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Nunnington Hall

We had a wonderful afternoon out at our local stately home, not the posh Castle Howard but the more modest Nunnington Hall.

Nunnigton Hall June 14 004

Twas a perfect summer day and not too many visitors.

Nunnigton Hall June 14 012

I love the wooden staircase and landing with

Nunnigton Hall June 14 013

this gorgeous chest, if only one had the room for such a one!!

Nunnigton Hall June 14 015

How’s this for wallpaper?

Nunnigton Hall June 14 014

Seriously what I love about this house is that the furniture looks as if you could use it without fear of wrecking it. No gold or posh things here. The atmosphere is homely. The guides in each of the rooms friendly and welcoming, children encouraged, no sniffy down your noses glares.

Nunnigton Hall June 14 016

I love this picture in the nursery.

The gardens are lovely, smaller than your usual National Trust place , but with areas to encourage wild life and an organic walled kitchen garden

Nunnigton Hall June 14 006

And a wishing tree

Nunnigton Hall June 14 010

Highly recommended by me,should you find yourself in this neck of the woods.

More information here


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