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Photo Challenge- Magic

I recently watched the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. There is a moment when Lucy emerges from the back of the wardrobe into the frozen world of Narnia.  I felt just for a second or two, the thrill of magic, seeing a new world of snow and ice. Remembering from childhood how it felt to see snow that has fallen softly and silently at night, transforming the countryside into somewhere different and magic, where the unexpected can happen.

Walking through woods I feel something very similar. Something fleeting seen out of the corner of my eye, I shiver in longing!

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 029

Amidst the trees are there unicorns, fairies,or knights on white horses?

Believe in Magic?

I do.

Do you?























Castle Howard Arboretum

The sun shone, well mostly, so we headed off to the Arboretum at Castle Howard for some Autumn Colour, which I hope you enjoy as much as we did.

arboretium 2015 013

The Lake

arboretium 2015 012

Glorious oranges

arboretium 2015 021

Purple autumn crocus, I like that I can an insect inside the petals.

arboretium 2015 033


arboretium 2015 040


arboretium 2015 022

And more reds

arboretium 2015 031

A dead tree left for the bees and insects

arboretium 2015 030

The vista across the valley

arboretium 2015 029

A shelter to rest in

arboretium 2015 036

A Fairy home

arboretium 2015 018

And more fungi

arboretium 2015 027

Clouds, I thought the blue in the middle looked like a rabbit. Mr E says I am very strange.

arboretium 2015 034

Glad this cat is not for real

arboretium 2015 039

And Lunch, Homemade mushroom soup and a cheese scone.

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