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The 2020 Gonna List

The things I am gonna do this year…..

1 Read my way across Europe- I will almost certainly need some recomendations to help me choose books from European authors. Suggestions welcome. Countries so far- Finland, Hungary,

2 Visit the Eden Project-

3 Knit a scarecrow-

4 Knit mice-

5 Knit socks-

6 Unspecified wildlfe project-

7 Make a junk journal- or get over fear of constructing one.

8 Make that football quilt for grandson H-

9 Finish rail fence quilt

10 Complete the stitchbook project- I am keeping up to date with this and really enjoying it, coming out of my comfort zone and learning new techniques. I write about it on my other blog https://avoicethroughstitch.wordpress.com

11 Complete any other UFO- no shortage of things to go at. Taking a leaf from Kate whose word this year is FINISH.

Vintage fabric box-

12 Make a piece of art…. mmm

13 Visit an art gallery- January 2020- The Woodend Art Gallery in Scarborough.

14 Visit Filey-

15 Do a walk over five miles- getting a bit lazy in my old age.

16 Go to see a movie- David Copperfield- January

17 Go to see a play-

18 Pick strawberries

19 Start to write up family history- I don’t mean the dry stuff, but the stories of my parents and brother, it’s the least I can do for the family. I have a notebook, I do prefer pen and paper.- Ongoing, January, February,

20- Do the Big Garden Bird count- January 2020

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