann Cleeves- The Glass Room-another Vera book. The setting is an authors retreat. I was well and truly hoodwinked till the final scenes! Good detective story.

Marina Lewycka- The Lubetkin Legacy. There is love and government corruption in this tale of an iconic social housing flat designed by Berthold Lubetkin. The tenant dies and her son fears losing the right to succeed in the tenancy and smuggles in an old lady to act as his mother, for the housing officers investigations. A good read. I spent a happy evening afterwards researching the real life architect Lubetkin, surely a mark of a good book. Can’t say I liked the buildings I saw, but then I don’t like concrete much!

You may recall that last month I was taking an online course called How to read novel, through Future Learn. I completed it with great enjoyment, it may be repeated next year but there is still a week that you can access it for. I thought about paying for the upgrade but decided against it, instead taking up Kerry’s suggestion, I bought this book.

It’s very readable and very good.Thanks for heads up on this one Kerry. I started to read it whilst reading the last book, and he’s right , the author is frequently quoting Shakespeare!

Have you read any good books lately?

Change is in the air, have you noticed it? There is a little nip in the air in the mornings, its late Summer now for sure. Never mind, more time inside for sewing, knitting and nattering.

I have filled my little sewing caddy now with all the items you suggested. Actually that is a fib, I have still to find some fabric suitable for patching. The Snail mentioned something called Boro mending. I am so hoping someone comes to the repair cafe so I can do some. Is ripping a hole in something wrong in order to try it. I spent ages last weekend reading up on the technique. I just did plain boring patching before. I was wondering about threads to use? I have lots of cotton perle thread.

In the end I hand stitched the piping cord on my UFO, the zipper foot I have, would not have got close enough for my liking. After that it was just a question of turning it right side out,  joining the gap and adding tassels.

One Christmas mantlepiece cover completed. For nearly 16 years it lurked in the sewing box. Sadly we moved house (which is why I never finished it) and the wood burning stove we have in our current home makes the mantle cover unsuitable for this cover. But it looks ok as a sofa back, well it will after a good press.

I borrowed a book from the library.

It’s a jolly good book. I have plans for at least two projects, here’s the first one just getting under way. The other involves the lovely cowboy fabric from Cath Kidston.

Master T’s jumper complete. I love the buttons. Hope this one meets his brief of another jumper in bright colours.

So now onto a little something for a baby.

It’s a very pale blue 4 ply Sirdar Snuggly yarn. Half the back done.

So many plans for projects, so many waiting to be started, so many UFOs and WIPs, maybe a good thing that Autumn is coming.

Meantime does anyone know if Cath Kidston is stopping doing fabric completely. There is virtually nothing on their web page. I was  wondering would the prudent craftist snap it up while she could/

What do you think? Do I need more fabric?


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