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A Big Adventure!

Or York as you have never seen her.

My birthday was seven months ago, but my birthday gifts have been enjoyed throughout this time. Mr T was responsible for the Ancestry DNA kit which set me off on my family tree research again, then came Mr B’s gift of theatre tickets in Stratford and Mr J gave me a wonderful garden pot, which was finally put in situ at the start of May. It is very big, I can’t lift it at all.

And then came Mr E’s birthday gift.  But what ? Well here’s how I spent Saturday.

Having a big adventure by helicopter.

Bye Mr E, and thank you for this birthday present.


and up

to York,  that’s the university below

York railway and railway museum

The Minster is really quite small from above,

On zoom

Clifford’s Tower

The race course

the River Ouse

Coming down

Hello again .

Well what a birthday present. What a birthday! Thank you family and thank you for humouring me and reading my post. I almost like getting older.

Ok so back to the washing, ironning, cooking and cleaning. Blow it I have paint and yarn to play with! Where’s my knitting?



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