Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Knit and Natter Friday!

Wasn’t the weather last weekend just wonderful here in the UK? The view from through the French windows  early in the morning with the sunlight playing on the hedge just filled me with joy.

As did my son and Mr B and his fiancée Miss G. They were lovely visitors. Encouraged Mr E ( who is doing well) with laughter and words, and helped me so much in the garden, chopping down ivy from the garage roof where I couldn’t reach and helping me with scary new lawnmower which turned out not to be scary at all. They deserved a cuppa in a local cafe.

After they left on the Sunday I took some flowers to my Dad’s grave. It would have been his birthday this week and I wanted some quiet moments of reflection.

Then I took a walk round the village and browsed an antique shop as you do, and GUESS WHAT. I found a WW1 sawdust heart, priced £75 , way beyond my pocket.

But it shows everything I had been reading about them. The use of preprinted pictures. The circles are called coloured wheels, there are sequins and beads, and the edging has braid and tassels. The only surprise is that it is actually much bigger than the one I have to make.

So this week I have added seed beads to the letters on mine. These just got lost in the felt. Next I tried adding sequins, but try as I might I couldn’t get them legible across the heart, it is too small and if I made the letters bigger the word Remember no longer fitted in , added to which they just looked garish. Out they came. However, I must say I can see why they were used for soldiers with shell shock, pushing the sequins, beads and pins in was very therapeutic.

So I settled for adding yellow to the stitching and made a composite stitch. I added just three sequins on the front, and now I am living with it , to see what I think. Across the back I added a short row of sequins to join the backing fabric together. I very much wanted to have some sequins somewhere, as per the instructions, to pay homage to the occupational therapy for the soldiers of WW1.

Yarn and Pencil wrote a wonderful post about junk journalling. Oh my does it look good , but also such fun. I admired her creativity. I looked at the materials. I thought I have kept oodles of paper and well stuff from other crafts and bits and bobs pulled off everything. Could I make one? Cue, massive rummage through all my boxes of goodies. Then a rummage round charity shops. Then a trip to the craft shops. Now the floor in the guest bedroom is littered with , well , junk. All I need now is the courage to get going.

There are 1000s of You Tubes on the subject, mostly from the USA, so I have been trying to figure out which glue does what. And what is the difference between junk journals, scrapbooking, art journals, smash books etc. I am now over thinking the whole thing. And although there are all these You Tubes, there don’t seem to be any books or very little written down anywhere. I really do like the idea of putting all my stuff to some use. Watch this space as the saying goes. Have you ever tried jounalling and have you any handy tips to pass on please?

Sandra at Wild Daffodil posted an update on her coastal crochet blanket, which is lovely btw, but resulted in a flurry of comments, culminating in a visit to Nudinits webpage. Oh my! I did laugh. Do check it out for a good giggle, thank you Sandra.

From there it was a short hop over to Amazon, where I thought I might buy the knitting book, till I read that only two characters were in the book. But Amazon don’t let you go that easily. “Here are some books others looked at.” they say. WHY, did I fall for that old chestnut? Needless to say two books are now on their way to me, which come on, I really don’t need. Have you seen my cupboards, floors, corners of all the rooms? Do I need some sort of therapy? I wonder is there a book for that…. no, don’t go there.

You see I have a reputation to live up too now. It was St George’s day this week and Little Miss F’s nursery was doing all about St George and the dragon. Miss F just had to take in

You know who. Apparently, and I have this on good authority via the teachers and Mrs T, that Little Miss F said ” MY NanaCathy made this. She can make ANYTHING”.

So of course I need oodles of stuff don’t I?

Which is all a very long way of saying there is not much output to share this week. The Sunday scarf is a bit longer and a lot wider. And the Eastern Jewels tile blanket has a corner and a triangle and part of the next tile.

And a few more ends to stitch in.

A gal can’t do everything now , can I? Unless anyone knows a way of making all the things and have a clean house and food on the table and a pretty garden.

One last picture to finish with.

You just can’t beat a picture of blossom and blue skies. Who knows the rain may hold off a little this weekend , so we can enjoy more of the same.

Love to know your plans for the weekend, mine include,yarn, paper, glue, thread oh and maybe some floor cleaning. That would be me using the stuff I have, it counts as tidying doesn’t it, if I lift it off the floor and do something with it.

Have a great weekend and Be Happy,


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (35)

  1. I’m not going to follow you into the journal making tunnel…. Think my hands are full with spinning just now. If you do ever find that Holy Grail…. You know…. The one that solves the “make all the things, put food on the table, have a clean house and a pretty garden” (I need to add in do all the school work and keep the children alive!) problem….. Please make sure you let us all know. 😂😂😂💜

    • Oh I will for sure. My list would include care of husband and worry about grown up sons and the grand children. I tried spinning once and loved it, so far have not taken it further. At the time it was cost that out me off. If I can make something with things I already have then I will go for it..

  2. There was so much good news here I didn’t know where to start so I had to come back to it. I have a houseful of company this week and was starting to wear a little thin. I’m so happy your son came to help a bit with his sweet fiance. That’s what’s happening here so I know how important it is. Glad the Mr is doing a bit better. I agree with Pauline on the journal making. Just play with it and see what happens. Loved the antique heart. What a fascinating bit of history. Your knitting is in such happy colors that it starts this gloomy day off quite nicely. I’d like to go make something with happy colors now. It will have to wait at least one more day. Today will be family day. They will all be here.

    • Family days are just the best! I hope you had a great time. I have another weekend of family coming up shortly. They have been marvellous. I hope you get to be creative with happy colours soon. Have a super Sunday.

  3. I’m a bit late to the party! Is the kettle still on?
    Thanks so much for the mention – I did not see that there were only two patterns in the Nudi book and ordered it – you have a Nana’s Eagle Eye! I’ll share some pics with you when it comes. You gave me such a giggle with that whole riff!!!! Delighted to hear that you and Mr E are bouncing back – let’s hope for some decent weather so that you can both do some basking as well as bouncing.
    That heart!!! Thank you, inspirational – I must get on with mine – it feels so precious, I’m feeling a bit intimidated – but that is SILLY! so perhaps I’ll look at it again this weekend.
    Lovely to hear of Little Miss F and the Dragon – off it went to school – just like Owly 😉 the creatures you make are very sociable!
    Love your Eastern Jewels tiles – they look gorgeous!
    I’d love to get out in the garden this weekend, but it is still so wet! So it might just have to be a crafting w/e, probably a bit more crochet. Then meeting up with an old friend for supper tonight in a local pub for a good old natter and catch up.
    Happy crafting!

    • Glad you got the kettle on today. Your day sounds good fun , especially the supper and natter.
      I was intimidated by my heart, till I decided to just go for it. I printed off the template to get my pattern. I think it helped that I was using something I had made a while ago and not done anything with, I am always ok cutting into old stuff, it’s new scary stuff that frightens me. Why not make a trial cover before going at your lovely fabric?
      I think you would love to make a junk journal, right up your street.
      The battery on this tablet is rubbish, I think it will turn off any second, so best of luck with the heart, and have a super Saturday. xx

  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post so much. Thanks for the mention.
    I’ve got so many ideas buzzing in my head. I haven’t quite completed my third junk journal that has a single signature as I’ve been busy making the additions for inside this one and other future journals. Each one is an improvement on the last in some way which is good. I’m going to make the next one three signatures.
    I’d say to just get started. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you make 🙂 💐🌸🌼💛

    • I was really inspired by your post. I have never watched so many you tube videos in my life. Today I decided not to make a “real ” junk journal but an experimental junk journal instead, one I can learn on. I had so much fun and have a cover painted and one sheet of paper painted.And as it’s only an experiment it can’t go wrong. Thank you for giving me so much fun this week, with your fantastic post.

    • I keep meaning to make a junk journal – I will enjoy looking at your post this weekend Yarnandpencil.

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Well I think Little Ms F has hit the nail right on the head, so looking forward to seeing your next project.

  6. claire93 said:

    it’s amazing how some sunshine really helps to cheer life up isn’t it? Plus the good news that Mr E is doing well. Is he able to sit out in the garden and enjoy the good weather, watching you all slave away?
    I also thought it was so lovely to hear that Little Miss F has been telling teacher and class mates that her NanaCathy can make anything!!! You’ve certainly got a reputation to live up to now!

    • He sat out once, and I kept him company!! Only good manners. It’s nice that Little Miss F thinks I can make anything, but what do I do when she finds out the truth! You take care of yourself, and thank you.xx

  7. This weekend Mr Snail is doing his 21 mile sponsored walk, so I will be delivering him to the start and collecting him from the end tomorrow. In between I plan to spend some time learning how to get my overlocker to do a different stitch from the one I usually use – one which involves disabling one of the lower loopers and only using three threads rather than four and which, apparently, results in a super-stretchy stitch. It’s all terribly intimidating and I’d really love to attend a class with a real person to teach me, but I can’t find one locally. Sadly I also need to spend some time sorting out my accounts this weekend, which I find remarkably stressful always. I’m also going to make a dishcloth from some new textured cotton that I picked up from Red Apple Yarn when I was there yesterday minding the shop (well, you have to test the stock sometimes).
    I am determinedly not looking at the scrapbooking stuff… I mustn’t get seduced by any other crafty activity!

    • Good luck to Mr Snail, full of admiration for people who take on these feats. Also good luck to you and a scary overlocker, they do look intimidating having seen them on the Sewing Bee. Accounts, it’s all I can do to find lots of bits of paper anf file them in some semblance of order for the accountant to do the necessary.Now the new yarn I can relate too. Of course you had to sample the wares, someone might have asked a question, and you would need to know the answer.
      I have spent a happy afteroon with a piece of cardboard from the inside of a new shirt packaging, some paints which must be 20 years old, a doily of similiar vintage, some scrap printer paper and a dried flower. Amazing how much fun one woman can have for free….
      Have a lovely weekend.

  8. What an adventure your sawdust heart has been, and how wonderful to actually see an original one too! I agree with Miss F, you can make anything! Glad to hear Mr. E is doing well and the visit with family was good on many fronts. Those journals are fascinating, but I’m not feeling brave enough to go there yet! My weekend…outside finally to plant cabbage seedlings and some beets and turnips I think. Found a pack of flower seeds too, and some gladioli bulbs that may be good so will try them as well in a planter. Inside, more hours working on that crazy Mozart piece that still “needs more polish and phrasing,” and hopefully some time on each of the big projects currently in progress. Maybe some stitching outside on Saturday?! 😍 Spring is finally here!

    • Good luck with the Mozart and getting some stitching done. The garden can be non stop work in the Spring can’t it. And too easy to get planting before it is really warm enough.Have a good weekend Kathy.

  9. Cleaning and cooking? Who needs them! Just stay in your craft room all day and wait for the fairies to do all the other stuff.

  10. The saw dust heart! What a nice surprise to see! I’m glad someone saved it, surely someone will treasure it again!

    The journal sounds like something I need to do. Over the years I have saved a lot of bits and pieces ,like 4″ of leftover lace saved from a Laura Ashley dress sewn for a daughter in the 80s. I thought I’d use it for something, I used to make little stuffed mice. Now it just makes me happy seeing these little saved things and remembering what they were used for. Too small to be used again. Perfect for a journal. I had never seen this type of journal! They just think of everything!

    I too fall for that amazon trick. This week I could have kicked myself- never again! :o)

    You know me- sewing-sewing-sewing. Eight pair of linen/poly pants for my 14 year old son. Fabric from the 90s used to make his older brother (now 37) pants when he was 12. Love how my youngest son is not picky! I guess when you have old parents you grow up different. :o)

    • Oh yes the Laura Ashley dress lace would look just perfect in a junk journal, I can see it in my minds eye right now.
      Oh what book did you buy this week or was it something completely different?
      Hope the sewing goes well this weekend.

      • Pants all sewn up, waiting for non-roll elastic for the waists to arrive from Amazon on Wed. (so much for 2 day shipping- I odered Friday) and then to be hemmed after elastic is in.

        If I never sew another cargo pants side flap pocket, I’ll be a happy sewer! LOL!

        So a week ago I ordered this lovely book-

        I really like the patterns. But then Amazon recommended these as well-

        and I buckled, bought them, they came, I’m not impressed. :o(
        ugh – will I ever learn?
        (hope the links work)

        • The links worked and I might well have buckled too. I also like the look of the embroidered mandalas book. My knitting books have arrived in double quick time. They are wonderful. But I counted today I have five large bags each containing several lots of yarn with patterns for this that and the other, whch I should crack on with first. I shall save these two new books to make something for Little Miss F for her autumn birthday and Christmas. Just too little time.

  11. Lovely post again. I never tire of your enthusiasm 🙂. It’s still really cold up north with lots of sunshine. Great for gardening and crafting this weekend.

    • I popped out in the garden this morning thinking the weather was ok, turns out a nasty cold slow rain was falling, a bit of weed pulling to show willing was all I managed. Hopefully there will be a dry spell sometime.

  12. That’s great that you found the sawdust heart. Very appropriate! I will be interested to see your junk journal if you start one. Have never heard of one before. Hoping to get a couple of good walks in this weekend. It will be excellent if the rain keeps off. x

    • I love it when you share your walks, you could make a walking junk journal. I am thinking of doing one for 30 days wild. Last years notes are just written in the middle of an oridnary notebook and I would love something a bit more special.

      • I need to sign up for that! I have started a Nature Diary, just of my sightings. So I guess thats pretty similar. X

  13. Oh, right! You need another hobby! HA! But the journalling sounds like fun (although crocheting those nude people sounds like more fun, to me, at least!) I *cannot* believe you found a sawdust heart! Such serendipity and of course it makes your whole project so much more real and pressing. You sound happy and energetic–glad things re going so well!

    • I am currently wondering if I could give up sleeping and so fit in more crafting hours. I do like the idea of using the crafty bits I have had for years though. I was amazed to find the sawdust heart because normally I would give the militeria section of anywhere a miss. I am not quite certain what made me go round that particular corner that day. But so glad I did.And yes it did make what I was trying to achieve that much more real.
      I do feel fine at the moment. I think I was so worried for about a year about Mr E’s health, that now I am enjoying the bounce back.

  14. Your post popped into my box just as I was shutting down for the evening Cathy, so I thought I’d just quickly pop in and out ….. but oh dear, this wasn’t a quick visit at all…… I’ve made a few journals from assorted papers in the past. The one thing I learnt is there are no rules and you just get creative and make them, hopefully to use. I now make my art journals up as I go, working mostly on mixed media paper and I bind the pages together as I go and bind it up when I feel the book will be heavy enough or I have reached the end. No rules see 🙂 Everybody makes them for different reasons and uses them differently so go ahead and have fun!

    That sawdust heart in the shop must have been a joy for you to find – what a wonderful opportunity to ogle a real one! But I guess, like the journals, every heart will be different. I’m looking forward to seeing yours finished.

    It’s lovely that the family rallied around and helped out with the garden and that hubby is coming along nicely too – and the sun is shining! 🙂 You guys had a long hard winter it seems, so many of the UK bloggers I follow are mentioning really enjoying the warmth and sunshine. It’s still pretty mild here after a short spell of wintry weather earlier in the month – maybe that’s all we are getting. A girl can dream! I’m going to busy painting and mixed media-ing and making luggage tags this weekend and hoping to get started on a canvas when they are done. And crocheting 🙂 Have a good weekend, Pauline

    • Pauline, your weekend sounds just lovely. Thank you for the tips on journalling. I love the idea of making a nature one for myself. I think I shall just have to bite the bullet and get on with it. I see from various comments that people have to give themselves a push to start, if it rains as is now predicted, maybe that will be my push.
      I was so thrilled to see a real life sawdust heart. Put me in touch somehow with the people behind the whole project and to think how long ithas survived.
      Sorry I delayed your bedtime, but I am glad I did, so I could hear from you.

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