Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Hello and how is everyone? Here in the UK have had a week of sunshine and haven’t most of us just loved it. I do get a touch of hay fever from the oil seed rape fields, but nothing which gets me down. And I am sorry if you didn’t get the sunshine.

Chez Nana’s has been busy,Β  We had visitors.

Mr J and Baby J.

The Tour de Yorkshire whizzed through town.

We did sitting in the garden.

Mrs M and Baby J, who I was gratified to see likes the fabric ball his Nana made.

There was afternoon tea at Betty’s in York, actually we had it for lunch.

Sorry about the photo. The scones were amazing, one was lemon flavoured and the other rose and they were delicious, and of course we had the jam/cream first debate. I am jam first , Mrs M is cream first! She says you can get more on that way, I think I could get more on my way.

Tuesday was quite a quiet day and then on Wednesday, I went to Leeds in pursuit of my family history research. I had found the burial site of my 3x Gt Grandparents. There was no headstone, maybe there never was or maybe it fell over and lies under the soil. The cemetery is now full and maintained by volunteers. Alun, chair of the volunteers kindly found and showed me where the plot is. It was a moving visit. This branch of the family worked in the woollen mills and oh how hard life must have been. The plot actually has four people there, their eldest daughter Sophie was 28 when she passed and their grandson aged 7 months, who was the younger brother of my 2x Gt Grandmother.

Afterwards I had explored a little.

The bluebells have been allowed to spread, and my aren’t they lovely. The cemetery is quite a fascinating place, I may write a separate post about it. To finish I popped into the museum opposite and availed myself of their facilities and also had a cup of coffee in their cafe.

And yesterday I went and collected my new little beauty.

There has been some knitting. Both fronts on the cardigan for Little Miss F are done and I have stared the sleeve. The Sunday scarf is now in its final stages. I have knitted my way from a cast on of 3 stitches to 130 stitches for the cast off. I should have a finish to share next week .

Later this morning I am meeting friends for coffee, we were at school together, and the cafe we meet in displays an old school photo on the wall. I expect we will have changed a little!

The weekend weather promises to be ok, I may get out in the garden, I may even clean a tad, we most probably will take Beauty for a spin, and there most certainly will be yarn.

So did you have a good week, do you have any plans for the weekend. Do tell. And please join in with the natter.

Take care and Be Happy,













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  1. Another very interesting post. I might have reached the end of the road with some of my family history lines as I can’t confirm some of the finds (at the moment). I had a lovely surprise last year while using Ancestry.com. The lady I was searching for had already been researched by someone else and they’d uploaded a photo of her. I have no photos from that side of the family at all and I just sat there staring at her open mouthed for ages. It’s a fascinating pastime πŸ™‚

    • Thank you. Yes everything has to be cross checked and verified, all too easy to find something and jump to conclusions!

  2. gillyflower said:

    Your post reminded me of the time we visited Thomas Hardy’s cottage in Dorset. The surrounding woods were full of bluebells, and it was just so magickal. Sunday is Mother’s Day here, and you’ve inspired me to serve a cream tea to my mom. I’ve only ever had one, in England, so it’s “High (Tea) Time” for another!

    • Happy Mother’s Day. I think you will all enjoy your aftrnoon tea. Although I have had holidays in Dorset I have not yet been to Thomas Hardy’s home, it sounds idyllic. Bluebell woods are just magical.

  3. We are all butter, jam, cream preferrably clotted but my daughter married a man from Devon! so they don’t agree. Good to hear you have sunshine. We have rain down here.

    • It has rained Saturday night and the sun seems to be trying to break through this morning. Glad I cut the grass yesterday.

  4. Looks like you have had a lovely week, must be jam first and clotted cream!

  5. Nothing I do this weekend can top what you have going on. Grand babies, tea, family visits and a new car to boot! Nope, can’t beat that. Enjoy it all. πŸ˜‰

  6. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    The cemetry bluebells look lovely. It must have been a special moment to find your grandparents Grace.

  7. It look slike a lovely week. The bluebells are great and I feel that wildflowers growing wild are apt for a graveyard in many ways–the beauty of nature is a great leveller. Cute little baby too! New car? Congratulations. I hope you enjoy the time with old schoolfriends–that can be so worthwhile and poignant.

    • It was a really great week and so very different to my normal weeks, never mind the difficult ones I had in April. It was super to catch up with my old school friends, we have known each other since we were 10!

  8. Doesn’t the cream make the scones soggy and then they crumble into bits? Or is it whipped cream??

    All of my husband’s family history got handed down to me last summer, and I have been able to find some ancestors we knew nothing about before now. His mom is from a town on the Gulf of Mexico, flat and sandy. But it turns out that her unknown grandparents got married in the county seat where we live now, a hundred miles inland, and covered in pine trees. They lived very close to where we are now, and HIS father is buried one town over, and the stone is still standing. I wonder if, when my husband’s parents bought this farm in 1960, his mom felt like she belonged here.

    I’m glad you are having such lovely weather and visits. Baby J is definitely a cutie!

    • Theoretically it is clotted cream, but I suspect it is whipped double cream. You only put the cream on when you are going to eat it, or I think it wouldn’t be nice. The scones are on the middle tier of the cake stand with the jam in the middle and the cream just behind the jam in the picture. You can see it is thick.
      What a fascinating discovery you made about your husband’s family. I really love delving into mine. It has got harder but I still find nuggets of information. like where these relatives had their final resting place.

  9. A lovely week for you! Baby J is getting so big! Oh my goodness they grow fast! We had a week of nice weather. And now some rain, but that’s Ok because everything is in the garden, and the cool and rain is better for the transplants as long as we get some sun! I had a week of hard practicing for a senior recital, her selections are quite a new direction from her usual. Trying to keep working on the big projects, but finally took a break and pulled out my mitten for a few rows! Have done some garment sewing and need to work on the birthday Box for Girl#2, one of her besties is flying to Rome for a week, and is taking the box in her luggage, so instant partyπŸ˜„.

    • Oh how wonderful to be able to send out the birthday box. The trouble with gardens is that weather that suits one plant doesn’t suit the next! Good luck with all the practicing.

      • Gardening is such an adventure, isn’t it? I think I’m over the hump on the new music, it is finally starting to sound like something, hopefully, the right something!

  10. What a great week! My weekend will include knitting, sewing, Mother’s Day here in the States, and lazing about I suppose.

  11. What a fun week! So many pretty things!

  12. Oh, I love an old graveyard–full of opportunities to invent stories about the people who lie there. This one looks like a fine place to take an eternal rest. Your life sounds busy and full of fun, plus a new car–so spiffy!

    • Yes she is spiffy. I love that description very much indeed. I shall have to write a post on the graveyard as I can see I am not the only one to like a good cemetery!

  13. Butter first, then jam, then cream. And open your mouth BIG…
    Beautiful bluebells. Happy that you’ve had lovely sunshine. We are having an amazing autumn – mild sunny days, little rain during the night. More rain needed but it looks like it’s coming πŸ™‚ And perfect weather forecast for tomorrow’s market – what more could an informal trader want?

    • Hoping that the weather is perfect for traders for you tomorrow. Yes big mouths are needed to do a scone justice. the lemon one was amazing.

  14. claire93 said:

    I’m with you Cathy, jam first, then cream!
    But that’s only because I don’t have a very sweet tooth, and just put on a smidgen of jam before a great dollop of cream.

  15. So very poignant visiting old graveyards (especially when the bluebells are as beautiful as that) and finding your long-passed relatives. Yes, what extraordinarily awful lives so many of them had – heartbreaking really. You wonder how they kept going – I guess that’s the human spirit coming through …

    • I can’t imagine how awful it must have been to loose a daughter and a grandson. Emma was only 62 when she died of brochial troubles, but her husband who worked in the woollen mills till into his 70s, lived to 81 and died of old age. He married a second time but choose to be buried in the plot with wife one. Second wife survived him and I wondered if she choose not to put up a headstone because there were 4 people buried together.

  16. Ooo Cathy! so much to natter about – most important issue to begin with – Jam First! then pile on the cream.
    That is a smart and shiny motor – you will have fun with her – now we both have red cars.
    Adorable Baby J!!!!!!!!! My word he’s bonny, and sitting on a crochet blanket playing with Nana’s fabric ball on a sunny day – joy!
    That graveyard is so pretty with its bluebells. I think you and I could spend many happy hours togethr in graveyards! Little pocket histories. I too went in search of a my Greatgrandfather’s grave (in January) and was quite shocked and moved to discover that there was no headstone for him or my Great Grandmother who lies with him. He was quite a wealthy man and had owned vast stretches of land in his time, so I had expected to see a headstone – it was rather a bleak little plot. My sisters and I are wondering about putting a stone there.

    Weekends at the moment are havens of peace for me after busy weeks, so I’m hoping the weather will be good enough for some gentle gardening in between the crochet.

    Happy Weekend!

    • I am rather falling in love with my new little beauty. The colour is Desire Red! I had a red skoda felicia about twenty years ago. Mr J had it after me when he learned to drive, then he sold it to his girl friend who sold it to her brother who rolled it into a ditch!
      I love graveyards, and this one was a rather good one being in Leeds. Very Victorian. I had wondered about doing something headstone wise for my relatives too, but where would I stop? In the end I made a cross from twigs and laid it on top.
      I am hoping too for some gardening, although I shall have to wield scary lawnmower at some point, and some yarny recreation.
      The crochet blanket was one of the first I ever made, maybe 30 years ago. There is some yarn in it from the cardigan I made for Mr J’s christening. Baby J is a solid little boy, seven months old now, where did the time go too?

  17. A busy week for you!
    The sun looks to have set in properly here today – finally! – it’s not often I’m envious of your weather but I was last weekend.
    I did some bluebell hunting when I was in the U.K. (the weekend before the sunny one 😦 ) but only managed to see some from the window of the train and a few scattered ones here and there. We don’t have them here – not the right climate, although you could be forgiven for thinking so lately.
    You mention knitting but how are you getting on with your Eastern Jewels? Mind you, if you’re anything like me, you alternate between projects as the fancy takes you. At the moment I’ve got a circular blanket and a mouse head on the hooks and a pair of socks (still) on the needles. Not to mention half a dress on a dress form.
    I am a ‘jam first’ person but, where fresh scones are concerned, I can be persuaded either way.

    • Oh I do hope you are having nice weather, it so lifts people’s moods. Over the years I have bought bluebells and put them all over the garden and we have loads now. They are just so pretty and the smell is divine.
      Poor Eastern jewels blanket. Still on the second tile. I have to concentrate to do it and to do the cardigan so progress is slow. The Sunday scarf is garter stitch, so I can do that when I am tired in the evenings, which is why I shall be completing that first. Then I shall go at the cardigan and then find one easy knitting project for evenings and really concentrate on Eastern Jewels.

  18. What a lovely week you’ve had Cathy 😊

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