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Scrap Happy, Jan. 22

I quite surprised myself last year when I stitched all 52 #hannemade tags.

52 tags
Starting with the White one for a New Year, and ending with the Christmas tree at the end.

About six months ago I shared my favourites, and it seems like a good plan to share my favourites from the rest of the year.

Beads and tassels.

This was great fun to make and I love the exuberance of it in its blinginess.

This was couching textiles.

Not only my favourite colours , but incredibly tactile to boot.

Invoking a memory.
Week 51, A Christmas wreath, and possibly my favourite, lots of stitching and beads.

Anne Brookes whose inspiration and you tube videos was behind this endeavour suggested that we could use the back of the tags as a journal. I used mine as a mix if dedications to family, friends and events, Captain Tom and the Duke of Edinburgh both got a mention, and as a journal to important family events. They are lovely to look back on.

When I started this project I determined to only use scraps of fabric, lace, threads and haberdashery I owned. I bought the tags and the ring that holds them, and that was all. I assembled a box of scraps,leftover embroidery floss from kits and various pieces of pretties. You can’t tell I have used anything, there seems to be just as much now as there was a year ago. In the course of 2021 , the only fabric I bought was for a toy elephant. Quite simply I don’t understand it.

So what to do with the box of scrapy fabric. Well a rummage around unearthed another pack of plastic canvas, and since I have scraps of wadding and calico I decided to make another vintage fabric box.

Work in progress.

I thought it would be the ideal project to take along to a new craft group I joined. It should have been yesterday, but it’s fallen victim to Covid fears of the participants. Oh well, maybe in a fortnight’s time.

Meantime do pop over to Kate’s to see what others have been doing with their scraps to make them happy. Link here- https://talltalesfromchiconia.wordpress.com/2022/01/15/scraphappy-january-6/

Comments on: "Scrap Happy, Jan. 22" (37)

  1. I love this!! Never seen anything like it before, but then there are not that many “crafty” blogs I regularly visit. I admire anyone who can make something as beautiful and creative as that with their own hands!

  2. So inventive! And I agree with you re scraps – I use scraps all the time, and the level never ever seems to drop. Maybe there’s magic at work…..

  3. Super great details to these tags.

  4. Really nice, so many variations!

  5. Fabulous achievement. Also creatively using scraps. I have some of those tags wondering what glue you used Im thinking of creating a few myself.

    • Thanks, they are actually sewn onto the tag. Tiny stitch at the front, one in each corner and one down the long side, The large stitches are on the back and frame whatever you write. You can see the front stitches best on the wreath tag, and the back best on the first picture.

  6. Well done! I also finished all 52 tags and my personally favorite was the Bullion Knots!

    • Oh well done, it was easier to keep up than I had expected it to be. I am more of a fan of bullion knots than I was when we did that particular tag because I now have milleners needles and what a difference they make.

  7. I love your ring of tags with all the lovely stitching and embellishments!

  8. the tags are a great idea and I’m sure were great fun to create – and enjoy! Love the idea of something small to make on a regular basis, gives you something to plan and think about. They would also make lovely gift tags for special people.

  9. Well done, Cathy!!! That’s quite the accomplishment for this year. Just so cute and a way to see some of the fabrics you have made into other things. Keeps the hands out of the cookie jar too. The leftover fabric is just inspiring. I love the colors and was looking at some similar online yesterday. The box will be very useful too. All groups seem to be non-existent these days, I miss a gaggle of female friends.

    • Things started being cancelled in December, I have only managed a couple of groups since then. Luckily I enjoy my own company and have family nearby. Hope you are settling in now.

      • It is good when you can be good with your own company. I’m like that too. I have my son close by and may eventually make new friends.. Settling in will take time since my stuff is still all in Oregon. Hopefully, I’ll get it next month. Making due for now.

  10. I love those! I always want to make something similar but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I bet they are so much fun to just sit and flip through, and what a good source of further inspiration!

    • They were lovely to do each week, a nice video to watch, follow by a rummage through my bits and bobs then couple of hours stitching.Bliss.

  11. Going Batty in Wales said:

    I think the wreath is my favourite! I will look forward to seeing the box when it is done. And well done for joining another group.

  12. claire93 said:

    what an achievement, eh? to have completed the 52 tags in a year, despite everything life threw at you along the way! Each & every one a little work of art, and a special memory.

  13. Your tags are wonderful, especially the Christmas one.

  14. I love those. and the wreath in particular. Thanks for sharing

  15. Love your blingy dangles! I hope that box will be ready for next month’s scraphappy…

  16. I love your tags. And what an unusual diary of a momentous year in so many respects. Just gorgeous. 🙂

  17. What an artful and classy touch as tags. An idea – bookmarks same style.

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