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Art Noticeboarding!

Last year I fell in love with Dianne Faw’s Art Journals. I couldn’t think of anything better than gorgeous recycled images turned into a new work of art. But I couldn’t bring myself to buying an old book , pulling out pages and making one myself. So I parked the idea.

Fast forward to Christmas  and the tidying up of my craft table in the guest bedroom. Above my table I have a noticeboard, a gift from a son when I had the idea of pinning inspirational pictures, poems etc to it. Over the couple of years I had it, all I had done was add layer upon layer. To make it fun I added some old Christmas cards which had made me laugh and which might give my visitors a chuckle. After Christmas I took them down.

Can you feel a Kerchink moment arriving?

Why not have a themed notice board full of pictures and see what inspiration they gave me and change it each month. In my winter de-cluttering I also came across a scrapbook I had used for my C&G Creative embroidery course, which still had lots of blank pages.

An IDEA was born.

In January the theme had to be Winter. I had a super selection of pictures to choose from. old Christmas cards, photos that didn’t make an album and pictures cut from the Yorkshire Ridings magazine which my Dad passes onto me when he has read it each month.

Here was the result.

6.2.14 003

Sorry about the awful shine on the left side. My favourite images were

6.2.14 008

Mr E in the snow a few years ago… ssshhh we haven’t had any of the white stuff this year, which in some ways is good, but I have found myself of late thinking “But we didn’t have Winter this year”


6.2.14 007

snowy scene with a power station- who knew that a power station could look good.


6.2.14 010

the sign post.

In comes February and time to take down the pictures – this is where the scrapbook comes in

6.2.14 011

a winter themed page. Now I have got a great deal to learn when it comes to constructing an art page but I will get there. First thing I learned was that you need words too and the second was that you can decide what you are going to do next but be prepared to be surprised and to change your mind. I had decided that February would be all about crocuses and snowdrops. But the images just weren’t working , then gradually this appeared.

A romantic theme, just ready for Valentines’ day.

6.2.14 014

To the left is a picture of the first ever Valentine’s card and  there are a couple of wedding dresses(Victorian and modern). I looked at a lot of pictures of models in wedding dresses, frankly there were a lot of grumpy looking stick insects striding down cat walks, would those pictures really make anyone choose the dresses.. much prefer the happy bride picture I choose. I love the picture of the girl in the pink dress- jealousy or what, and the setting so perfect.

My favourite images are

6.2.14 018

the church in the field, the gloved hands

6.2.14 019

the happy older couple and

6.2.14 020

the Church Lychgate. I think I shall be looking out for some more Lychgates this year..

Not quite certain what March will bring, or what ideas will come from my art noticeboarding. Love to know how anyone else collects inspirational pictures and what they do with them? Also any suggestions on how to improve what I am trying to do.


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