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One a week Photo Challenge- Nature

Doing what comes naturally, and very successfully given the number of tadpoles we now have in the pond. Photos taken in March 2017 of the frogs in our garden pond.

Next week’s prompt is Modern.

Please leave a link to your nature pictures either here or over at Wild Daffodil

Happy Snapping!


One a week Photo Challenge- Arch

Spa Bridge Scarborough, taken January 2017

Ruins of St Mary’s Abbey, York, taken this month

Bootham Bar, York. The entrances to the old part of the city of York are called, Bars. In other UK cities they are also known as Gates. Confusing, but we Brits like to confuse!!

Please leave a link in the comments below for any Arch posts. Wild Daffodil will do a monthly round up at the end of April.

Next week’s prompt is Nature.

Happy Snapping!

One a week Photo Challenge- Lunch

Whilst I was in France in February I was determined to eat a pancake. I had two, both for lunch.

In Carcassonne , with lemon and sugar. Delicious.

As a starter at the Golden Wedding Anniversary party. Buckwheat pancake with cheese, mushrooms and bacon. The filling was tasty but the pancake a bit hard!

Never the less, I enjoyed both.

Looking forward to seeing what you had for lunch. Please leave a link in the comments.

Next week’s prompt is ARCH.

Happy Snapping!

Photo Challenge- Pond, Newton on Rawcliffe

Couldn’t pass up a chance to take you on a tour of another local village. Now you may think you don’t know Newton on Rawcliffe , but you may be mistaken just a little bit. A few miles out of Pickering and just about within the North York Moors Park area, Newton lies on the west side of Newtondale, which you may not have heard of but you may just have seen. Remember Heartbeat(ITV)? Well the opening sequence shows a steam train chugging its way through Newtondale, and the yellow gorse on the roadside, well that’s on the East side of Newtondale just opposite Newton. We may go there one day on my exploration of villages.

Newton on Rawcliffe is a very small village, not fancy in any way. In fact one of the things I really like about it, is that it’s not a chocolate box village. There’s mud on the road and you can smell that you are in a rural location.

Up this hill lies the village pond.

A proper pond in which cattle, sheep , geese, and ducks used to go for water. Now its just ducks and the odd horse.

Going on a bit further, as they say in these parts.

A proper working phone box, don’t expect a mobile phone signal here.

A proper village hall, hub of the community. They were advertising a Pudding Club night on that notice board.

This was my favourite little cottage, called Turf House cottage. Back in the day, villagers collected turf from the moor for fuel, I think it was stored here for the farmhouse behind.

This was my favourite cottage garden. The day was a bit misty and murky last week although the sun did try to break through the clouds.

Looking at this building I am guessing it used to be the village school.

That’s the Methodist chapel and this

St John’s church which is part of a parish of several villages served by a vicar who conducts services in different ones each week, with the congregation having to travel if they want to attend a service each week.

Inside is plain and simple.

This church clock mechanism is fascinating to watch.

This little chap encourages you to leave a pebble and say a prayer.

See the big black one in the front, this was for you Kate coping with mud, for you Margaret for your precious daughter and for my friend Jane whose father is very poorly at present. On the wall opposite were these delightful paintings.

Painted by Antonia Winsor who lives in the village.

I loved this bit and

this bit is so moving.

Did I mention that there is a vacancy for a vicar for the parish but you don’t get

the rather big Old Vicarage, which is in private ownership now.  Feeling a bit thirsty after all this walking about? Pub?

Oh yes, there is a campsite next door too!

Hope you enjoyed my tour , with Pond!

Wild Daffodil will be away from her blog this month so please feel free to leave a link to your pond in the comments section.  Sandra will then be able to do a monthly round up of our efforts when she’s is back.

Meantime next weeks prompt is LUNCH! Nomnomnom!

Happy noshing Snapping!

One a week photo challenge- Van

A little bit of cross stitch today.

Please leave a link to your Van at Wild Daffodil or below in the comments. We would love to have you along!

Next weeks prompt is Pond.

Happy Snapping!

One a week photo challenge- Seed

The best I could come up with was


The bird feeder in the garden until I went through my archives.



Much better. Please leave a link to your Seed picture over at Wild Daffodil or in the comments below.

Next week’s prompt is Floor.

Happy Snapping!

One a week photo challenge- Traffic


Traffic on a Greek Island- Santorini


Traffic on the Greek Mainland- Parga.


Traffic on the North York Moors- Goathland! Not so diffferent to Greece after all. Just the weather!

Please leave a link to any Traffic photo you have at Wild Daffodil for inclusion in our monthly round up of pictures from February’s challenge, or below in the comments.

Next weeks’ prompt is SEED.

Happy Snapping!

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