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Final Doll Update

Oh yes she is finally finished. Materials purchased circa 30 years ago, worked on mostly this year , driven on by the wish to present Miss F with her very own Nana made rag doll. Meet Mary Jane ( Until Miss F renames her).

19.11.2014 008

Her little face

19.11.2014 009

Her pinafore, see the pleats at the bottom

19.11.2014 011

and the sleeves

19.11.2014 010

there are many imperfections and mistakes. This is quite the hardest bit of sewing I have ever done and I have made trousers for myself and dungarees for Master T,but this was so fiddly and the seam allowances were pathetically  tiny,  but it is made with love, which I hope overcomes the flaws in execution.

Pattern was Simplicity 6147

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Rag Doll Update

I have made great strides with the doll I have been making for a while (years)  and she is now fully clothed with hair. I still have a pinafore to make for her, but here she is.

28.10.14 004

The dress is fastened at the back with snap fasteners and dummy buttons to cover the snaps. And oh boy does she have hair..

28.10.14 003

Without the hair she was pretty spooky looking but now she seems to have quite a sweet face

28.10.14 002

I am rather proud of her. the clothes are incredibly fiddly to stitch. Maybe the Sewing Bee should try a rag doll as a challenge. Believe me it is hard to do everything in miniature. She even has shoes. She has changed names several times as I have constructed her.Until the shoes she was Sarah Jane.But when I made the shoes I was reminded of a doll I had as a child who was called Mary Jane. So now this little Miss is Mary Jane. But that could change with the pinafore.Wonder what Miss F will call her?

28.10.14 001

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