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July Scavenger Photo Hunt!

I failed to get all the pictures this month for the first time! Here are the ones I did find..


santorini 2013 133



santorini 2013 087


santorini 2013 071


santorini 2013 177



santorini 2013 067


santorini 2013 126

Any ideas anyone what this means- Mr E says he thinks it is upside down and just letters, initials?


santorini 2013 142

Whole goat skin used to make Greek bagpipes- top right


santorini 2013 013


santorini 2013 056


santorini 2013 199

That little dog “chased” after the mules barking his little head off!

Not got were Brim, BBQ and Record.

All taken in Santorini. Which is your  favourite?

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Pink Saturday

So much pink in Santorini I couldn’t believe it. Here are some more pink lovelies.

santorini 2013 093

Pink, white and blue, what a fabulous colour combination . What could beat it?

santorini 2013 127

Why, more pink, white and blue, or perhaps..

santorini 2013 097

pink, white, blue and green? What a church!

santorini 2013 125

or maybe pink, white blue, green and a touch of red geranium

santorini 2013 108

or maybe just a hint of pink with white on this dress shop entrance.

Joining with How sweet the Sound- Pink Saturday

La Ponta- Venetian Tower

My favourite days ever are when we go exploring- just go and see what we can see. We had such a day in Santorini! We found this Venetian Tower in Akrotiri. And we were glad we stopped by to investigate what was inside. Run by a lovely couple, American born but of Greek decent Aray Kakissis and her husband Yannis Pantazis is a musical instrument workshop and museum dedicated to the traditional Greek instrument- the tsabouna.

They have been given life time permission from the owners to turn this Tower, built for defensive purposes by the Venetians to give early warning of pirates, into a workshop for Yannis to make instruments , for sale and where he gives daily concerts. Aray is in charge of the business side and gives tours of the museum.

santorini 2013 143

A tsabouna is most akin to a bagpipe and is made from goats skins. The pipes which go into the skin sound like panpipes when played by themselves.

santorini 2013 145

I loved this extra little corner.

santorini 2013 146

And the candles on the window sill. As you approach the Tower the music comes gently towards you on the breeze leading you onwards..

santorini 2013 147

Ever more enticing you in

santorini 2013 148

The views from the Tower are simply stunning.

The good news for America is that Yannis will be touring America this Autumn on a fund raising mission. For more details of this lovely little museum go to La Ponta

Love to hear of anywhere you have found by “accident” which enchanted you too.

Santorini- the volcanic isle

If you have ever been to Greece you can’t have avoided seeing a postcard or picture of Santorini. It has to be the most attractive of all the Greek islands. Formed by a volcano and built on what remains of the island, overlooking the crater, it is simply gorgeous, just no other word. I’d always wanted to go there but having seen Mark- the vibes photos Santorini just had to go on my Bucket List. And oh was it worthy of a place on my Bucket List. My pics don’t do it justice so please look at Mark’s to see Santorini in all it’s glory.

Here are just a few of mine..

santorini 2013 100

santorini 2013 006

santorini 2013 016

santorini 2013 039

santorini 2013 058

santorini 2013 044

santorini 2013 041

I have more.. they will appear over the next few weeks in all sorts of guises! Have you ever been there? Love to know if you have and what you thought. Which of my pics do you like.. I loved taking them and showing them.

Please leave a comment- they are the best bits truly!


Yarn Along!

Just back from a most wonderful holiday to Santorini- washing is on the line , teas made so time to catch up with my favourite blogs. Not much knitting done to mention , but lots of reading and an exciting package!

santorini 2013 236

WOOL and a lovely book of patterns for our new little someone of whom we have pink thoughts! OK so it’s cream but the pattern it’s for is so CUTE can’t wait to show it!

Meantime this was one of my holiday reads- 3 books in 6 days! Anyway this is by Jennifer Worth who wrote Call the Midwife and all the stories in Shadows of the Workhouse were included in the TV series. I like these books because they are well written and take one back to a world immediately post war when people living had been brought up in the shadow of the workhouse. Also she gives a balanced view of workhouses as an early attempt at welfare reform- they just got it wrong!

There is the story of Jane who had been so crushed by her childhood in the workhouse that she had no self confidence at all and had been such a bubbly little thing too.  The story of Mr Collett tells of his mothers struggle after his Dad died to keep her family out of the workhouse- she mended clothes for second hand dealers and stitched umbrellas in the winter and parasols in the summer as well as holding down numerous cleaning jobs.

She applied to the parish for poor relief, but was told that as she wasn’t a local they couldn’t help and to go back to where she came from- however she was told that 3 of her 8 children could go to the workhouse to help her out. When she refused she was called ungrateful and improvident and she need not come back for help in the future!

Most moving was an account of a woman who had been put in a mental institute by her husband in 1907 who spread the rumour she was mad so that he could marry again!

Anyway a fascinating read and if you enjoyed the TV series then I recommend this book to you.

Meantime I can’t help myself.. I took this picture of a lady knitting on my travels

santorini 2013 034

And here’s the gorgeous island we went too..

santorini 2013 102

One last shot for today- lots more to come but I need to organise them a bit more

santorini 2013 099

Oh and if you click on the pics they look much nicer big!

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