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“Shall we have soup?”

It’s mid October and I am still processing tomatoes! “Shall we have soup? ” I asked Mr E.  “Oh no. Not AGAIN!”, he groaned back.

Well what to do with yet another colander full of tomatoes.?  So I searched the internet which took me to

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s recipe

for Roasted Tomato sauce. which can and now is frozen.

crochet blanket1 001

There’s the roasted tomaotes

and here’s the sauce, which took a lot of elbow grease to get through the sieve

crochet blanket1 002

I might have over done the olive oil! It’s now in the freezer, so all I have to do is figure out what to use it for. It did taste yummy tho’. Meantime there’s lots of green tomatoes still outside. Chutney anyone?

Joining with  Heather from Townsend House for lots of other delicious food.



September photo show and tell

September has to be my favourite month of all. As the heat of summer subsides into the golden days of autumn, something stirs in the air. The garden goes into overdrive with veggies and fruit to harvest. And my mind turns to lots of new projects!

And then there is always the every day and the unexpected..

Here’s my September in Pictures. Do  click on them to see them bigger!  Let’s start with these..

20.9.13 002

at one point I was picking this quantity on a daily basis. We have quite a lot of tomato soup in the freezer now. Oh and I am now getting this quantity just twice a week.

Then there were

tree sept 13 018

THE PLUMS. We ran out of containers to pick them into! So we have enough stewed plums for 16 plum crumbles, we got brownie points from friends, neighbours and work colleagues to whom we donated plums (off loaded!). We have plum chutney and

18.9.13 002

Plum Jam. This much..

18.9.13 003

And it is very nice though I say so myself.

There was the everyday of course. The walks in the field where my tree is. You can see how little rain we had this summer.

tree sept 13 017

I am very fond of the cows in this field. They are so pretty.

tree sept 13 012

Then there are our Sunday walks on the moors and in the dales. We went to Farndale this weekend. No daffodils but sheep as ever.

Farndale 002

Then there are the visits from and to my Dad. I pass this when I go straight from work to his.

23.9.13 012

On the side of an old railway building- the station now being a house. The railway line long gone.

But what was unexpected? Well two lovely surprises. In the early part of the year I did a post about the village of Thornton Dale. I wrote about my ancestors who had a forge there and a son who became a vet. Well, two of the descendents from the family got in touch with me,after reading my blog, and I met up with one of them. We had a super time, comparing our lives, looking for and finding family likenesses. We share our 3x great grandparents. We went another walk around Thornton Dale, and Mrs C spotted this on the almshouses.

Chris 31.8.13 003

now my 2x great grandmother was a Maw- so the question is – do I have a link? A project for the winter, perhaps?

Then an old school friend got in touch, organizing a meal for our school year- so much laughter, so many

reunion sept 2013 005

memories to share. And a super evening.

And then to new projects. I bet you knew I wouldn’t be able to let this new catalogue get passed me

18.9.13 009

I didn’t

30.09.2013 001

Where’s my knitting needles now?

Joining in with Sophies photo show and tell

Love to hear what September has brought you.

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