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Knit and Natter Friday.

Thank you all for your good wishes for Mr E. He is continuing to do well and there is an outside chance he may be home today or tommorrow. Most of this week has been spent driving through road works to hospital and back again. Not my favourite occupation. I have a friend Claire whom I used to work with. When the powers that be used to come up with daft ideas that just add to work load and do little good, she would tell me it was an OPPORTUNITY! So when things look pretty bleak I try to and  don’t usually succeed to look for her much vaunted opportunities. In this instance she was right. There was an opportunity glaring me in the face.

Visiting times begin at hospital begin at 1pm. I have to be in Leeds, so why not visit

before I go. So on the Friday night I did my food shopping for the weekend, fettled the house, packed up bags and drove off bright and early on the Saturday morning and managed to be at Spring into Wool by 10.15. I had done my research so I knew just which stalls I wanted to head for and what I thought I might like to purchase.

This ladies bright and cheerful smile was so welcoming and to say she had been lambing all week. Yes that wool is all hers, hand dyed by her sister. Based in Oxfordshire but the sheep are Wensleydales, therefore proper Yorkshire and details here

I choose this lovely wool and pattern for some mittens

which are going to be all for me, except for the cream 4ply yarn which will be for my secret santa recipient this year.

Next I headed for the wonderfully named Joes Toes

where I choose some super slippers to crochet

for me… . Then to

where I bought some wool fat soap, and finally to another stall where I bought

what I hope is going to be quite an easy to knit scarf… for me. And see that titchy bit of knitting, that is all the knitting I have done this week.

After that there was just a time for quick whizz round the rest of the show, where I managed to pick up things as I passed by.

The two cards on the right caught my eye as I went in, and I had to go back for them.

After that there was just time for a coffee and a piece of carrot cake which served as lunch.

I was very glad I went, so good to be me for an hour and a half and not just another anxious relative in a hospital. So Claire is right there are opportunities to be found in even the most inauspicious things.

My bags were veritably bulging by the end

The crochet bag, gifted to me by my Secret Santa Sheila was much admired, and I consider that this show was a worthy first outing for it. Thank you. I could get in rather a lot!

I had my sister-in-law stay on Sunday and Monday night, she flew up to Leeds/Bradford airport which was rather convenient too. She also knits and had had a bash at crocheting, but couldn’t figure out how to handle her wool with her guiding hand. So you can imagine that both nights when we got home after supper were full of yarny talk and demonstrations and practice crochet exercises.

Meantime Mrs T had sent me some more pics of Easter which I thought you might like to see, well actually I thought I might like to share..

Finding those easter eggs

Cuddling Sparky and oh, this next one melted my heart. Master T insisted that his Mum took a picture of them with me before they went home.

Love them to bits.

And one more link here , just in case you missed the BBC4 series Make- episode 2 has the wonderful Dr Phil and her amazing chair, here. And Dr Phil blogs here as The Twisted Yarn

So I am hoping that Mr E comes home soon and life slows down again. And I hope you have time for lots of crafting this weekend, or whatever helps you relax.

Once again thank you for your kind words, they are so appreciated.

Be Happy,






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