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Yarn Along!

13.1.16 005

Knitting wise I have nearly finished the little cardigan for Miss F, just the button band to do, then seams to join and ends to sew in. Next time you see this there will be buttons on the front too, and something else on the needles. The pattern is Sirdar 1894, which can be obtained here.

Two books on the go. The first is my bedtime reading, The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, its the third in a series set in Barcelona, but only the second I have read. A mystery story with books at their centre. The other is my day time reading when I have a slot of time in which I can concentrate properly to the words on the page. My Great Grandfather was Clerk to the Governors ( ie legal adviser on the Poor Law) of the Pickering workhouse and I was interested to read some first hand accounts of life in the Workhouse seen from the viewpoint of residents, staff, political thinkers, and workhouse inspectors. If anyone had a relative with connections to a workhouse in whatever capacity I can recommend this book as highly readable.

One of my challenges to myself this year has been to read some non fiction and some people have recommended me some good books they have enjoyed. I have now written myself a list to take to the Library to keep my eyes open for. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions, and in the meantime if you have any good recommendations for non fiction I would love to hear them.

Joining with Ginny for some Yarn Alongs

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