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Knit and Natter Friday!

I saw an article in the paper about a Yarnbombing event in the nearby village of Appleton-le -Moors. The idea was to gather knitters and spinners together to create scarves to stretch end to end in the village. Scarves to be sold at the end of the weekend.Tea, coffee , cake and chatter were on offer and all were welcome. Proceeds to Macmillan Nurses.

Off I went.

When I arrived there was a shearing demonstration of Alpacas in the garden of the village hall.

The shorn and the waiting to be shorn.

All done!

Inside there was spinning. And there were knitters. But to be honest I don’t think there would be much yarn bombing going on. This is the sum of one and half hours knitting from me, and I was fast by comparison to others.

It’s the first time I have knitted with others and it was rather nice to knit and natter for real.  The experience reminded me that a good thing about life in a village is being part of a community project. The rather harder part is that feeling of awkwardness when you are the new person in a group of people. It set me thinking about the Stranger Within and how to set about making someone feel welcome and part of a group when everyone else is very well-known to each other. It seems especially relevant when we have refugees arriving in the UK and Europe. It’s one thing to say you are welcome here, but what do we actually do to help someone integrate into the wider community? I throw the thought out there.

Meantime I have finished the pink jumper with the cable heart for Little Miss F.

And started my next project, which is a  4 ply cardigan for a yet to be born baby. Who by the way is another boy.

Time for another sheep picture, this one from Appleton-le-Moors where the sheep roam freely through the village.

Couldn’t go without a sheep picture, after all where would this post be without sheep?

Love to know your knitting plans for the weekend, please join in the chatter and natter.




Yarnbomb delivery!

Yesterday I set off with my little box of wooly goodness to deliver it to  The Grange Range.

In case you have missed the posts about this yarn bombing it is to take place in a couple of weeks time at a Doctors surgery in Scarborough. All donated items are to be auctioned off at the end of the weekend and given to two good causes , both of which are very dear to my heart, being the hospital and hospice where my Dad was this year.

I knew I was at the right place when I drove past this tree.

embroidered rabbit 1, aug 14 005

already yarn bombed for the big weekend.

I couldn’t have been made more welcome. Nor so delighted to see just a fraction of the items that have been sent in from all round the world from fellow bloggers, so many that the Grange Range sends her apologies for not yet being able to thank people on her blog, so I said I would send an interim thank you, till she has some blogging time.

I saw a Snail of happiness from here and so many Bower Birds like these from Love Lucie, pattern by Attic 24.

Have a little look at what I saw

embroidered rabbit 1, aug 14 006

Ducks, owls and a frog. Did you ever see such adorable baby owls in a nest with their Mama Owl behind.

How about these

embroidered rabbit 1, aug 14 007

flowers of every shape and colour you could imagine.

But what was in my box

Knitting - aug 14 004

Open up

Knitting - aug 14 006

Clearly a garden needs more flowers

Knitting - aug 14 010

and some creatures

Knitting - aug 14 009

a mouse, a bee and a ladybird, how about

Knitting - aug 14 008

a gnome or

Knitting - aug 14 012

Little Miss Muffet, and all gardens needs an

Knitting - aug 14 007

an artist in residence, Pierre I think he is called Pierre Le Blanc!!

We had time for lunch in a nearby tea room , smoked salmon, scrambled eggs on a buttered muffin with Earl Grey tea and cake to follow. That carrot cake was Dee Licious. A lovely lovely lunch with a lovely lovely lady. The first time I met a fellow blogger and it couldn’t have been any nicer.

Best of luck to the Grange Range Yarn Bombing weekend.

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