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InSpired Sunday!

The first re location spot we have been exploring is Cambridgeshire. Some super churches, but not the location for us after all.


cambridge feb 14 007

St Neot’s

cambridge feb 14 004

A village near St Neot’s.

cambridge feb 14 032

cambridge feb 14 010

St Ives

cambridge feb 14 048


cambridge feb 14 047

The lovely millennium window at Houghton.

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InSpirational Sunday

I couldn’t help but wonder what was the purpose of a Church Spire? One school of thought suggests that a spire points the way to heaven. A more prosaic explanation is that spires were added to church towers because the builders could build it, and the congregation could pay for one. So, once one church had a spire the neighbouring towns and villages wanted one too.

My thought is that a spire can be seen wherever you are in the parish and so are reminded of God throughout your day.

But is this true? I set about a walk into town from every direction to photo the Spire of my church St Peter and St Paul, Pickering, UK

It came as a bit of a surprise to me to realise that you can’t always see what you expect to see, and sometimes the nearer you get the harder it gets to see something as buildings get in the way. And what you can see on one side of the road you can’t see on the other, and sometimes you have to walk quite a way away before you see anything. It was a fascinating experience and I haven’t yet walked all the ways into town. But here are the first set of pictures.

Starting from our bedroom window, here is the first glimpse

7.12.13 001

and the first decent view into town from home

tree,fence,church7.11.13 014

tucked between the Memorial hall and some converted flats.

Coming around the Memorial Hall onto the bridge

21.11.13 001

there it is again.

From the top of the hill to the north

16.11.13 015

much closer but barely visible-you may need to click on this picture to even see it.

Coming from the East

13.11.13 006

here is the Spire over the trees.

Crossing the road to Whitby you have to come much closer

13.11.13 007

walking along the side of the old Vicarage.  Finally into the church yard

13.11.13 008

for a decent view near my ancestors tomb.

Approaching from the south east, I found I had to walk a lot further than I thought

14.11.13 001

what spire? Here it is in a close up

14.11.13 002

Coming in from the south I had to come right into town for this

14.11.13 012

Now the Spire can be seen from further away from the south- I have yet to walk that route for these pictures. I’ve got a few more routes out of town to take.

It surprised me that the view from the biggest hill was hopeless, so hopeless I won’t show those shots. I’ll leave you with my favourite view.

13.11.13 009

Too much road in the picture- getting a decent shot is a project for 2014!

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Inspired Sunday!

Florence oct  13 002

Probably one of the most iconic religious buildings in England. I bring you King’s College Cambridge.

Friday’s fence was also Cambridge!

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Friday Fences!

After last weeks pointless fence I have a very useful fence(S!) to share this week.

Nick's wedding 033

All down the road are these

Nick's wedding 032

outside every house for 1/4 mile!

I was so entranced by them I stopped to talk to one of the workmen and share my joy. He told me gleefully that when they had finished on this side of the road, they were going to move all the fences to the other side!


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Inspired Sunday!

I just love looking around churches and churchyards- the social history of ordinary people can be found here. Here’s a gem we visited last weekend.

St Gregory's Minster Aug 2013 003

St Gregory’s Minster,Kirkdale, serving a rather big rural parish on the moors, is tucked away down a country lane. It is famed for its Anglo Saxon sundial now above the entrance to the church in the porch.

St Gregory's Minster Aug 2013 002

Other carved Anglo Saxon stonework has been incorporated into the walls

St Gregory's Minster Aug 2013 004

I also loved the carvings on the alter

St Gregory's Minster Aug 2013 001

For more information on this church go here

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Friday Fences!

The linked series of posts at Life according to jan and jer called Friday fences really caught me unawares, and I have struggled to explain why such an idea really caught my imagination. Is it the anarchic nature of the concept- the contrast created by beautiful pictures of exotic locations and here a set of pictures of the ordinary made extraordinary because they are not the normal subject for photographs. I don’t know? I so wanted to take part but my impression was that there weren’t many fences in North Yorkshire, as our boundaries are marked with stonking great dry stone walls, huge boulders held in place by the skill of the wall builder , no cement in place, or hedges. I was reassured that Friday Fences was a loose title  and could include gates and walls.So I started looking, and always when I start really looking I find  things I never noticed before.

Last Sunday we set off,  Sunday roaming as Jen calls it        here          and  a description I shall hence forward adopt to mean those glorious outings when you just set off to see what you can see.

And with camera in hand I found

St Gregory's Minster Aug 2013 011

my first fence up on the moors near Kirkbymoorside.

and a second fence nearby

St Gregory's Minster Aug 2013 014

now these are useful fences but I can’t help feeling that the

St Gregory's Minster Aug 2013 009

walls are prettier

St Gregory's Minster Aug 2013 013

and frame the landscape perfectly

St Gregory's Minster Aug 2013 008

and the moors are lovelier without fence or wall.

What do you think? And have you any idea why the idea of pictures of fences so thrills me? Mr E thinks I am weird as we know already, could he possibly be right?


July Scavenger Photo Hunt!

I failed to get all the pictures this month for the first time! Here are the ones I did find..


santorini 2013 133



santorini 2013 087


santorini 2013 071


santorini 2013 177



santorini 2013 067


santorini 2013 126

Any ideas anyone what this means- Mr E says he thinks it is upside down and just letters, initials?


santorini 2013 142

Whole goat skin used to make Greek bagpipes- top right


santorini 2013 013


santorini 2013 056


santorini 2013 199

That little dog “chased” after the mules barking his little head off!

Not got were Brim, BBQ and Record.

All taken in Santorini. Which is your  favourite?

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