Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

And Happy Bank Holiday weekend , everyone. For once we seem set for some decent weather for the holiday weekend. In British terms this means , it won’t rain, or hail , or snow and for at least ten minutes a watery sun may appear. In this time garden furniture will be set out and the BBQ lit! And we will say what a glorious weekend it was. Us Brits know how to make the most of sunshine.

Here in Yorkshire, we have a cycling event, born out of the Tour de France which  several years ago started here, we now have the Tour de Yorkshire. This will pass my way on Saturday afternoon.

The bunting is out.

Not just any bunting, Just any bunting would not be mentioned in a Knit and Natter post, no these are knitted cycling tops.

Aren’t they just so cute? I didn’t knit any, but I do admire those that did.

It’s been a busy week here what with one thing and another. The crochet jewel blanket had a few more rows added, the knitted scarf took a back step and I finished the left front  and nearly all the right front of Little Miss F’s  newest cardigan. All of which you have seen many times. So I thought I would share some rather nice knitting books that have come my way.

Now this one came from a book shop in Whitby. My DIL spotted it, and said I must go in and look at it. Well I did and out it came with me. The patterns are just adorable.

Here’s one

Now all I need is a new baby girl to knit for, as the patterns really are only for babies.

Last week I made mention of naughty Amazon who tempted me with knitting books to which I succumbed like a nitwit. They arrived.

Are they not amazing. Here’s an inside picture of one.

Now do you think I know a little girl who thinks her Nana can make anything might like one for her birthday in the Autumn? Or maybe she would prefer

A suitably Halloween creation? How about this person?

Fabulous or what?

I don’t think it is any wonder I fell for these three books. So I was wondering whether you had fallen for a book recently, knitting or otherwise that you just had to have, do tell, and do please feel free to leave a link if you posted about it.

Right I need to get on a bit, middle son and family coming for the weekend, well three of them are plus dog. Hurrah. Floors to be washed, food bought and lawns cut! Then cuddles for me.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Be Happy,





Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (45)

  1. Yes, I ordered a book on Amazon on 29th April and am currently have email conversations as to why it hasn’t yet arrived. My other love after crafting is English interiors and I was looking forward to devouring it over the Bank Holiday. It didn’t happen:(

    • That is so sad, and quite unusual for Amazon. My books arrived very quickly and I am not a Prime customer. Hope it comes soon.

  2. I hope the weather fairies come through for you this weekend – it rained almost all the time I was over in the U.K. last week. Mind you, it’s a grey day here today (again) and I’m in the South of France!
    I was tempted, as you know, by the Edward’s Menagerie Dogs book and I already have another couple of those which I haven’t made anything from yet but I will.
    I love the fairies and although I prefer the gothic looking ones I’m not a little girl and probably would have liked the pretties more. A goth one would make a great Halloween gift though wouldn’t it?
    Enjoy your weekend and may the sun shine on you all x

  3. I have that Knitted Fairy book! and have made one Fairy – not sure why I didn’t make more. Love the look of the Gothic book! As you know, I succumbed to buying the Nudinit book: https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2018/05/02/rosslyn/
    Looking forward to seeing which character you make.
    I’m late to the party again Cathy as yesterday was a busy day and then on Fridays I pick up Master R and Little Miss M from school. Thank goodness the weather was good and I could take them to the Play Park where they skid around with school friends and I crochet and natter to other Grannies and Mums. Master R is 8 – he used to think I knew everything, now apparently I know nothing! I rather miss the knowing-everything stage!

    • I would love to see the fairy you knitted. I was late posting yesterday , Thursday when I usually upload my photos was very busy with hospitals and car sales people, so I was doing that on Friday morning.
      It must be lovely to be able to collect children from school and go the playground with them. You are very fortunate.

      • I am indeed a lucky Granny – although I did move house to be near my children and grandchildren – so a mixtue of luck and design – although I realise I was fortunate to be able to make that move and that two of my children live close to one another. I do love to pick them up from school and at one point I had five grandhchildren in the same school – now 4. Hope all went well at the hospital and the garage – I absolutely hate having to buy cars, so I usually end up with one for about 10 years or so because I just can’t face it.

      • Me too. The salesman asked me at one point ideally how often would I like to change cars. My answer was never!

      • That would be me too!!

  4. gillyflower said:

    I’d love to see you do some of the fairies! As for books, I recently splurged on a series of books I’d borrowed from my brother when I was a teenager: the Fafhrd & Grey Mouser series by Fritz Leiber (Swords and Deviltry, etc.) — the origin of the sword and sorcery genre. Can’t wait to read them again!

    • I had not heard of that series of books. I think I assumed that Tolkein had been the first in this genre. I hope they are just as enjoyable as you recall.

      • gillyflower said:

        If you’re into that genre, they’re good ones. Lieber and Tolkien did publish around the same time, but it was Lieber who coined the term “sword and sorcery”.

  5. I love the fairies and the goth dolls. They are so fun looking. Just looking at the books would keep me smiling.

  6. I had to finish my bag before I was allowed to look at the three new knitting books I got last weekend, but I can look at them this weekend!

  7. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    I think I did see that knitted fairy book on amazon too or one similar. I look foward to seeing what it inspires you to create. The goths are pretty amazing too.

  8. No new books for me, but I really need to plan a visit to the real library and see what they have available! Those are three great books!

  9. Wishing you both a lovely weekend too Cathy xx

  10. I was given what looks to be a similar book to your fairy book for Christmas but mine has a different cover and publisher. I had looked to see which one to make but they all seem to need small quantities of outlandish yarns which I haven’t got.

  11. claire93 said:

    oooh lots of lovely ideas in your new books!
    I suggest you show Litlle Miss F decide whether she’d like a fairy or a Gothic lady . . . personally, I prefer the fairies ^^

  12. Cute knitted banner. All 3 books look amazing.

  13. Love to see the bunting and all the painted bicycles come out for the Tour de Yorkshire, the event has certainly got a lot of folk I know back into cycling. Love the fairies and goths pattern book, wonder which you will make first???

  14. Have a lovely bank holiday x

  15. Have you spoken to your children about your need for a new baby girl?? Because you really do need one–that little green sweater is adorable! And the witches and goths and fairies look like fun, but hard to make!

    • When Mr B and Ms G get married next year the hints will begin. I think my other two have probably finished! After the dragon I am hoping thefairies and goths won’t be too hard!

  16. You Yorkshire folk do these bicycling events so well! We passed through a couple of years ago when everything was knitted up in Thirsk (I think) for the Tour de Yorkshire and I was just entrance by the knits. So imaginative – and it looks like you’ll be doing some very imaginative knits with you new books. Looking forward to seeing what you make!

  17. The weather here is grey today, but I’m hoping for sun later in the weekend.
    The fairies look wonderful… with lots of opportunities for adaptation and personalisation.
    I have been restrained and not bought any knitting/crochet books for weeks now – what a good girl I am. This may all change next week when I will be in places where there is sure to be temptation… eek!

    • Oh I hope you find some books and yarn to tempt you. I have just had a sale leaflet about yarn in the post which I am so going to recycle straight away . I do not need any more yarn!
      The sun is trying to break through now. I have just cut the back lawn! Feel proud of myself.

  18. The baby knits and fairies look like fun makes Cathy. Have a wonderful weekend whatever you end up doing.

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