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Unraveled Wednesday

Progress on the new cardigan for Little Miss P. The left front is done and I have marked out where the corresponding buttonholes will be on the right front. This pattern has the button band added onto the main body of the cardigan, so not so much picking up of stitches will be required.

It’s looking more pink and less flowery than I’d expected. Hoping the right front gets more flowers and less pink.

I’ve been busy working on the dresden plate block for Kate’s quilt for charity. Wasn’t happy with how it looked when I added it to the plain background, so undid that bit and started over. Pleased with how it looks now and hope to post it to Australia next week. I’ll post a picture once it’s safely there.

Meantime the sun has been shining and I’ve spent a lot of time outside working on my little patch of garden. Cut the grass this morning, but left a bit long for the bees and insects. Not for the greenfly and slugs, they can jolly well go away please. And the snails can do one.

Lots of reading too. I went to the library a while since to collect my reservations ( an aside.. had to renew my annual reservation pass today. Mentioned to the librarian that I had had good value from it, £1.50 per book without a pass. £30 for unlimited books. She said she’d noticed my name came up a lot, and was pleased to put a name to a face, that’s nice). Anyway to get back to what I was saying, when I was there before I noticed one of their table displays on gardening, and in amongst various gardening guru books there were novels. This is the first of the two I borrowed.

Set in 1956 in Florence and surrounding countryside, a Cambridge undergraduate is investigating a private garden made in the 16th century and uncovering skullduggery. Perfect light read for my post gardening and preknitting daily activity.

Joining with Kat and others for more yarny goings on. Do please pop over for a read. Link here-http://askatknits.com/2023/05/24/unraveled-wednesday-5-24-23/


Comments on: "Unraveled Wednesday" (16)

  1. Little Miss P’s cardigan is just lovely! Looks like a fun novel 🙂

  2. Looking forward to seeing your Kate block. I’m just about to start mine.

  3. Savage Garden sounds like the flowers are battling each other for supremacy of the flower patch or something – ha! Hope it is good reading!
    That cardigan is coming along nicely – it is so happy and sweet looking!

  4. Such a sweet sweater!
    And, your librarian’s comment re: faces to names… When my kids were homeschooling, I spoke with a phone librarian for searches/holds/requests ALL the time. Her name was Sally. A few years ago, I was picking up holds on site, and she’d transferred from the call center to a branch library. I can’t tell you what fun it was, for both of us, to put faces to names! She said she recognized my voice as soon as I approached the desk! I just love these things that make our worlds a little small, snugger, closer. ♥

  5. Love the sweater, it’s going to be so pretty, book looks good too!

  6. Going Batty in Wales said:

    Sounds a productive time for you! Our library makes no charge for reserving books thank goodness.

  7. I love spring garden work… it is such a great diversion for the day. (Now July and August garden work… not so much!) Your sweater is moving right along and looks simply adorable!

  8. Agreeing with Kathy about the sweater & book… will be looking it up over this side the pond. Happy gardening! 🤗

  9. I ❤️ that sweater, the colors are just perfect for a little girl. That book sounds good, will have to look for it.

  10. Lovely gentle pusuits going on in your corner of Wiltshire 🙂

  11. Oooh, exciting! I’ve been stitching a dresden plate too, for the same reason. Can’t wait to see your photo.

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