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One a Week Photo Challenge- Muddle

My sort of Muddle.

Please leave a link in the comments below to your Muddle.

Next weeks prompt is Paint.

Happy Snapping.


One a week photo challenge-Regal

Wild Daffodil helped me choose the subject for the prompt this week as I didn’t have a clue. So here he is

My lovely lion.

Next week’s prompt is Muddle, virtually any room in the house would do for this!

Please leave a link to your Regal picture in the comments.

Happy Snapping!

Not one a week photo challenge- Rust

I wish I knew why exactly I liked the appearance of rust, but I do. And I take a lot of Rust related photos, sorry. Actually not sorry, I have been anticipating this week all year. My favourite selection from just this year.

These taken on my wander through Cropton.

The next ones at Combe Mill, in the Spring.

This one last week in the Bradford industrial museum

But my favourite one of all this year was taken on holiday in Parga, Greece

And if you check out my co-conspirators photo for this prompt, well I don’t think you will have a surprise.. Rusty Trucks Rule

Please leave a link to your rust inspired pictures over at Wild Daffodil or below in the comments.

Next weeks prompt is Regal. The week runs Tuesday to Tuesday.

Happy Snapping!

One a week photo challenge- Shadow

Rosedale, a sunny afternoon, but cloudy, causing shaodws to come and go as I walked.

Please leave a link to your shadowy pictures in the comments.

I have been looking forward to next weeks prompt all year, it’s RUST.

Happy Snapping!

One a week Photo Challenge-Orderly!

I think I may have established that we are not an orderly couple. I for one am organised chaos. Mr E is disorganised chaos. But we get stuff done somehow, sometimes, eventually! We both had organised Mothers!! Our sons are quite well organised too.

However, I am full of admiration for other people’s orderliness. Such as the people whose cottage we holidayed in Sussex. At the very neat entrance to the cottage was the most orderly herb garden. I loved it.

There is a different herb in each of those neatly box hedged areas.  Fantastic. I am just glad we didn’t choose disorderly as a prompt, so I showed you my herbs, which grow in three different and totally illogical parts of the garden.

Looking forward to seeing lots of orderly pictures this week. Please leave a link in the comments below.

Next weeks prompt is SHADOW!

Happy Snapping!

Not, one a week, photo challenge- Beach

I can’t choose just one beach from all my favourite photos, please help, which are you top three pictures from this selection.

Starting close to home,

Scarborough , January this year

Scarborough during Go Wild challenge this summer

The wonderful Whitby, November 2015

Bridlington , May 2015 , or possibly further afield to

Chesil Beach Dorset,

Dorset, June 2015, further maybe?

An action shot, Eastbourne, July 2014

Beachy Head, July 2014. Further maybe and a bit more drama

Giants Causeway , Northern Ireland, 2009. Bit more atmospheric perhaps?

Crete, 2009. Too old?

Crete 2014, maybe a bit too arty?

Parga, Greece, 2014. Greece really does look good in the evening.

Thasos , Greece, 2016. But so far we’ve only been to Europe.

San Fransisco then and the Golden Gate bridge or maybe you prefer this one from the Pacific Grove Road, south of San Fransisco?

I don’t know, far too many wonderful beaches.

Can’t think about beaches this week without saying a little prayer for all those devastated by the hurricanes and earthquakes this month.

The sea and beaches are beautiful but we must all take care.

Please let me know if you have a favourite picture amongst this lot, or even three. And please leave a link to your beach photo/s in the comments .

Next weeks word is Orderly, I’ll be back to just one picture!

Happy Snapping!


One a week photo challenge- Sharp

I was taking a photo of this cobweb last Wednesday after the rain as you do, remembering all the while that this hedge has quite sharpest thorns I have ever come across. You can see the little blighters right there underneath the cobweb!

Please leave a link to your Sharp pictures in the comments.

Next week’s topic is FOUND.

Happy Snapping!

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