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Pink Saturday

So much pink in Santorini I couldn’t believe it. Here are some more pink lovelies.

santorini 2013 093

Pink, white and blue, what a fabulous colour combination . What could beat it?

santorini 2013 127

Why, more pink, white and blue, or perhaps..

santorini 2013 097

pink, white, blue and green? What a church!

santorini 2013 125

or maybe pink, white blue, green and a touch of red geranium

santorini 2013 108

or maybe just a hint of pink with white on this dress shop entrance.

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Pink Saturday!

Santorini is famous for Black Beaches and Blue and White Buildings and churches. Didn’t think there would be much pink about until I started looking properly! Amazing what you find..

santorini 2013 050

Pink Bus

santorini 2013 052santorini 2013 064

Pink Buildings

santorini 2013 049santorini 2013 001

Pink flowers- did you spot Mr E?

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Do check out all the other pink pics! Please leave a comment- they are my favourite bits!

Pink Saturday!

I’m thinking PINK as you may know in the hope that 85% Girl for the new little somebody really means 100% Girl in the Autumn.  So what better blog to join in with than How Sweet the Sound- Pink Saturday.  I just love the concept of Saturday being a day for celebrating Pink.

So here are my pink contributions.

22.6.13 001

a delicious smelling pink rose and

22.6.13 006

a pink geranium after the rain.

Enjoy and think pink for a Nana who would love a baby girl in her life.X

Vintage inspired picture!

I am actually quite pleased with how this project turned out. It all started last year when I spotted this picture in a Woman’s Weekly Craft magazine.

15.6.2013 001

I just needed to do something similar. The first thing was to source a suitable frame. The one in the magazine came from Marks & Spencer and cost £25. Too much. But the Range stocked one which I liked even more and at a fraction of the price. Fast forward one year… and time to get cracking! First thing- assemble fabric, trimmings, saved objects and start to make my selection.

11.6.13 003

Note that box of trimmings on the right- salvaged with permission by Mr E from a firm that made bikinis- samples of trimmings, ribbons, buttons, etc etc. Clever Mr E.

Starting to make my choice..

11.6.13 006

Fabric from friends-ask anyone who makes pretty dresses for girls if you can have their off cuts.. I ended up using two such off cuts as background fabric, plus some home hand dyed silk ( by me). Keep all bits and pieces from chocolates, stationary gift boxes, cosmetics, broken beads and brooches. The fabric and trimmings are all sellotaped at the back, I have sewn on the buttons, fabric flowers and bells. The brooch was given to me by my Mother and comes from Switzerland and is just pinned on. What I like is that without too much trouble I can make other such pictures for the frame – maybe on an Autumn or Winter theme.

And here it is !

15.6.2013 002

How does it compare to my inspiration picture?

15.6.2013 003

It now has pride of place in my bedroom.

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Pink Saturday

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