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Whitby Quilt Show-2016

The Queen Bee Quilters are holding a quilt show this weekend. The theme was a Stitch in Time. I just had to go.

The show began with

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 028

A display of a Stitch through time!  Then it was onto the quilts. Here are my favourites.

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 031

Sammy Snail , story book, From a pattern by Jenny Haskins and stitched by Margaret Peel

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 032

Stitched by Mariola Leeman, her first quilt made for her son who loves bright colours and chillis.

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 033

This was a late entry so I can’t remember who stitched it but I recall it was made for a granddaughter. Now what girl would not love this?

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 034

Springtime, stitched by Liz Petherick from a pattern bought in New Zealand.

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 037

Beside the Sea stitched by a group called Creative Stitchers

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 041

Stitched by Sarah Slater from a pattern by Lynette Anderson

I loved the words in the middle.

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 042

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 043

Stitched by Judith Clarke for her grandson

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 044

Stitched by Chris Swales, design by Patchwork Chicks and fabric by Lynette Anderson

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 045

Stitched by Jane Snoxell, pattern by Lynette Anderson. Are you spotting a theme here?

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 046

Detail from the last quilt.

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 035


Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 048


Now of course there were traders and stalls and of course I made some purchases. Fabric and buttons. I will share those another day. The traders all picked  quilts for an award from each of them and the visitors also got to choose their favourite, and the one with the most votes will get the visitors award. So which one did I pick?

Do you wish you could go, well if you can get to Whitby North Yorkshire, it is open on Sunday too.

Meantime let me leave you with these Christms trees. Here you got to choose your favourite and put coins in the bag next to it to signify a winner. All money to charity. And the winner would be the one with the most coins, not the one with the highest value. Time to empty your pockets of pennies…..

Whitby quilt exhibtion, july 16 030

And although I love those cats, my money went in the bag next to it, all those decoartions were patchwork and the panel was quilted.

And the quilt I choose was the chilli inspired one. Loved the colours, that it was practical and was for her son. The snail very nearly had it though.

One great day out!



American Museum- The Quilts

Warning-This post is a bit photo heavy. And I am not sharing all the pictures I took. There was just just much to see in the textile room.

Imagine one room full of woven tapestries and quilts, all hanging up behind glass, on a display a bit like you see for posters.Next picture a lot of ladies, completely unknown to each other making instant friends as they ooh and aah. Finally see the exodus of males- husbands, boyfriends and partners as they beat a hasty retreat!

wales May 16 055

I loved the homespun look of so many of the quilts. This one had names embroidered on the individual panels.

wales May 16 056

This one so much more precise. I love the colours.

wales May 16 057

I loved the fans on this one and the embroidered details.. Sorry you can see my reflection in this one.

wales May 16 059

I loved the cartoon type characters on this one and the comments sewn underneath each picture.

wales May 16 060

This is a nine patch one. I don’t know the individual names for the designs being so new to the world of quilts. So many of them were hand sewn and quilted, which I just loved.

wales May 16 061

How about this with embroidered leaves and animals on the pieces. That pig!

wales May 16 063

And this one, so much to see

wales May 16 065

I was especially interested in this hexie one as you can imagine.

wales May 16 066

And this one , all in white with red images embroidered onto the fabric.

wales May 16 067

I mean who can resist Mr Frog, or maybe he’s Mr Toad. I don’t know.

One last one nearly..

wales May 16 068

I loved the head dress on this.

So what is a lady to do when she gets home….. Why dig out the pack of nine 15cmx15cm fabric squares and finally , finally , FINALLY,  do something with them.

18.5.16 015

Look I managed to quilt the inside of each square. Bit of a pigs dinner in the middle hence the buttons!! Now I need to buy a 20 inch cushion pad. It is for use in the summer on our garden chairs. I am inordinately proud of myself for this one.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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