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Sunday Sevens

Inspired by Thread and Bobbins I have taken pictures of my week again. None of the topics would run to a full post but they show how my days pass by, which is much quicker than they used to!

First of all we had one one of theses.

9.8.2015 010

41 years!  ssh! So then we had a lovely meal out to get over the shock Celebrate!

5.8.15 009

That is mushroom and brie wellington and new potatoes and carrots and parsnips.Yummy!

There was some baking this week, with the masses of blackcurrants still coming from Dad’s garden. There were Blackcurrant flapjacks, recipe was for blackcurrant energy bars but I changed so many of the ingredients I won’t show the link. Now they look messy, all my bakes do, but by golly are they sticky fantastic!

5.8.15 001

And blackcurrant teabread, I used white caster sugar as that was what was in my cupboard.

5.8.15 002

And it was very tasty.

I don’t know what has got into Mr E, he keeps making me order more wool, Why, I have plenty, it has to stop, really it does!!!!

I NEED to make Little Miss F a Peppa Pig jumper. Had the devil’s own job tracking down a supplier who had all the colours I needed. Somewhere I had read about the Wool Warehouse. I was so impressed. They were cheaper than anywhere else. The parcel arrived in double quick time and it looked so lovely when it arrived.

5.8.15 011

In its own bag. Aaah.

I finally finished knitting and stitching together all the bits for my two colour cardigan. We had a trip to Boyes in Malton. I found the perfect buttons.

5.8.15 012

Now look really carefully at this picture, can you see the problem? Answer at the end!!

We went strawberry picking at our local Strawberry Fields fruit farm. By golly they are super.

9.8.2015 008

That is seven pictures. But I seem to spend most of my time outside in the garden , weeding, so here’s an extra picture of my handywork.

5.8.15 013

Did you see the problem. A button with just one hole. The moral of the tale is always check your buttons for the requisite number of holes!! Hope you enjoyed my week, I certainly did.





Yarn Along!

Sometimes I wonder if I start too many things at once, and usually I know the answer is YES. I have been working on four things this last week which has left no time for writing, although I have read my favourite blogs all week. And of course my current book.

29.1.14 006

The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan. ( An account of the Dust Bowl in the 30’s) . Now starting chapter 11, the dusters have started and I am finding myself surprisingly emotional as the account is told through the memories of people who were children in the 30s, and to see their folks dreams literally vanishing is heart breaking. A fascinating book and a salutary lesson to all.

I have started some new knitting- this time for Brother T, formerly known as Master T, somehow his name has changed in my mind, since little Miss F came on the scene.. I digress. The colour in the picture is rubbish, the yarn is navy and the stripe sort of dull gold.

I have finished my latest offering for Little Miss F- the one that caused me aggro two weeks ago. Here she is.

29.1.14 004

And the buttons in close up for all us button fans.

29.1.14 005

The pattern is Sirdar 1438 and the wool is Sirdar Crofter shade 148.

I have two places where I like to buy my wool. This yarn came from Knitwell Wool, and if you get in quick they still have their January Sale on.

Yes I succumbed and bought more wool, no I didn’t NEED it, but……

Can a NANA have too much wool?

Of course not…

Joining in with Ginny for Yarn Along.

Yarn Along!

St Gregory's Minster Aug 2013 032

My knitting is coming along nicely for the New Little Somebody ( For whom I have Pink Thoughts!). This creation however is in cream with the sweetest little motif on the front, which you can just about see- it is not complete yet, but can you tell what it might be? Last night I finished the second sleeve, so maybe ready for a final show next week.

Meantime I have finished all 900+ pages of Parade’s End by Ford Madox Ford. Set immediately, before , during and after the First World War, it followed the experience of one man and his family. In essence it can be summed up with the phrase “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”! The woman being the hero’s wife who makes his life a total disaster zone, wrecking his reputation, his career in the civil service and in the army, whilst refusing to divorce him until the final chapter! It is written in four parts which were published 2 years apart, so the structure is very bizarre with lots of repetitions  of events told from all characters perspective. Over 900 pages this was exceptionally irritating. The parts which covered life in the trenches was illuminating in someway as it told of problems with equipment, transport etc- sounded very similar to problems with sand in rifles in Afghanistan- clearly the army doesn’t learn from the past! Do I recommend the book an emphatic No- but the TV series by the BBC was enjoyable and told the tale from A-Z with no repetitions!

So it was with great joy I started The Rose Labyrinth by Titania Hardie.   I got over the author’s name which has to be a pen name doesn’t it, and started to read. Nicely written it is best described as Kate Mosse meets Dan Brown, I just hope that it doesn’t let me down with a disappointing end… more next week.

Joining with Ginny  for

Love to know if you have read either of the books I mentioned and what you are reading now. Do drop by and see what everyone else is doing this week.

Yarn Along!

I finished the little white matinee jacket at the weekend with three smiley face buttons. I did not like this fiddly pattern and so it has now gone to a charity shop where I hope it is found by someone who likes it.26.6.13 011

As for the book I am reading Parade’s End- well I am half way through now. Teitjans the hero (Benedict Cumberbatch in the TV series) is about to be sent to the front line looking after horses, his wife inexplicably is also in France- she has reminisced about her infidelities and now fancies the pants off her husband who couldn’t care a fig for her as long as she looks after their son and is not a disgrace! So nothing has happened really since last week. But it is very good for bedtime reading.

So what’s new..

26.6.13 012

I have three lovely sons and two gorgeous grandsons and Miss J who was three when I became her step grandmother, but I have not known the joy of a baby granddaughter. Now there is apparently an 85% chance that the new little somebody is a Girl. All think PINK now. If my son and daughter in law can talk about their new daughter then I am chancing a few Pink knits. This is Sirdar Crofter and I have done the back and two fronts!

As for the book. Well I treated myself to a Kindle this year, which now contains some holiday reading, but somehow I can’t get out of the habit of looking at books in charity shops, and indeed some books are cheaper second hand  than those for a Kindle. And some I guess will never be available on a Kindle. Like the one in the picture. It is called “The Way We Were”, By R.W.Scales. Published in 1987, Mr Scales has trawled the pages of a local paper called the Malton Messenger. The newspaper is no more. The period covered in the book is 1854-1939. Infinitely more amusing and so interesting of times gone by than Parade’s End. Real Yarns!

I have three extracts for you..

1856 Pheasant Shooting

About daybreak one morning last week a certain sporting gentleman in Pickering was aroused out of his slumbers by a neighbour to come and shoot a pheasant which was perched on the top of the Independent Chapel in Hungate. After dressing, the double barrelled gun was procured and loaded and on arriving at the place where the game was, it was pronounced by the sportsman to be a cock bird. True aim being taken, bang,bang went the gun, down fell the game into the yard and on being picked up proved to be the old hen belonging to Mr S Simpson of the George Inn.

Mr Simpson’s reaction is not given.. but fancy giving space to this simple tale. The George Inn is no more but the Chapel is..

26.6.13 005

Fifty years or so later  my Grandparents were married here.

1856 New school

The Wesleyans of Pickering have purchased a piece of ground near the end of Westgate on which they intend to build a National School , it is reported that the entire cost of the ground and building is expected to amount to £600.

26.6.13 003

Here’s the school, still standing. I went there from the age of 6 to 10! It’s now a working men’s club. Somehow I don’t think the Wesleyans would have approved of the change of use.

1855  Wife Sale

The antiquated and disgraceful farce of selling a wife has taken place in Thirsk within the last few days, a blooming young woman, the wife of Mr W Marshall of Wombleton near Kirkbymoorside was led in a halter to the cross and there sold for2/6d. Mr Marshall was 54 years old when he married and Mrs Marshall only 19, they had lived happily together for 16 years and then agreed between them that the knot of wedlock should be severed and an agreement drawn up, after which she was sold to Mr John Webster of Oswaldkirk.

It still seems incredible to me that wife selling really happened.

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And looking forward to seeing what others have been making and reading. Do leave a comment they are the best bits.

PS Think PINK!

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