Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

I found this months hunt rather hard and raided my archive for the majority of them, however they each have a story to tell. Let’s go.

Swirl– these bracken fronds  open up with such a swirl to start the Spring. Taken yesterday morning in the rain. They grow round our pond.


Rock– well there is only one Rock- the infamous Alcatraz, picture taken on our holiday to San Fransisco, in 2012.

Wood– this one taken from my big adventure in a hot air balloon in 2014. I just love the textures of the canopy.

Letter– this still makes me laugh. The knitting needle bag my son gave me.

Balance– Mr J on a walk near the North York Moors railway.

My own choice, my dear Dad at his last proper birthday celebration, April 2013. Miss you Dad.

Linking with Kate’s photo hunt. 

Please go and visit and see how much better everyone else managed.

Comments on: "April photo scavenger hunt." (30)

  1. I’m so envious that you went up in a hot air balloon – I’d love to do that some day – great picture of the wood from the air. Your knitting bag cracked me up 🙂 sometimes knitting feels like that when I’ve made a mistake several rows back in a wool that doesn’t like being ripped out, humph!

  2. Great collection. I liked rock, swirl and wood especially.

  3. Great photos. A balloon ride would be amazing, but not sure I’m game enough anymore. Love your swirl & balance. Take care.

  4. A really interesting archive of images, intriged by you visit to Alcatraz, could only imagine being stranded their if I could access to lots of yarn to create in solitude.

    • It was a really fascinating place to visit, we loved it so much. The strange part is how close to San Fransisco it really is.

  5. Great photos for the words. You are brave to do a balloon ride. I can see the draw but wouldn’t have the courage.

  6. hawthorn-livelovecraft said:

    Lovely photos and stories, ooh I would love to go up in a hot air balloon! but my favourite is the gentle spring curling bracken fronds – thank you for joining in x

    • Thank you, thoroughly enjoyable. I should have more time this month for photos. The hot air balloon was just wonderful.

  7. Great photos! I have to disagree about the rock though, you’ll see why if you visit my blog.
    Your wood snap is stunning and your knitting needle bag gave me a smile.

  8. Great photos and lovely memories 🙂 I’ve often thought I’d like to go up in a hot air balloon but I’m not sure I would dare. I’m not frightened of heights but I’d be worried about it losing height and crashing 😦

    • I felt very safe. It was a Virgin flight and they don’t take off unless the conditions are good. Descent was quite slow to the end and then we bumped a couple of times across the field that had had potatoes in. Then we helped fold up the balloon and were given champagne to celebrate before being given a lift back to our cars. Go for it, such fun.

  9. This is a creative set of photos in response to the challenge words!

  10. juliecaisey said:

    Great photos, especially of the treetops

    Julie xxxxxxx

  11. I love the picture of your dad! So touching. I see him living on in your photo of Mr J.
    The knitting bag is priceless! :o)

    • I agree my so Mr J does look like Dad, as do I think Mr J’s two boys Master H and Baby J. I love my knitting bag, when I first opened it I was laughing and laughing.

  12. I do like swirl! I should have thought of that one… Alcatraz is a wonderful rock, so pleased you selected it for rock. You are brave to go up in a hot air balloon; my Beloved went up in one but I stayed in the car and followed its progress around Clapham!

    • Alcatraz was very interesting to visit, I would have hated to be incarcarated there. The hot air balloon was really good. So much fun.

  13. You have done really well! I love the unfurl for swirl. It must have been wonderful having an air balloon trip and thats a great knitting bag. 🙂

    • Thank you, I was pleased to think of the fronds for swirl. The hot air balloon was a wonderful experience, and seeing the trees was incredible, the different colours and textures, you ust wanted to reach out and tounch them. The knitting bag makes me smile nearly every day.

  14. Lovely photos! Especially like swirl, also wood and rock – great to have records of those memories:)

  15. What a lovely set of photos.
    You went up in a hot air balloon!!!!!! Wow! I’m very impressed – I couldn’t do that!
    What wonderful memories you have. ❤

    • It was on my bucket list and my sons bought it for me as a Mothers Day gift, and it was a wonderful experience which I can highly recommend.

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