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August Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Sophie at CGDN has been organizing the photo hunts each month. In August she changed not only her own blog, now re named Sophie in the Sticks but also the photo hunts. Instead of being given a list 11 words and a bonus picture to take she has made it a Photo Show and Tell.

I had enjoyed the photo hunts and I decided to draw up my own list of 11 words and soon realized that the fun would not be there if it was just me. What to to do- I already show and tell my photographs!

What was I doing in August ? Could I take 12 photographs to tell a story whilst preserving anonymity? Have a look and tell me if I have succeeded.

Nick's wedding 041

Nick's wedding 048

Nick's wedding 042

Nick's wedding 067

Nick's wedding 049

Nick's wedding 056

Nick's wedding 040

Nick's wedding 059

Nick's wedding 063

Nick's wedding 065

Nick's wedding 071

Nick's wedding 074

Joining with Sophie

Do check out her amazing insect shots

Not certain what to do next month- make my own list of words, try another story, 12 random shots? Love to hear your thoughts.


Friday Fences!

I love the concept of looking for fences to photograph- somehow it just appeals to me.What I hadn’t realized was how it was going to enable me to look and think more about my surroundings. As a result some of the best and most interesting pictures I took in Santorini occurred because I was looking for Fences. Here are the first 4.

santorini 2013 002

A fence on a house near our appartment.

santorini 2013 004

Goats in the town where we stayed!

santorini 2013 014

Outside a church in Fira.

santorini 2013 032

A garden in Fira.

What I like is that they are all fences and yet range from the practical to the decorative and from domestic to public!

More to come next week.Linking in with Jan and Jer at Friday Fences

June Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Another challenging selection from Sophie at CGDN

Do click on the pictures to see them properly.

Design– a classic car snapped at the 60’s festival last month

15.6.2013 011


tree June 2013 003


Fountains Abbey 2013- June 013

This is Fountains Abbey and it struck me that once upon a time these monasteries must have seemed rock solid institutions!


tree June 2013 013


tree June 2013 019

Pickering Market- Mondays and this is a jolly good bread stall.


Fountains Abbey 2013- June 033

That pheasant is walking!


Fountains Abbey 2013- June 029


Fountains Abbey 2013- June 010


Fountains Abbey 2013- June 004

Honeysuckle in our garden.


21.6.2013 001


Fountains Abbey 2013- June 001


tree June 2013 015

I am staggered that my little Canon camera managed to capture these midges!


tree June 2013 006

Love the colour contrast on these trees!

Fountains Abbey.

The sun was shining so it was time for a Day Out. And so off to Fountains Abbey. Near Ripon, North Yorkshire.

When you look at my pictures you’ll think that looks familiar- Fountains Abbey after all is a World Heritage site.

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 027

You can even get married here

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 021

Love this..

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 025

After exploring the Abbey and the Mill you stroll off into the grounds of Studley Royal

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 031

And see the Georgian Water Garden, currently under restoration with a new yew hedge.

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 034

The undergrowth is gradually being cleared away.

Leaving behind the water garden and going up the hill of the Deer Park you glimpse this Victorian gem.

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 037

St Mary’s church.

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 039

On a Saturday afternoon there is an organ recital, we caught the last twenty minutes and it was just glorious.

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 042

I love this roof!

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 044

Just about got this shot through the grill which surrounds this memorial.

A Fabulous day out. Can also recommend the coffee cake!!!!

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