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One a week photo challenge- Seed

The best I could come up with was


The bird feeder in the garden until I went through my archives.



Much better. Please leave a link to your Seed picture over at Wild Daffodil or in the comments below.

Next week’s prompt is Floor.

Happy Snapping!

One a week photo challenge- Traffic


Traffic on a Greek Island- Santorini


Traffic on the Greek Mainland- Parga.


Traffic on the North York Moors- Goathland! Not so diffferent to Greece after all. Just the weather!

Please leave a link to any Traffic photo you have at Wild Daffodil for inclusion in our monthly round up of pictures from February’s challenge, or below in the comments.

Next weeks’ prompt is SEED.

Happy Snapping!

One a week Photo Challenge- Fence

Fed up of February, the cold, the damp and the grey, I decided to search through my pictures from warmer days for my Fence.







Santorini, 2013. Could be time to book a holiday!

Please leave a link to your Fence picture in the comments and at Wild Daffodil, here

Next week’s prompt is Traffic.

Happy Snapping!


One a week photo challenge-Artificial

Mr E’s family were ahead of their time. Long before anyone else his parents were growing their own, had a vegetarian diet, ate organic, made compost, used homeopathy and nature cure remedies. White sugar was the invention of the devil. So no-one was more surprised than me that whilst on holiday in California in 2012 Mr E elected to eat a bowl of fruity loops which were neon coloured and bore no resemblance to any fruit I had every seen. Totally artificial.


Caught on camera for posterity!

Please join us with your artificial photos and leave a link at Wild Daffodil or in the comments.

Feel free to join in the challenge at anytime. Next week’s prompt is Fence. Now that’s an easier one than this weeks.

Happy Snapping!

One a week photo challenge-Happy


Happy is- starting a new project!

Please leave a link to your Happy Pictures on Wild Daffodil and/or in the comments below.

Next week’s prompt is Artificial.

In the meantime, spread some happiness around blog land and do join us. xx

One a week photo challenge- Gate

One of the joys of childhood was a trip out to the moors. My brother and I would fight for the task of getting out of the Land Rover to open the gates on the gated moorland roads, necessary for keeping the sheep in their correct fields. And why did we fight over this? Because closing them involved standing on the bars and slowly swinging them closed.

Ever since then I have loved gates. I don’t tend to swing on them anymore, unless they look very sturdy and no-one is watching. Instead I take photos of them, as I am sure you may have noticed from the number of pictures on my  blog.

Here’s a small sample of gates that have appeared here in just the last couple or so years.

The buttercup field gate, oh and yes I swung on this one as a child.

8.6.16 013

A lych gate- I wouldn’t ever have dreamed of swinging on a church gate.


22.9.15 003

A church garden gate- The Secret Garden was a great favourite and I would have loved to have found a gate to a secret garden.

Dorset June 2015 091

Gate in the middle of nowhere. Mr E at the lavender farm. Do gates just bring out our frivolous natures I wonder?

lavender farm aug 15 014

Gate to a lamb field in Dalby Forest. Go on you know you would have swung on this one.


I expect I will go on taking photos and swinging on gates when no-one is watching for a while longer.

Now please confess, did you swing on gates? If you say No I shall not believe you.

Love to see your pictures of gates. Please leave a link here at Wild daffodil or in the comments .

Next week’s prompt if you would like to join in is Happy!


One a week photo challenge- Awkward

Do you know the feeling when you go into a room full of complete strangers? Joining the U3A poses no such problems as everyone is so friendly. Any feelings of awkwardness go very quickly. 11-1-17-001

Parking your car however is not so easy. The village hall we  meet in has a large car park which fills up completely. Getting out is pretty awkward.

Please join in the challenge at anytime. Links to your picture can be left at Wild daffodil or here.

Next weeks’ prompt is GATE.

Good luck and Happy Snapping!


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