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Yarn Along!

Ryedale show 2015 004

I am STILL knitting my Alpaca mix cardigan, but now on the second sleeve. The end is in sight!!

New book again this week, am I just spending too much time reading?

Now I LOVE Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen so was most intrigued when I spotted a book of the same name but by Val McDermid in the Library. Turns out it is part of something called The Austen Project. Has anyone heard of this? Basically six modern authors each take one of Jane Austen’s novelsĀ  and reworks it in the modern day. At first this book struck me as very clever. Bath becomes Edinburgh, the Assembly rooms and the life of Georgian England becomes the Arts Festival. Romantic fiction becomes vampire fiction. But I love the Jane Austen book so much that I know it pretty well and I keep getting distracted by the thoughts that “Oh in the real book this was the setting”. And worse still I find that I am imagining the characters in Georgian dress. It’s very weird and I can’t help wondering why on earth has this been done. Northanger Abbey is already a very accessible novel, why bother changing it at all for a modern audience? I read thisĀ review to see if it is just me that feels this, and it would appear not. Perhaps Joanne Trollope’s reworking of Pride and Prejudice is better. Has anyone read these books in the Austen project? If so what did you think?

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