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Sunday Sevens!

Inspired by Threads and Bobbins I have had another go at recording my week in photos! Just can’t keep to the seven bit.

On Monday we went to the Lavender Farm near Castle Howard.

lavender farm aug 15 003

What am I going to do with Mr E?

lavender farm aug 15 014

going through a gate in the middle of a field to nowhere.

Our courgettes have finally started to do something, so we had roasted veggie on Tuesday. Drizzle of olive oil, herbs scattered liberally over, 200C in the oven for half an hour. Yummy.

14.8.15 003

Thursday we went to the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough to see this

14.8.15 005ever been on a team building exercise? This one goes wrong… just a bit, as it meets Lord of the Flies. Really enjoyable evening and hats off to the actors. Just before the second half there was a false fire alarm and we all had to evacuate the building. We had to  hang around for about 15 minutes while the fire brigade pronounced it safe to resume, and then the actors did just that! The show went on.

We had supper before the theatre in a new to us eatery called the Eat me cafe. The food was delicious but what I loved enough to share a photo here is this, taken on my phone.

15.8.15 phone pics 041

I love the tea cosy, but look at the blast from the past, a third of a pint school milk bottle for a milk jug! Brill!

Friday saw another knitting finish. Peppa Pig. Look at those d……d wires in the background, does every house have a nest of wires everywhere?

14.8.15 006

Saturday I went to the Memorial Hall for a craft show.

16.8.15 001

Jan from Lilypuss cards had a stall here. I met Jan last year when we attended a workshop to make needlefelt robins. Jan has recently started to hand dye yarn. It is gorgeous, but don’t take my word for it, have a look.

16.8.15 002

Now were I into sock knitting with 4ply wool I would have been hard pushed to choose just one of these skeins, so delicious are the colours. Jan has recently put some in her Etsy shop which you can see here

So that was the week that was. Hope you had a good week and have an even better one starting Now. Personally I am off to do the ironing, it can only get better! Love to hear what your plans for next week are.


A Night at the Theatre

Last night we visited the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough to see the production of Rutherford and Son.

The play was performed by the Northern Broadside company and directed by the Jonathan Miller. The northern Broadside Company is based in Halifax and is renowned for its productions of high quality plays including Shakespeare. (NB- Lenny Henry as Othello was a production from this company). We find the productions bring a unique dimension to plays- words such as grit, realism and unflinching usually abound. Shakespeare plays come to life in a way that makes them comprehensible to  someone who has never seen a Shakespeare play before. I can’t recommend this company more highly.

Last night’s production did not disappoint. The play could have been written for this company, with the lead being taken by Barrie Rutter the companies artistic director. The cast gave a strong performance of the play which concerns family life in Industrial Britain in the early part of the last century.The family is a powder keg of emotions as the father of the family who worked to create his company,  finds that his family have aspirations and hopes which do not include the company at all.

The play is on tour now and will be at the St James theatre in London in June.  Do attend a production from  the Northern Broadside Company if you ever get the chance you are in for a treat.


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