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Photo Challenge- Street

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 050

Whitby 2016- I choose this shot finally for the colourful window display and the artfully parked bycycle, which I confirm is not mine. Me on a bike, hahahahahahaha, not a pretty sight!

Please leave a link to your Street photograph in the comments below.

Next weeks prompt is River, I am looking forward to this one. Can’t beat a beautiful river.

Whitby, Stitching Santa and an Angel!

It was so lovely last Tuesday we just had to go to the seaside. Whitby to be precise.

Whitby Nov 2015 002

I love the Harbour, the sea, boats and  red roofs.

Whitby Nov 2015 008

And the views of the Abbey up on the hill.

Whitby Nov 2015 009

It was sunny but also windy and the Seagulls had to walk sideways to go where they wanted. I know not funny, but it was!

I couldn’t resist this and had to take a picture.

Whitby Nov 2015 004

I am taking part in the Stitching Santa organised by Sheila at Sewchet and are having great time shopping and stitching for my lovely recipient. To be revealed after Christmas.










Today I had a lovely surprise. The postman came and he delivered the angel I won in a Giveaway from Rainbow Junkie

So pretty

16.11.15 001

Busy time of year for us all! The sun was shining again today so I had a happy morning in the garden planting the last of the daffodils I bought ages ago. The runner beans have finally finished, we shall eat the stragglers tonight for supper.

Now for some Christmas stitching, some Christmas Knitting and some Christmas crochet!!




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