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Wildlife walk in Scarborough.

I had some shopping to do in Scarborough. Afterwards as the day was sunny, I bought a picnic and headed out of town to Oliver’s Mount. 

Named after Oliver Cromwell who reputedly had  guns there during the civil war, it is now known for its motor cycle races and the impressive War Memorial.

Pickering castle 035

The views over the bay are amazing. I can’t believe I never before got out of my car to look.

Pickering castle 033

Bit hazy. The castle is on the headland. Anyway after lunch I headed down the mount intending to go round by the mere and onto the supermarket. I happened to notice people walking at the mere,  so parked the car and set off. It was lovely. How come I never did this before? So many ducks, geese, swans and  moorhens . I don’t think I’d even registered how many different sorts of geese there actually are. If anyone knows their names I’d love to know. With no apologies for the number of pictures that follow, here we go. PS this is just a small selection, everywhere I looked was just gorgeous. The only thing I didn’t take a picture of was a class of 8-9 year olds , with teachers, dressed up as pirates!

Pickering castle 039


Pickering castle 044


Pickering castle 046

Different geese. The one on the left was very aggressive, I beat a hasty retreat.

Pickering castle 050

Geese communing with nature.

Pickering castle 054

The mere. .

Pickering castle 055

Bless Them!

Pickering castle 056

Treasure island?

Pickering castle 064

Mum, Dad and babes!

Pickering castle 067

Who needs Manet?

Pickering castle 071

There is a small green boat moored to that island.

Pickering castle 074

Light reflections.

Pickering castle 075

Flowering currant

Pickering castle 076

Celandine’s, I think

Pickering castle 077

Love this one, but got a wet knee kneeling too close to the edge.

Pickering castle 085


Pickering castle 086

Seagull, not missing out!

My favouirte picture I am saving for my 15 for 2015- April update.

It was such a lovely unexpected stroll. Love to hear of any unexpected strolls you have taken recently.


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