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17 for 2017- June

June turned into a wonderful and very busy month, but how did the goals progress?

17 swims- lots on holiday but only counting them as 1 as it is regular swimming I want to concentrate on. Two visits to the pool in town, so that gives a total of 8. Half way through the year, so on target for this one.

16 hour long walks- 6 this month, giving me a total of 21. Goal Achieved

15 books from the heap by the bed read-One more this month- total is 12

14lbs lost- still going in the right direction

13 cards made- 1 more made, total is 9, more double-sided tape needed and then maybe there will be two more soon.

12 posts about local villages- total unchanged at three

11 days out- tempted to double count something here but I won’t, so leaving this unchanged at 6

10 new things tried- 30 days wild challenge-I really enjoyed taking part in this challenge. I had it all planned out and then we went on holiday to Greece unexpectedly, so I had some days wild there. I wrote a diary every day during the month. Sometimes all I managed was the 15 minutes outside I had promised myself I would do as a minimum. Sometimes it was dodging the showers. I can point to the big things I did like walking through a river gorge waist-high in water which was brilliant, but I think it was the 15 minutes outside and the quiet observations that were the best. Seeing Fred our blackbird with white feathers feeding his fledging on the path by the French windows, or the frogs no bigger than my thumb nail by the pond and in the greenhouse. Being part of the face book group, who knew we had so many bugs in this country, or reading how to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy hedgehog poo! My sense of well-being has soared. Next year I will be more prepared and do more to help wild life. And who knew taking photos of wild life was so hard. Whilst in the river I had a go at building a cairn.

As I lifted the stones I could not believe tiny fishes no longer than my little finger nail or wider than a hair pin and so transparent, and then a tadpole

Ha! At least you can see him! But in a river, I thought the water had to be still for frogs, not running strongly. Such a lot to see and learn.

I came back from holiday and two days later had a day out at my first ever Family History Fair.

Here being opened by the East Yorkshire Town Crier, from Bridlington I think he said. So  that is 7 new things tried.

9 crochet/ knitting projects-achieved a while back

8 craft projects-still not one

7 Sewing projects- still at 5.

6 non fiction books read- 5 still

5 family history questions answered– still 2

4 good sort outs-3 still

3 interesting finds-1

2 picnics- 0, I have eaten outside but not purpose made picnics, buying a cheese pie from a bakers is not what I meant!

1 boat ride-0

0 craft supplies purchased unless to replace used products. We all know that this is an epic FAIL, too much yarn bought.

So some things are well on course and some things have yet to be started. July is going to be all about a certain wedding I think, but there are still 6 months to go. Plenty of time! Hope your goals are progressing well. The main thing is to have FUN!



I had such a lot of fun with this prompt on holiday in Greece. I am going to put my favourite photo last.

Love this last one!

Please leave a link to your Turn photos over at Wild Daffodil and /or the comments below. We love seeing your pictures in the one a week photo challenge. Hard to believe we are now over the half way mark!

Next week’s prompt is Pair.

Happy Snapping!

June books.

It seems that June was a good month for reading, lots of really good books. And one gone from the heap by the bed. And something more for the 30 days wild challenge.

Alan Bennett- The Lady in the Van- extracts from his diary concerning Miss Shepherd who parked her camper van in his garden and lived there for the next 20 years. Also a film of the same name with Maggie Smith. (One from the heap by my bed).

Tracy Chevalier- The Virgin Blue- a thoroughly good read, which reminded me a lot of the books by Kate Mosse. Set in France and Switzerland. across two time periods, highlighting the religious conflict between Catholics and Huguenots.  One of the best books I have read this year.

Ann Cleeves- Cold Earth-she never disappoints, one from the Shetland series

Gerald Durrell- The Corfu Trilogy- My reading matter on the Kindle on holiday in Greece. Fitted in perfectly with my Go Wild Challenge. The books formed the basis of The Durrells, a TV programme. The books were very funny indeed and had me laughing out loud many ,many times. Lots of natural history , but, the Durrells lived in Corfu in the 1930’s when the attitude to natural history is very different to what it is now. The TV series completely changed this aspect of the book. Gerry in book raids birds nests for eggs, steals baby birds to hand rear, steals a tortoise egg and blows it for his collection, mounts butterflies and moths etc etc. Never the less a really good read and perfect for this holiday whilst taking the 30 days wild challenge.

Susan Hill-From the Heart-Really enjoyed this book, my favourite this year, so far. Set I think in the 1950’s and covering topics of female education, the love that dares not speak its name, birth and adoption.

Susan Hill- In the Springtime of the Year- This was written in 1970, and so is an early novel from this author. I found it languishing in the Yorkshire section of the Library, no idea why, it seems wrong as most people wouldn’t look in Local History/ walks/ countryside for a novel. I am so glad I found it lurking there. The protagonist is a 19-year-old bride. The book themes are love, grief and survival. I would guess the setting is between the wars or immediately afterwards. The writing is sublime, the lyrical quality of the descriptions of the countryside are beautiful. I loved this book, so much so it makes it onto my top 100 list. The best book, even better than the previous one, this year.. so far

I kept a diary during June for the 30 days wild challenge. I was no way as thorough as I was when I kept this nature diary for three school terms aged 11, eventually winning the nature diary prize which was open to the top two junior years. Mum kept it safe for me and it is rather a lovely thing to have and to look back on, during June.

So anyone read any good books lately? I am re reading The Mayor of Casterbridge on the Kindle. I studied it for A levels, and I must admit it is far more enjoyable to read for pleasure than to read for an exam.

After thoughts. Just want to say a big thank you for all the encouraging comments on Friday’s post. I am down in Wales at the moment, visitng my Mum and brother and feeling proud of myself in a B&B . Mr E is at home doing chap things, mowing the lawn, setting up minature railways at an agricultue show and going to car boot sales. He lent me his internet gizmo and after some effort tonight I have managed to get it working, ALL BY MYSELF, hence this post at a late hour by me. Had a super day today with Mum and brother who ( brother and sil that is, not mum) , has just moved into a new house but new bedroom furniture not yet delivered, hence the B&B. What I am really wanting to say is that I have spent the day watching buzzards and red kites. No photos, but what a way to end the 30 days wild challenge with. And there is hot chocolate to drink in the room. Hurrah.




Oh My , what a week we have had here. Major catastrophe on the wedding venue. To quote the hotels website ” there has been an ingress of water in the kitchen and dining room”.

We have located an alternative venue in the village hall as the hotel doubts the problem will be fixed in time. It has meant putting the ceremony back a couple of hours so we have time to fix up the new venue for a reception after a children’s party leaves. Thank goodness for a very understanding Vicar.

As for the catering, the hotel has to decide if it can manage outside catering, or we have to find someone else.Wish us well.

The bride is just about coping with her disappointment and so far the Groom hasn’t shouted at anyone he shouldn’t.

Meantime I have joined all the lovely crochet hearts together for some heart bunting. I love it. Thanks again Wild Daffodil.

Somewhere though I have misplaced my favourite sewing up needle for yarn. I have others, but just where can it be. I left it unattended for half an hour whilst I prepared dinner, came back, and Gone, not there. Mr E denies all knowledge, and to be honest it is unlikely he is the culprit, which leaves me, or that gremlin from the computer. Nope, don’t think it was him either , which leaves me ,  I don’t know !

But I have got a hat! As my son (The Groom) said all will be well we have a hat, no reception, but we have a hat!

Quick change of subject.

I needed something to do for the 30 days wild challenge in the rain we had this week.

Cute? He fitted the bill nicely. From a Cross Stitcher magazine 1993! Worth hanging onto all the stuff I do keep, you never know when you will need it.

And once started there was no stopping the rain or me, turns out cross stitch is quite calming for the nerves.

From another magazine from 1996.

A Mouseloft kit. Floral dolphins are my answer to whales killed by ingesting plastic bags. As a chap on a documentary said It Begins with the Whale, In my case a Floral Dolphin.

Some knitting,

But not much!

Hoping for better news next week! I was going to share some more photos from Greece in this post, but they will keep. Till next time.

Be Happy!

Blue Sky Tag.

The Postcard from Gibraltar Nominated me for a lovely award called the Blue Sky Tag. Apparently it runs through June, and I have to ask and answer 11 questions.

1. What do you most enjoy about blogging? Without doubt the blogging community. Friendships, laughter, encouragement, just wonderful

2. What made you start your blog and how long have you been doing it? I needed to prove to  myself that I wasn’t ready for the scrap heap, and five years later I am still here.

3. What most attracts you to a blog and what makes you keep reading it? Interesting content with a lot of honesty and humour.

4. What other hobbies and pastimes do you enjoy? Crafts, family history, local history, Greece , nature and photography

5. Given your time over, without any restrictions, what would be your ideal job? Why? Owning my own fabric and yarn shop, my favourite job was in such a shop, I love retail, fabric and yarn.

6. Which new country would you like to visit? New Zealand, it looks amazing.

7. What is playing in your headphones right now? Music, podcast, audio book? I can’t stand headphones over my ears so nothing is the answer.

8. What is your favourite book and why? To a God Unknown by John Steinbeck, beautiful prose and a wonderful theme.

9. If you could go to any point in history to witness it for yourself, when and where would that be? I would like to go back in time to stop the first world war.

10. If you could eat anything for your next meal, what would it be? Steak and chips and lemon meringue pie

11. I’m writing this while watching Glastonbury, what would your dream gig line-up be? I am going back in time for this too, Jim Morrison and the Doors , playing in Dalby Forest and I would be 18!

So that’s me. Mrs Postcard asked a lot of my favourite bloggers already, so I am asking you all, couldn’t possibly choose, pick one question and leave a comment or write your own post and answer all 11.

Once again thank you Postcard from Gibraltar, and if you have never visited her blog, do so now, for lots of wonderful pictures from Gibraltar, with needlework, yarn and watercolour painting thrown in .

It was rather nice taking the 30 days wild challenge to Greece with us as it meant  that we really did look about us and notice different things from the usual ancient ruins ( I don’t mean me and Mr E either) and beaches.

Just what is this ant about? (Photo by Mr E.)

The spiders on this walk were huge and all lurking in their webs awaiting dinner I assume. ( Mr E’s)

Cricket ( possibly my best picture of the challenge)

Another lizard.

Poppies- Warning you may need a lie down after the next picture.

Me returning from a wonderful walk through a river gorge ( this and the following two pics are by Mr E)


That was the best fun of all. I loved it. Bit chilly but simply wonderful.

Here is where I was most content and relaxed, the apartment gardens, two very happy afternoons spent here, just chilling and reading.

And you can’t write a post about Greece without a feral cat. This one guarding his boat and the nets.

A lovely holiday, I do hope you enjoyed the Greek wildness and weren’t too disturbed by one picture in particular!





Boats gently bobbing on the waves in the evening sunlight, Parga Greece, June 2017

Next weeks prompt is TURN.

Please leave a link to your wave over on Wild Daffodil or in the comments below.

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