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SAL- August update

Slow and steady is getting me there, thanks to joining the SAL.I am stitching a birth sampler, long overdue as Master H is now 7 years old and this should have been ready for his first birthday. The characters are based on the stories by Nick Butterworth of Percy the Park Keeper.

This is where I was three weeks ago

6.7.15 003

and this is where I am now

helmsley 2015 009

I am back stitching the mice and the final leaf motif is complete in the top right hand corner.

helmsley 2015 010

and down the bottom I have started Percy himself!

helmsley 2015 011 Now I am worrying about those creases in the middle, will I get them out after all this time? Anyone have any tips?

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SAL- Month One, well almost!

I have been following with interest the progress of the SAL at Sewing Beside the Sea . It has stirred my conscience. For 7 years I have supposedly been cross stitching a birth sampler for Mr H. This is as far I have got

a walk with Claire 006


a walk with Claire 007


a walk with Claire 008

two and a half motifs. This is totally not good. It is totally BAD. Holding head in shame. So I have asked to join in with the SAL , and been accepted which commits me to making some kind of progress each month. As I am half way through May nearly, my mission is to complete this motif so you can at least recognize what it is meant to be .

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Kate Elizabeth, Wendy, Carole

Sorry if I missed anyone.


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