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A Howling Good Walk!

We went a wonderful new walk ( One of my aims this year is to do 4 new to us walks, this is number two).

Starting point was St Gregory’s Minster, Kirkdale, near Kirbymoorside, North Yorkshire. A church with an idyllic setting alongside a beck deep in the countryside.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 013

As you leave the church you cross two fields

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 017

and into the bluebell woods. Still in full flower at the end of May.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 018

The path runs alongside the beck.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 019

Wild garlic on the banks. Take a sharp right up a steep hill.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 021

It was very steep and I stopped several times to admire flowers and observe a pheasant egg shell (have a huff and puff!). You emerge from the woods into a field with a view across the Vale of Pickering to the Howardian Hills in the distance.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 022

These little chaps have a lovely berth in the middle of the field.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 023

Then you cross a small country road and walk down towards Robin Hood’s Howl.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 024

I found this walk in my local paper the Gazette and Herald, and the columnist is Steven Hamess. He says that in this instance the word Howl means Hollow or Hole. This stretch of the walk takes you down a wooded valley and it is amazing.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 036

The wild garlic in places just carpets the entire floor of the wood. I have never seen woods look so white except in snow.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 040

Up one side of the wood we spotted this derelict building.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 034

No idea what it is.

The path is a mile long, and eventually you are back in daylight.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 043

Couldn’t resist another sheep picture

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 042

You have a 1/4 mile walk back to the Minster along a country lane, the verges  were pink, think these are Ragged Robin unless you know different.

Kirkdale walk, May 24 2015 041

A wonderful, wonderful walk. Hope you had the chance to go into the countryside this weekend. And if you enjoy blogs with lovely walks do check out Rainbow Junkie Corner and Wild Daffodil


10 Random things!

I did a 10 random things post back in February and it was great fun. Seeing Annie’s recently on Knitsofacto reminded it was time for another.

So here goes

my hot air ballon pics 2014 007

I just love this New Moon over the trees in our garden. I am never quite certain which I prefer a New Moon or a Full Moon. There is something just magical about moon light.

Riveaulx terrace-May 2014 004

And you can’t beat a Bluebell wood. These just smelled divine, of honey and childhood. We always went bluebell picking in the Spring. Since I had my own home I have grown bluebells in the garden so I can still pick them. And they are spreading year on year. This year I think I have enough to transplant into a new area of the garden. A really pleasant job for next week.

Riveaulx terrace-May 2014 024

We were given, by two of our boys,  a years National Trust membership for Christmas.This is Rievaulx terrace. Rich bankers are not a thing of just now. Imagine being able to build your own posh house and then finding that you had wonderful views of Rievaulx Abbey from your estate 9 miles away. What do you do, why build a terrace and a picnic spot.. this to be precise. Now owned by the National Trust.

Riveaulx terrace-May 2014 014

Totally loved this horse sculpture, half way along the Terrace.

Dorset May 14 018

This made me smile so much last week in the New Forest.

Dorset May 14 044

Loved this avenue of trees, picture bit rubbish on account of being in a car at the time.

Dorset May 14 048

So recognize this from the Hovis adverts? Not West Yorkshire at all, but Shaftesbury, Dorset. Loved the views from here.

Dorset May 14 058

Can’t resist a black cat in a churchyard, especially one who reminds me of my beloved Mrs Tigger.

Dorset May 14 093

Ok so you will have to click on this picture to see the moorhen chicks. I don’t think I saw moor hen chicks before. This taken at Lulworth Cove.

Dorset May 14 071

And a buttercup field. I just love the sight of a buttercup field.

So that was 10, but here’s a bonus

Dorset May 14 104

Picked from my garden this week. The honeysuckle is spectacular and I just had to have some for the house. There is a blackbird and a robins nest in amongst it. Can you imagine a more perfect place to be a baby bird in?

Hope you enjoyed these, which was your favourite?


My Winter Wonderland- Pickering in the snow

This  morning I drew the curtains to see this.

snow jan 2013 017

The promise of sunshine, blue sky and a walk. Chores done off I went, and no apologies for a really heavy photograph post.

snow jan 2013 021

Called Wells Walk- no idea why, maybe there were lots of wells here once, or a family called Wells?

snow jan 2013 020

Through the fence

snow jan 2013 022

Scout hut- even this building looks pretty in the snow

snow jan 2013 025

Nearly into the fields

snow jan 2013 029

It’s not a snow day for the schools so no children on this hill now.

snow jan 2013 031

I love taking this shot when it snows!

snow jan 2013 032

Poor horses – they didn’t move at all, just looked COLD!

snow jan 2013 033

Past the pottery

snow jan 2013 034

Gate to nowhere !

snow jan 2013 035


snow jan 2013 039

The track to Newbridge

snow jan 2013 045

No trains today!

snow jan 2013 044

snow jan 2013 046

Path to the castle- I just love the fence with its snowy caps!

snow jan 2013 049

The castle in snow

snow jan 2013 050

Over the rooftops!

My favourite shot- the Gate  to Nowhere. Which is yours? And where do you like to walk on a snowy day? Love tp hear from you…



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