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Inspired by Greece

Digital photography frees me ( cost wise) to take as many pictures as I like. I can let the weird side of me out ( Mr E’s charming description of me and my photos). So here is another selection of the Greece that inspires me.

Parga, Greece September 2015 129

This was taken in Ali Pasha’s castle, I love the way that the opening leads to an opening which leads to…

Parga, Greece September 2015 122

Inside the tunnel on the motorway, note no cars, but I love the way that light vanishes into the distance.

Parga, Greece September 2015 115

Got to love graffiti.

Parga, Greece September 2015 111

Love the three shop windows. I mean look at the button display.

Parga, Greece September 2015 110

And that’s how to display trimmings

Parga, Greece September 2015 112

The glass on here is a bit reflective But I love this shop interior.

Parga, Greece September 2015 058

Finally a walk we did by the river I where the path just makes you want to go forward.

Hope you enjoyed this selection. Love to know what inspires you? Doors seem to have been a common love from the post of alternative Greece I wrote.




July Scavenger Photo Hunt!

I failed to get all the pictures this month for the first time! Here are the ones I did find..


santorini 2013 133



santorini 2013 087


santorini 2013 071


santorini 2013 177



santorini 2013 067


santorini 2013 126

Any ideas anyone what this means- Mr E says he thinks it is upside down and just letters, initials?


santorini 2013 142

Whole goat skin used to make Greek bagpipes- top right


santorini 2013 013


santorini 2013 056


santorini 2013 199

That little dog “chased” after the mules barking his little head off!

Not got were Brim, BBQ and Record.

All taken in Santorini. Which is your  favourite?

Linking in with the photo hunt at Country Girl Does Norfolk do check it out.

Pink Saturday!

Santorini is famous for Black Beaches and Blue and White Buildings and churches. Didn’t think there would be much pink about until I started looking properly! Amazing what you find..

santorini 2013 050

Pink Bus

santorini 2013 052santorini 2013 064

Pink Buildings

santorini 2013 049santorini 2013 001

Pink flowers- did you spot Mr E?

Linking in with Pink Saturday


Do check out all the other pink pics! Please leave a comment- they are my favourite bits!

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