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One a week Photo Challenge- Arch

Spa Bridge Scarborough, taken January 2017

Ruins of St Mary’s Abbey, York, taken this month

Bootham Bar, York. The entrances to the old part of the city of York are called, Bars. In other UK cities they are also known as Gates. Confusing, but we Brits like to confuse!!

Please leave a link in the comments below for any Arch posts. Wild Daffodil will do a monthly round up at the end of April.

Next week’s prompt is Nature.

Happy Snapping!

Scarborough Maritime Heritage.

Thursday was one of those glorious winter days. Out was the only option. The seaside the place to be.


But being January it was chilly. So our first port of call was the Rotunda Museum.


This building houses many wonderous things. The Gristhorpe man is a very well-preserved skeleton from the Bronze Age. One of the earliest tree trunk burials in the UK. There are exhibits from Star Carr. Back in the Mesolithic period the Vale of Pickering was one massive lake. Star Carr was a Mesolithic settlement on the shores of the lake. There are also many fossils found from along the cliffs. Totally fascinating. Oh and just my luck, this ceiling!


More information here. Cost was £3 and includes the Art Gallery and admission is for the whole year. I will be back. After that we had a stroll along the beach and coffee. We couldn’t resist taking this picture for our Dr Who grandchildren fans.


Back then up to town for a look around the shops. On route I stumbled across The Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre. This is free and run by enthusiastic volunteers. There was once a thriving ship building industry and more recently a thriving fishing industry ( maybe Brexit will see more fishing vessels in Scarborough again). There is a link to the Titanic and a lot of research material available. AND KNITTING. Ganseys to be precise. What is a Gansey? Well one of these.


A Gansey is knitted in one piece and keeps a chap very warm and dry. But more importantly each town and fishing fleet had its own pattern , so that if a ship was wrecked the fishermen could be identified from their Ganseys as belonging to the wreck.


You can just about see the patterns in my pictures.


More information on Ganseys Here and on the Museum http://smhc.hqtdevelopment.co.uk/women.html

After that I paid in some cheques and bought a single sheet. I think someone has been eating the single sheets, they all seem to have vanished. Homemade mushroom soup and a Yorkshire ham sandwich rounded off the outing nicely.

PS I won’t be knitting a Gansey. Much as I admire them the concentration required would be too much!





Sunday Sevens!

Sunday Sevens was created by Natalie at Threads and Bobbins. A series of seven pictures from the last week, or my case the last goodness knows how long.

17.7.16 005

I am opting for a chronological way of sharing my pictures. This gorgeous lot of fabrics came from a craft fair I visited back in June. Scraps but some jolly good big pieces. £3 a bargain I think.

2.8.2016 021

Scarborough, and a lovely day out with Mr E in July.

11.8.16 001

Don’t you love these woofers. My unbirthday present, received, by coincidence, on Mr E’s birthday, from the wonderful Claire. 

Thank you Claire they are adorable.

Wales- Aug 2016 008

I visited my brother in Wales last week. We had a marvellous day out at Big Pit in Blaenavon

Incredibly it costs £3 to park the car and there is no charge for entry to the Pit. A fascinating visit, but watch your head for low flying ceilings. Thank goodness for hard hats.

11.8.16 002

I came across my old rattle at Mum’s! And it still sort of makes a noise. I hesitate to call it a toy noise, but it does rattle. There may be some loose bits inside!!

Lastingham 13.8.16 012

And so to yesterday and a trip out to check the heather on the moors. Not quite at peak perfection, but this sheep was happy enough.

Lastingham 13.8.16 005

Especially when the crazy woman with camera departed the scene.

Hoping you are having a happy and fulfilled Summer.


Wildlife walk in Scarborough.

I had some shopping to do in Scarborough. Afterwards as the day was sunny, I bought a picnic and headed out of town to Oliver’s Mount. 

Named after Oliver Cromwell who reputedly had  guns there during the civil war, it is now known for its motor cycle races and the impressive War Memorial.

Pickering castle 035

The views over the bay are amazing. I can’t believe I never before got out of my car to look.

Pickering castle 033

Bit hazy. The castle is on the headland. Anyway after lunch I headed down the mount intending to go round by the mere and onto the supermarket. I happened to notice people walking at the mere,  so parked the car and set off. It was lovely. How come I never did this before? So many ducks, geese, swans and  moorhens . I don’t think I’d even registered how many different sorts of geese there actually are. If anyone knows their names I’d love to know. With no apologies for the number of pictures that follow, here we go. PS this is just a small selection, everywhere I looked was just gorgeous. The only thing I didn’t take a picture of was a class of 8-9 year olds , with teachers, dressed up as pirates!

Pickering castle 039


Pickering castle 044


Pickering castle 046

Different geese. The one on the left was very aggressive, I beat a hasty retreat.

Pickering castle 050

Geese communing with nature.

Pickering castle 054

The mere. .

Pickering castle 055

Bless Them!

Pickering castle 056

Treasure island?

Pickering castle 064

Mum, Dad and babes!

Pickering castle 067

Who needs Manet?

Pickering castle 071

There is a small green boat moored to that island.

Pickering castle 074

Light reflections.

Pickering castle 075

Flowering currant

Pickering castle 076

Celandine’s, I think

Pickering castle 077

Love this one, but got a wet knee kneeling too close to the edge.

Pickering castle 085


Pickering castle 086

Seagull, not missing out!

My favouirte picture I am saving for my 15 for 2015- April update.

It was such a lovely unexpected stroll. Love to hear of any unexpected strolls you have taken recently.


InSpired Sunday!

Today’s inspiration comes from St Mary’s church and Holy Apostles Scarborough.

29.10.14 001

Two reasons for me to visit here. My Great Grandparents were married here. Now this was a mystery to me as neither lived in Scarborough at the time. Then I discovered that the church in Pickering where I would have expected them to marry was in a state of disrepair and undergoing renovations when they wed. So  I think it is safe to put two and two together…

The reason everyone else might visit lies in the graveyard , which was just as well as the church was locked. Always annoyed when that happens.

29.10.14 002

Anne Bronte the less known if the Bronte Sisters is buried here. Anne had come to Scarborough after the death of Emily in search of good clean sea air at the Spa resort. Sadly it didn’t work and she died in Scarborough from the same consumption that took Emily.

29.10.14 003

This plague at the foot of the grave reproduces the  writing on the worn grave stone

29.10.14 007

The clock looks huge to me, I wonder how far it can be seen from.

29.10.14 004

The church from Anne Bronte’s resting place.

29.10.14 006

The view of Scarborough castle from the churchyard.

29.10.14 005

Wonderful sea view in this direction

29.10.14 008

And this.

Linking with Inspired Sunday

PS and sshh, I actually prefer Anne’s two books to the rather over the top melodramas of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights!


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