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Photo challenge- Silver

Taken at Richmond Castle last week.

Richmond Castle 026


Richmond Castle 023

Linking with Blue Daisy for the photo challenge


Sunday Sevens- on Monday

A day late with my Sunday Sevens. I really should rename it today as Monday Eights, but it doesn’t have the same ring to it. A quieter week this time.

Start with this lovely picture from my garden.

16.8.15 005

I love the blue.

We had a day out to Richmond castle at Mr E’s request.

Richmond Castle 014

Love the interior of the old hall

Richmond Castle 018

Richmond Castle is built on a hill and the river roars past below.

Richmond Castle 020

Afterwards we popped into the local market hall.

Richmond Castle 034

I was so happy. One stall was selling DMC embroidery silk. I had run out of one shade for the Birth Sampler I am stitching. I must have ordered the silks mail order because nowhere round here stocks DMC.

The week before there was a very minor domestic crisis chez moi. My Kenwood chefette ceased working. Ominous groaning and growling from motor, scary fragments of something falling out. It was no more, deceased, etc etc. Can’t say I am impressed –  it was a wedding present, only 41 years old. Bit of a  panic on the meringue front too and I had to hand whisk it. This week a new hand held mixer was purchased ( I am saving up for a super duper swanky all singing and dancing mixer). Cue the cake I made this week. I can’t believe how quick it was to mix. Think said chefette had been giving up the ghost for sometime.

Richmond Castle 040

A while back ( probably in May) there was another domestic crisis. I was over enthusiastically upping the blind in the guest bedroom and crash bang wallop it fell down bringing with it the (MY) treasures on the window cill. Including a mosaic mirror I had made 4 years ago at a mosaic evening class. One of the tessari was knocked off. This week I decided it was high time I fixed it. Rummage in the wardrobe to unearth the box of mosaic making craft implementation and Instructions. Shame  on me, all it needed was a dab of PVC glue!

Richmond Castle 045

Languishing at the bottom of the box was the mosaic I started but failed to finish.

Richmond Castle 046

Surely I can do this by the end of September. All I need do is find some safety goggles. Mr E?…Please feel free to nag me, it really helps.

Love to know of any project you really would like to finish.

Inspired as always by Threads and Bobbins. Do check out the other Sunday sevens

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