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Stitched Journal- September

It’s been an odd month, some good things,some absolutely awful. Stitching time has been very limited, and mostly to a doll I am making, have been making for more years than I can recall accurately.

I am not showing the whole doll yet as she is without hair, and that wouldn’t be fair. This month I have tussled with underwear, it involved pleats and lace and ribbons and bows so small. I have never tried anything so complicated before nor so fiddly. Added to which the pattern I am using has the underwear stitched onto the doll and as a child I hated it when you couldn’t dress and undress a doll, so I had to make it up as I went.

26.9.14 006

See the pleats, I was quite pleased with them and the ribbon to fasten the camisole.

26.9.14 007

Little lacy gathers on the pantaloons.

26.9.14 005

And there she is in her frillies. Not certain yet if she is a Martha or a Matilda, we shall see

Joining with Lola Nova for the Stitched Journal, which by sheer coincidence features memories of a doll!


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