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Friday Fences!

I have a favourite field with the tree in it that I am taking a picture of each month to map the changing year. The tree is in a valley, with a school field at one side and a field of sheep on the other. Clearly there needs to be a fence. In fact it is a double fence.

Nick's wedding 024

But effective?

Nick's wedding 026

Mama sheep is the wrong side! That’s her lamb on the right  bleating “What the****?

Nick's wedding 025

The grass it seems was greener, or was she a sheep who didn’t want to be fenced in! What do you reckon!

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California Dreams….and a bit of Arizona!

It is great to be back home… We had a fantastic trip and my head is brimming with images, people, places, scenery, new experiences,thoughts, ideas, creativity. It has been a simply wonderful experience The jet lag has set in, there are two suitcases of washing to do and normal life awaits, but I can’t wait anymore to start writing about this trip!

Four years ago we visited San Fransisco, Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. We only had ten days and vowed to come back for longer. Unfortunately Eric got cancer, but after treatment made a full recovery and we started saving for the trip! Both of us have milestone birthdays this year- he has already passed the day, mine is still to come, so it seemed right that this should be the year for this adventure.

So our first port of call was San Fransisco. Last time we came we had bought an outfit for the then baby Master H from Macy’s so it was only right and proper to buy one for Master T this time. So we began with coffee in Union Square and the trip to Macy’s.


Eric loves the film Vertigo  which Hitchcock filmed in California to show case the state. We had visited most of the locations on our first visit- this time the plan was to visit the remaining ones. So the next stop was to the Legion of Honor. A lovely art gallery- with rather a nice Monet- waterlillies.


For Vertigo fans- we found the pillars from which Madelaine is seen gazing at the picture of Carlotta, but there is no such portrait!

No visit to any city is complete without a great deal of pavement (sidewalks- I gather pavement means road in the US) pounding, and oh boy are the streets in San Fransisco something else!


See what I mean. These first three pictures were taken by Eric, on his new birthday present. The rest are taken by me on a slightly inferior camera but one that meets my needs. Anyway off we go again.

Last we visited this row of houses called the Painted Ladies and loved them so much we just had to come back. They are so pretty, and by the time we got there the infamous fog had lifted and the sun was shining and people were out with their dogs, and sitting on the grass and just chilling!


Eric is also just a tad obsessed with the Golden Gate bridge and one thing we really wanted to do was to take a boat trip round the Bay and under the bridge. So here we are waiting to go.


And here is the Bridge, the fog descended just after the trip began, and this is the best photo I took!


Now as it happens I quite liked the fog, because whilst there is a fog there is also a fog horn which makes a rather a mournful noise and is rather atmospheric. Don’t worry Eric says I am weird too if that’s what you are thinking.

The trip round the Bay takes you to Alcatraz ( we went there last time, and it was a pretty amazing place and I would not have liked to be there)


And San Fransisco looks so very lovely from the sea, can you imagine what it must have been like to be so close and so far away, if incarcerated in Alcatraz- apparently the inmates could hear the noises from the city.


And so the boat goes to Golden Gate Bridge and under it and round back again, and this is my best closer up picture.


And finally it is back to Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, where we delighted to find that there were still these guys in residence- we had heard they had gone and we were so thrilled to see them here.


And of course the sun had come out again


I didn’t actually take this picture, but it is my camera. Anyway the sun was out again and the sea looked just perfect.



And so it was onto the next stage of our adventure- The Road Trip. And as we collect the car from the airport ( cheaper from the airport rather than in town—Why?) Eric says it has always been his ambition to drive over Golden Gate Bridge- WHY? I said he was a tad obsessed didn’t I? What he didn’t realise was that first it entailed driving through San Fransisco-


AAAGH! Scary or what! And so onto the bridge and over! And then the sat nav sets in- now we could have had a car with one fitted but Eric has downloaded a free one to his phone. There was a really good reason why MaryLou was free- she gets lost, and where did she get lost for the first time- coming over the bridge, and what does she do, but gets us back on the Bridge going back into the city. But Marylou is a resourceful  satnav lady and after we have paid the toll ( you only pay in one direction) she takes us through the Golden Gate car park and up onto the Bridge again- so yup that’s right we drove it 3 TIMES.


And so we were finally on our way.

PS Eric says he doesn’t need to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge any more.

to be continued…

Love to have any comments or questions, which I will reply to.




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