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Yarn Along!

At this time of year you can’t beat a good book and some knitting.

1.1.14 007

A trip to the library before Christmas yielded a haul of no less than 3 books by Philippa Gregory. Perfect winter reading. Oh was I happy!

Last year ended in a frantic rush to finish all the craft projects- knitting, sewing, crochet, decorations etc etc- .In fact I felt like I was on  a production line .This wasn’t  being  creative. I am not certain in my anxiety to get things done I even enjoyed them over much.

So I have thought a lot. I observed how I started a new knitting project the moment Christmas was over. I knitted so fast I scarcely took in what I was doing, how it felt to be actually knitting a garment for a precious little girl.

So I made the conscious decision to SLOW DOWN, to feel the yarn ,to look at the colours, to enjoy what I am making, what matters it if it takes 4 weeks instead of 3 to complete.

And that is the one resolution I have made myself this year, to enjoy the process of making, to be more creative in my crafts.

1.1.14 008

See how pretty these colours are. Yarn is Sirdar Crofter.

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Yarn Along!

I have finished my latest little pink offering save for choosing some buttons.

25.9.13 001

The yarn is by Sirdar and is called Tiny Tots- sadly this wool is no longer available- happily I have bought in supplies in three colours, I’d buy more if I can find them!

I have started The White Queen. An easy read and very like the BBC series.The only slightly disconcerting thing is that the BBC merged the trilogy, whereas the book is only telling one part of the story. Still, most enjoyable!

Oh and because I couldn’t resist taking a pic of this cardigan with the blanket and giraffe I made- here it is!

25.9.13 002

After all they are all for the same little new somebody.. any day now I hope. God speed darling.

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along

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