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All Aboard the Yorkshire Belle

Yesterday I went on the RSPB Puffin and Gannet Seabird Cruise, and it was one of the most wonderful things ever. I loved every moment of it. My trusty camera was not really up to the job of capturing amazing pictures, sadly not one of a puffin, in the end I just concentrated on enjoying every second of the three-hour trip. Who knew three hours could pass so fast? There was quite a wind blowing so we couldn’t get right up close to the cliffs, and the waves were really quite something, so glad my Kwells did the trick and I felt fine throughout. Anyway let’s get going.

Leaving the harbour- I was very POSH (Port out, Starboard home)

Leaving Bridlington

and out towards Flamborough Head.

I was greatly indebted to the lady sat next to me who helped me get my eye in and see what was what- here Guillemots and Razor bills.

Going round the lighthouse and fog station.

and onto Bempton Cliffs- see the idiot in the jet sky going far too close and creating a disturbance.

those be Gannets above, I think- 6 foot wing span, imagine!

and look carefully to see nesting birds on those incredible cliffs.

Returning now- the blob on the beach is apparently an old ships boiler from one of the many wrecks off the cliffs.

And that really is the best of my pictures on what was a truly amazing experience.

I certainly recommend the trip, organisation was efficient, RSPB volunteers amazingly knowledgeable, gave a brilliant commentary, made sure everyone saw puffins. I saw most on the return leg , but no time to see and click, seeing was great. Other passengers really nice helpful people too.

Wouldn’t recommend it for a child who wasn’t passionate about birds, three hours sitting still is not for children in my opinion. Worth every penny, and I would certainly go again.

My big Go Wild adventure lived up to everything I hoped for.

Birds spotted were, Puffin, Kittiwake, Gannet- ( Their yellow head meant even I could spot them), Guillemot, Razorbill, Fulmar and Shag.

Great British Bird Watch.

Like many of us Brits I topped up the bird feeders and sat back for an hour this weekend and watched paper and pen in hand , counting birds who stopped by. I have a feeling that only in the UK are we slightly peculiar enough to do such a thing.

Counting birds for an hour across the country on the same weekend helps the RSPB estimate how well the various species of birds are doing year on year and provides information on our general environment. Starlings and sparrows have declined in numbers over the years since I was little. I didn’t see a single starling , whereas when I was a child they dominated the bird feeders. And as I lived then within 1 minutes walk from here, something has clearly happened.

It’s also odd that come the Spring the hedge in our garden is full of nesting starlings, so where are they going in the winter now?

I am pleased though that the same hedge is a brilliant habitat for the sparrows. I had trouble counting this year because we have a lot and they fly off within in seconds. I got to nine on several occasions but think there were more, I just couldn’t keep track of them from feeder to hedge to tree to ground to feeder to hedge.

I had 6 blackbirds in my hour, but I know that there are 8 hereabouts, but the other two must have been in some other garden. Fred my lovely blackbird with the white feathers is still very much with us.

This picture was taken last May. He first appeared in 2016, then a feisty bird who would challenge all the other male blackbirds in the garden . Last year he had clearly matured, he had his nest in the ivy behind the lilac tree and just got on with raising I think a female chick, who may have inherited a few white feathers of her own. He is more subdued now and has retreated to life near the hedges and is avoiding the younger males. Hopefully he will be with us through 2018. Having a very distinctive bird in the garden has provided me with hours of entertainment as well as let me see the behaviour of an individual bird.

As to the rest, the pigeons have cause me the greatest complexity of identification. For the first time we have got feral pigeons in the garden, and less wood pigeons. I spent a long time looking at my bird books and realised that one was actually a stock dove and not a pigeon at all. And we have three very odd looking pigeons who are white with black feathers and I can only conclude that somewhere¬† the white doves or maybe even racing pigeons have mated with the feral pigeons. Anyway I counted them as feral pigeons as clearly they aren’t anything else.

We have two resident robins but only one turned up. The long-tailed tit also failed to put in an appearance.

But it was an enjoyable experience, and I hope all our findings help the RSPB and the bird populations as a whole.

Knit and Natter Friday!

This has been such a busy month for us with one thing and another. Far too much time spent on hospital appointments, garages and dentists, but these things have to be done. The TV was safely delivered last Saturday, it does seem enormous to me and it is still a novelty to push the on button and a picture comes up straightaway. The last one was taking ten goes to get it to start, and it wasn’t a faulty remote control in case you were wondering.

I was able to spend the last hour in the Kirkbymoorside Repair cafe. I gather it had been a very slow day for everyone, which was just as well as not many repairers had been able to attend. A lady from a nearby town had visited having heard of the venture and is very keen to set up one in her community, so that was a big positive for everyone.

I have finished sewing in the ends and adding a black border on the crochet blanket which is to be a raffle prize for the cafe.

I was thrilled that so many people could see the dragon emerging from my knitting last week. I am still working on the same wing, so not much to show this week. I have been able to do some more crochet on the Attic 24 weekend bag, which look bigger now I have done more, but I can’t help feeling there is going to be an awful lot of leftover yarn.

Hoping that when I sew in the ends I can get rid of the joins which look awful to my mind. The instructions said to join on alternative sides and in a different place each time to avoid a seam. I think I would rather have a seam than a mess. Must be me and my poor crochet skills!

So we are at the end of a month and I am quite surprised that I have managed to go a whole month and not buy a scrap of yarn, or a book or fabric. Nothing, zilch in the craft buying department, not even a button or a piece of tape or even glue. Have I turned over a new leaf? I doubt it!!

I am hoping that February will be a quieter month and so have more crafting time. What about the weekend, do you have anything exciting lined up, was January filled with craftiness? How is your stash?

This weekend for me, tomorrow is Holocaust Memorial Day and I am participating in an event in the library, I shall be doing a couple of readings. Sunday is the day I shall do my bird count for the RSPB. According to the pet shop where I get my bird food people have been buying lots of bird food this week in anticipation. We shall have the fattest sparrows and pigeons you ever did see I reckon. Still very good that so many people want to join in and care for our feathered friends.

So over to you now, please join in with the natter wherever you like in the comments. The natter is what makes these Friday posts.

Be Happy,



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