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The Tree Project!

I have been taking a photo of my favourite tree during 2013, the aim is to capture it each month to see the different seasons. Here are the summer months..


26.6.13 008

Taken from further away to show the buttercups- late this year- in all their glory


Nick's wedding 021

The tree to the left has grown this year so that it is visible in a shot from the place where I usually stand..


tree sept 13 007

In all its summer glory!


My Photo Project!

This year I have set myself the challenge of taking a photo of my favourite tree every month.Here is where I first mentioned it as one of the things on my bucket list.

And here are the first pictures of my tree and a bonus one I took in the snow.


1.1.13 008

In the snow mid January

snow jan 2013 027


cal68-70 006

And Todays – March

Easter cards2013 003

I think these can be described as asleep for the Winter. It is an Oak tree so it may be asleep for a while longer. Can you see any difference in the tree’s appearance yet because I can’t!

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