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Knit and Natter Friday.

So last weekend the garden was full of snow and a pheasant came to visit.

Then on Sunday it rained overnight and the snow was all gone on Monday. So I treated myself to some daffs.

Then yesterday it did this.

More than a little tired of snow now. Spring ,please. It has gone again today and the sun is shining. Is it Spring? How do the frogs know not to wake up yet, last year they arrived in February, I’ve not seen  a leg or heard one croak yet.

I have been tucked up indoors , and doing family history research. I am amazed at how an entire afternoon can vanish and just how excited I get if I find something new. You won’t believe how excited one person can get at the thought of two death certificates on their way and a nice kind man who says he will help me find an unmarked grave in Leeds, he has a map.

I didn’t succumb to my squishy parcel. Instead I have knitted a bit on the navy cardigan which now looks like this.

Just the buttonhole band and the collar to knit, then sew it up, choose buttons. Now there is another ridiculous thing I get excited about – choosing buttons. Then the squishy bag of yarn shall be mine, another thing to get ridiculously excited about.

Which makes me wonder , what things does everyone else get rather over excited about?

Plans for your weekend, any interesting things occurring, or a lovely quiet weekend?

I shall be happy if I can just go outside for a few minutes without freezing the matronly bits!

Have a great weekend whatever you do, please join in the natter in the post, it really is the best bit.

Be Happy,



Knit and Natter Friday!

We had snow yesterday.

Not a lot, but enough to keep me indoors, in my “office” reading and knitting.  The  Secret Santa knitting is going well.

Gloves are done, a bit plain in this picture but do not fret , I have added some pretties, however the first person to see them will be the lady who has been a good girl and deserves a nice squishy Christmas present.

Tell me how dense can partners be? I received a catalogue from The RSPB this week, full of goodies to do with birds. OH LOOK , I said thrusting it towards husband. They do a book of Knitted birds, how lovely is that, I would love a copy.

Three days later. Mr E says, ” Have you had any ideas for something you would like for Christmas?” Some days I realise I am just making noises and talking to myself.

Not only did we have snow but I am also full of a cold right now, and so hoping I will be well enough for the four and half hour drive to Wales to see my Mum and brother tomorrow. I am leaving Mr E in charge of the house, I have scheduled Tuesday for fettling said house on my return.

The crochet blanket has taken a bit of a back seat this week, as I am half way through knitting a matching hat to go with the gloves. Once again thanks for everyone’s help with the blanket project. It shall be done this year.

This Year- how quick did that vanish?

Meantime  the lovely Kate had a giveaway and this came through the post, thank you Kate,

Two lovely pieces of fabric. I must not just look at them and save them for a rainy day. I must make something with them, maybe cloakroom curtains or a cushion or a bag for my beach towel and paraphernalia. At the moment they are adorning a chair so I can look at them. Any ideas? Part of me does not want to cut them, but that is just silly.

The new French Windows should have been put in yesterday but this was put back to Wednesday next week. Oh life  has such a way of throwing plans out of the window. Tis only a door though, and worse things have happened, especially as it would have been very chilly with the snow and all that.

Meantime Nephew and Wife are expecting baby number 2 in June. Whoopee, more yarn required! 2018 will be ok.

Hope you all have a great weekend, please do share your plans, especially seasonal plans, above all

Be Happy,




I’ve been Elfed!

After the long drive home from Bournemouth, 6 hours of motorway and snow, I was tired and sad without my family. I made a mug of my favourite Earl Grey and sat down to recover and to see what the Postman had brought me. And there waiting for me was my very own Elf from the lovely Ziggy Shortcrust.

Here is my Viking Elf.

miscelMarch2013 010

Isn’t he handsome? At the start of January Ziggy decided to write a letter a day with an Elf to revive the art of letter writing. If you would like your own Elf from Ziggy then go here.

He so cheered me up I can tell you. In the meantime the snow continues to fall so I have put my Mother’s Day Daffodils from Mr J in the window and here they are for you too.

miscelMarch2013 008

Two inches of the white stuff overnight and still falling! Doh!

Snow for the Big Garden Bird Watch!

This is the weekend for the UK’s Big Garden Bird Watch. All you have to do is spend an hour recording how many of each species of bird visits your garden (or park) at any one time, then tell  the RSPB how you did.  Simples!

Pull back the curtain on Saturday morning all set for my hours counting and what do I see- well everyone in the UK knows what I saw.. this..

more snow jan 13 001

MORE SNOW! Heigh ho!

This was not a good sight to behold on account of our boiler having gone kaput on Friday! Three cheers for the Mister who had got a fire going first thing so we had one warm room. And some more cheers for the man from Worcester Bosch who came and fixed said boiler on Saturday afternoon.

Not to be deterred by snow and no boiler I fed the birds and sat down to count.

And here’s what I saw


Blackbirds -4



Blue tits-2




Great tit -1





The tally is sad because we had 10 blackbirds ,2 Robins and 6 Blue Tits at Christmas so I am wondering if some have succumbed to the winter weather, perhaps? Or maybe they just found another bird table!

Good news- not only is boiler fixed but the snow has melted a lot today. And the grey squirrel came out of hibernation yesterday too.

Love to know if anyone else spent time this weekend feeding or counting birds!

Here’s a couple more snow pictures from our garden..

more snow jan 13 004

more snow jan 13 008

My Winter Wonderland- Pickering in the snow

This  morning I drew the curtains to see this.

snow jan 2013 017

The promise of sunshine, blue sky and a walk. Chores done off I went, and no apologies for a really heavy photograph post.

snow jan 2013 021

Called Wells Walk- no idea why, maybe there were lots of wells here once, or a family called Wells?

snow jan 2013 020

Through the fence

snow jan 2013 022

Scout hut- even this building looks pretty in the snow

snow jan 2013 025

Nearly into the fields

snow jan 2013 029

It’s not a snow day for the schools so no children on this hill now.

snow jan 2013 031

I love taking this shot when it snows!

snow jan 2013 032

Poor horses – they didn’t move at all, just looked COLD!

snow jan 2013 033

Past the pottery

snow jan 2013 034

Gate to nowhere !

snow jan 2013 035


snow jan 2013 039

The track to Newbridge

snow jan 2013 045

No trains today!

snow jan 2013 044

snow jan 2013 046

Path to the castle- I just love the fence with its snowy caps!

snow jan 2013 049

The castle in snow

snow jan 2013 050

Over the rooftops!

My favourite shot- the Gate  to Nowhere. Which is yours? And where do you like to walk on a snowy day? Love tp hear from you…



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